Half Way

•February 26, 2017 • 4 Comments

I’ve reached the half way point. All increases are done and it’s time to decrease. I have completed 27 repeats. It’s been 11 days since cast on. Back to the knitting. 

It’s What’s For Dinner

•February 25, 2017 • 12 Comments

Last night I prepared what has to be my favorite dinner: breakfast. I could eat breakfast for every meal if I didn’t have others to please. They always want some sort of meat and potato. I have to force the veggies. Last night I decided I was fixing what I wanted: French Toast. I placed it on the table with an assortment of fruits, butter, powdered sugar and real maple syrup. Above is my plate. It was yummy. The reviews were mixed. I might try serving some sort of breakfast for dinner every few weeks if I can get away with it. 

How about you? Do you like breakfast for dinner?

A Perfect Excuse

•February 24, 2017 • 7 Comments

We went to the thrift store today and I hit the jackpot. No, not yarn this time. I was lucky enough to find two LL Bean small tote bags. They are perfect for a sock project. I love that one bag is black (with brown trim) and the other white (with blue trim). One for a well behaved project and one for one in time out for being naughty. 

Yarn Acquired 

•February 23, 2017 • 10 Comments

Sometimes email is not very helpful. Last week I got an email from Knit Picks saying that the Felici yarn is on sale. I showed H what they had since she had said something vague about wanting to try knitting socks. Well the colors of the Felici yarn sucked her right in. She quickly decided on four skeins- for 2 pair of socks- and asked in passing if I wanted anything. Of course I said yes. Am I not weak where sock yarn is involved. I quickly said two skeins of Beyond the Wall and no more. They arrived yesterday and they are more beautiful than I imagined. So my colors! There is still some left if you’re interested. The price is a bargain! 

What I Knit Yesterday

•February 22, 2017 • 5 Comments

Yesterday was one of those days where every minute is mostly filled with boring things that have to be done. I went to the accountant (again! Just to drop off more stuff), town hall to pay the water bill and excise tax on the cars, CVS for a prescription and Target and Staples for a keyboard for H. Then I had chores at home, fix dinner, eat dinner and out to a meeting. I finally got to knit when I got to the meeting. It was long and dull. The knitting is what saved it. 

I cast on my third project for Loopy Academy. These are the Fair Isle Flower Socks by Candice DeWitt. The yarn is Western Sky Knits aspen sock in black plum. I didn’t really follow the instructions for the ribbing or maybe I did. I’m not sure. I just knit 2X2 rubbing until I thought there was enough ribbing. I figured it was bad enough that I was knitting when I should have been listening. Reading would have been really rude. 

I don’t expect to get much done on this sock until I get one of the other projects done though I will drag it around with me and knit a row or two when I’m out and about. 

16 Repeats

•February 21, 2017 • 13 Comments

I am plugging along. It’s easier every row.

A close up of the beads. They are translucent gray and pick up the light beautifully. 

A Lovely Brunch

•February 20, 2017 • 6 Comments

Yesterday as a family we ventured west to have brunch at The 1761 Old Mill in Westminster. The grounds are so pretty with the pond, waterfall (which I neglected to photograph) and all the ducks. We enjoyed a delicious meal. N ate three plates. I haven’t seen N full in ages. It’s hard to fill a growing teenage boy. 

After eating we fed the ducks. The restaurant supplies day old rolls just for the ducks. 

It was a wonderful start to vacation week. Both The Husband and N are off this week. We’re planning to do a few small things but mostly we’ll be hanging around the house and relaxing.