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An Intervention May Be Necessary 

So yesterday was rainy and The Husband was going to work half a day even though it was his day off. We decided to grab an early lunch at the salad place we love. On the way to the restaurant … Continue reading

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Family Lore Or Why I Had To Make Isabelle’s Cake

I think everyone’s family has tales they tell that become enhanced over time. After many retellings it’s hard to know what is fact and what is fiction. I never met my mother’s father. He passed away when my mother was … Continue reading

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Where Did You Knit Yesterday?

I squeezed an hour and a half in after lunch  in my usual spot while watching the season finale of Scandal. Did you watch it? It was good!  Then I got my usual 30 minutes while waiting for N to … Continue reading

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Right Now

This is the view out my car window. N is at lacrosse. It’s currently 52f. It was 97f when I was here last week. I have my heavy fall jacket and a sweater on. Spring has receded.  My nose is … Continue reading

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Another Season

Allergy season arrived with a vengeance this weekend. My eyes are swollen, red, itchy and constantly running. My nose is the same. Medication isn’t working. It’s really monkeying with my knitting. I can’t blow my nose and knit at the … Continue reading

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A Day Gardening

I spent an hour yesterday picked out plants at the garden center to do the graves for Memorial Day. Normally I get back to pick the plants up and put them in the yard.  I bought an extra Zinnia for … Continue reading

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Another Mail Day

I received the Camp Loopy Club package on Monday. The yarn is Into The Whirled pakokku in the Stanley Stegosaurus colorway. The package also included a jar of peppermint sugar scrub. I am just thrilled with the yarn. It’s a … Continue reading

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