Well That Explains It

Look flowers!

I’ve been wandering aimlessly through my days lately. I’m putting things off and getting nothing done. Really. Nothing. I’m not knitting. I’m blogging blah at the end of the day. Suddenly it dawned on me: My mojo is mo-gone*.

I’ve been sitting on the couch with my knitting in my lap not knitting. I’ve watched too many hours of tv (anybody watch that AZ hearing yesterday? Yikes, at least I know my Venmo account is more secure than the vote. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Search for it.) and played too many levels on my games.

My blogging has been lacking. I use my blog as a diary of sorts. I don’t put my personal and private thoughts here too much. But lately I’ve been really scrapping the bottom of the blog topic barrel. Little known secret, I’ve got a list in the notes section of my phone of various blog topic ideas. It’s a tightly curated list that I reassess every time I add some new thought to it. Lately I’ve been too lazy to even open that app for an idea.

But knowledge is power and from that point I’ll move forward. This post will appear earlier in the day and serve as a notice to do better.

Now I’ve got to ready my house for the upcoming holiday. Then I will knit.

Mo-gone= more gone than there.

About nothingbutknit2

I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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21 Responses to Well That Explains It

  1. Meg Hanson says:

    Sometimes the more time we have the easier it is to waste it! The busier we are the more that gets accomplished. There is a happy medium in there somewhere.

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  2. This post could be my post. My mo-jo is no-jo.

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  3. chrisknits says:

    I think it’s a product of all the hysteria and gloom and doom we are being fed. Hope you find something to charge your mojo again!

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  4. sewadilly says:

    Sometimes whatever bring mental peace is what you personally need. As I read others comments I felt the same as each one and you. They say “this too will pass” Personally I believe if it could pass sooner many of us would be mentally and physically much better. I’m going in search of my mojo … 🙂

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  5. I don’t think there is a creative person out there who doesn’t feel this way at certain points. I’m sorry you’re going through it, and I hope it will pass for you very soon. Don’t beat yourself up too much – 2020 has been an unusually tough year, and you are not alone in feeling this way.

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  6. We’ve all been there. Sometimes it’s okay to step away from the knitting or the crafting for a little bit. Then, when you return to it, you remember why you love it in the first place.

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  7. It’s dark outside and winter is approaching. It’s perfectly normal for energy to be scarce this time of year. And it’s 2020 on top of that. Sleep and nap, be gentle on yourself, do your daily chores, keep the faith, and your mojo (like Inspiration) will return in her own good time.

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  8. randomlyerin says:

    I think there’s a lot of that going around right now, at least there is here.

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  9. ReginaMary says:

    Well, give yourself some grace. I always admire the daily bloggers. I don’t have the bandwidth or creativity to write daily at least for public consumption. This is a weird time of year for me generally speaking. I hit the ground running with a new school year and when I come up for air, it is Thanksgiving. After that I feel like I am hurled head first into Christmas. I have to make a concerted effort to get in the right frame of mind or else the month gets away from me and I find myself face to face with the new year. I can’t stand it. Take time. Be kind to yourself. Be sure to get some sunlight everyday. We will be here when your mojo returns. xoxo Regina

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  10. Everyone gets stuck in the doldrums now and again. Give yourself the space to recharge, and your mojo will pick up before you know it!

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  11. nanacathy2 says:

    You were re-charging your batteries- you can’t run on empty- you need to re-fuel- rest, sleep, then do something nice- treat your self, and then come back full throttle. xx

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  12. Katherine says:

    Omg, i have that same plant! Got it as a gift a few years ago. It hasn’t flowered since. Do you know what it’s called, or how to get it to flower, lol?

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  13. Stefanie says:

    I’m getting flowers too! We have Thanksgiving cactuses. There are Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter cactuses.

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  14. It is okay to feel this way. Many people are pushing themselves to enjoy their crafting right now. I know it will pass. No pressure. I love your Christmas Cactus timing! My always bloomed for Halloween! I only have air plants now in the house. Talk about lazy. But I work very hard , for 3 seasons on my outdoor flowers. I’m anxious to see if these air plants will do well.

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  15. salpal1 says:

    I hear you, my friend.

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  16. Olivia says:

    Do you know Karen, it’s OK to take a break from everything once in a while. It will pass you need to recharge.

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  17. kmkat says:

    My mojo is largely lacking, too. Is it the long, long quarantine? Is it SAD? Who knows, I just know that eventually it will all get better. But probably not as soon as one might hope.

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  18. I’m with you on the lack of mojo – we all get cycles of enthusiasm and I’m sure yours will come back soon 🙂

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