The Things You See

I think I can finally say I’ve seen everything when it comes to picking H up at the subway station the last couple of weeks. First we had the woman asking men to take photos of her car with her cellphone camera. As I observed this various thoughts went through my mind. I thought the men were kind to help her out. Then after she asked the second guy to get out of his car to take the photos again I thought he should be sainted for doing so without complaint. At that point H walked out of the station and I escaped before any more people were chosen to play photographer. Then the other day we had the older couple who pulled into the lot in front of me. Right after pulling into the longish line of cars the man, who was the passenger got out of the car and stood by the drivers door. As cars pulled away and his wife pulled forward he walked along next to the car. The drivers window was closed and other than when the car moved up he stood still. I have no idea why.

But the one that took the prize, the one that truly has me convinced that I have seen it all was the 20 something year old man who walked up to his parked car after getting off the subway when I was waiting in the pick up line. He opened the passenger door and placed his backpack on the floor, removed his shoes and socks placing them in the shoes and then removed his belt. He opened the trunk where he grabbed a pair of nicely folded pants and closed the trunk. After returning to the open passenger door he removed his pants and put on the other pants. Yes, he was standing in the parking lot in his mustard colored underwear. He then removed his shirt and pulled a shirt from the backseat of the car, smelled it and put it on. Next he put his socks and shoes back on, folded the clothes he took off and placed them in the trunk and pulled out deodorant and put it on. He closed the trunk, got in the car and drove away.

Have you seen anything weird lately? I’m starting to wonder if it’s just me.

I’m so pleased that my mother’s crown of thorns has finally bloomed after living here for nearly two years. I’m sure it was much happier in her big bow window where it got lots of sun. Here it only gets some morning sun.

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WIP Wednesday: Bonus Knitting Time

Yesterday I had a bonus hour and a half of knitting and was able to get another section of the pattern done. I’m now over 100 stitches on the needle so my pace is bound to slow down.

Of course the reason I had bonus knitting time wasn’t great. The Husband has been feeling poorly. He was horribly allergic for the past couple of weeks but then it took a turn. He ended up with a cough and extreme sinus congestion. So after another night with minimal sleep we went off to the walk in clinic where there were lots of sick people. Once The Husband got his turn a sinus infection was confirmed and antibiotics were prescribed. He should feel better in a few days.

Now I’ll be spending some time today catching up on the things I let slide yesterday. And then there will be some knitting.

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Just A Little Bit

Thank you for the comments on the cowl. I always appreciate your feedback.

It feels strange to have no deadline knitting. Normally I’m operating under a self imposed one. That free feeling has left me feeling like it’s ok to linger over a game on my phone or waste time on the computer. I still managed to finish the next section of the shawl. I think I captured the actual color of the yarn too.

I also caught a photo Myles wearing his new bandana. He’s never tolerated clothing so I expected him to rip the bandana off and chew it up but he’s been a good sport about it.

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FO On Monday: Cowl Edition

Finally it is done. I started this back in January though it feels to me like I’ve been knitting it forever. I did learn a few things so that means it was a worthwhile project.

  • Read the pattern. Don’t just print out the chart and go. Guess which I did? I cast on and bound off with the same needle I knit the body with. I wasn’t supposed to. The edge is going to curl. I might try curing that with a bit of elastic thread. Also I was supposed to cast on and bind off with the purple (contrasting color). I didn’t.
  • The entire time I knit this I questioned why I was knitting it. Colorwork really isn’t something I enjoy knitting. Blame the evil stockings. Unfortunately I really like the way it looks. It’s really hard to mesh those two things.

The pattern is Cowl Latvian Blooms by Dela Hausmann. The yarn is Cascade Heritage solids in primavera and Italian plum. I just love the flowers. They are why I knit this project.

This project is for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge and for my own personal challenge of knitting 9 skeins of stash yarn in 2018. This project counts as 1 skein used.

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Easy & Tasty

I really like to make an easy dinner on Saturday night. It’s usually just N and I. The Husband eats later when he gets home from work. Last night I decided to try this recipe I saw on Pinterest instead of our semi usual meatloaf. Instead of rice I used frozen riced cauliflower. N and I both thought it was really good. I thought the whole thing was very easy to make and we had most of the ingredients in the house. I plan to add it to our regular rotation.

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Typically Typical

It never fails. I make great plans to sit and knit for a couple of hours and there is a mini crisis that has to be dealt with right then. Yesterday morning I got all my usual things done and then had to help The Husband with the table that resides in the kitchen. It’s become a necessary fixture in our kitchen as extra counter space. It holds the microwave, bread basket, dog treats and assorted human snacks. On Thursday night it had been bumped and the leg fell off. It’s been loose for a while so it wasn’t unexpected. But what was unexpected was the fact that it couldn’t be easily fixed. It was a hand me down (free!) IKEA table that was wobbly when we got it so I should have had lower expectations. Anyway after giving up and dismantling the old table I moved in another old table and got as much stuff on it as possible. It’s slightly smaller than the other one. Once this was done I got distracted by a few other little chores and then the phone rang and my time just slipped away. I did manage to squeeze in a few rows so it wasn’t a complete loss. Today will be different though. I have tons of laundry to do and a few other chores plus N will be home so I’m not planning to get any knitting at all done.*

*Yeah right. I’ll be knitting every minute I can to make up for yesterday.

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Knitting On Friday

As you read this I should be tucked into a comfy chair in my living room diligently knitting the last rows of the cowl. The yarn arrived yesterday later in the afternoon than the mail normally arrives so I spent some time after dinner winding it into a ball. The cowl is my last project for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.

Of course the photo above is not the cowl. It is the Easy Goes It shawl which really is going, um, easily. So far I find that the garter stitch rows are easy to remember, the stockinette rows came right at the time I needed something new and the mesh bit was just plain fun.

I particularly like the edges. I tend to knit my edge stitches a little bit tight which creates an edge without enough stretch. I don’t have that problem with either of these edges.

Well I’m looking forward to a rainy weekend that should allow for extra knitting. Have you got plans for your weekend? I hope you’ve got some crafting planned too.

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