I can’t believe how frazzled I feel. Normally I’m a take one thing at a time kind of person but for some reason everything feels overwhelming. There are so many things that need doing and I’m sitting and knitting while N is at his culture group. My house is a total disaster, I’ve got to write a grocery list for the week plus Thanksgiving. We’re only having 1 guest that day so it will be super easy. I even forgot to blog! I’ve got a bunch of other around the edges things to deal with plus The Husband is retiring. His actual retirement date is in June but he’s going some sick leave and vacation time he’s going to take first. I spent this morning setting up his new phone and have fielded two phone calls to answer questions. This is his first smart phone since his job came with a “bright” phone (it had a flashlight and nothing else).

I’ve done two rows of the lace pattern on the shawl. Before I read the instructions I was trying to figure out how I could use a million stitch markers so I wouldn’t get lost. I’m thrilled to say that the pattern had me place many many stitch markers. The shawl is the one thing I’m not frazzled about.

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Yesterday I threw together a boxed chocolate cake. I like Duncan Hines cake though I wish I would remember to add an extra egg (so 4 total) and use milk instead of water. It’s supposed to make a more bakery-like cake. Anyway, we all know that the entire reason to make a cake is to eat buttercream frosting so that is what I made. I am a little disappointed with the recipe I used or maybe my vanilla has too much of an alcohol taste. It isn’t very chocolate tasting if you know what I mean. I couldn’t find my favorite recipe so I just picked one of the internet. It doesn’t matter because it is still good.

Photo from last night before bed. I’m not ready for this either.

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I grabbed this photo super quick just as the commercial was ending. Yes, a Christmas commercial. I know it says holidays but those candies are wrapped in red and green and that means Christmas. It’s only mid November and we still have Thanksgiving to get to yet. I’m not ready for the crazy to start yet. How about you? Are you ready?

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WIP Wednesday: Same Old Same Old

I had really hoped that by today I would be starting the lace edge but no such luck. I’ve been distracted by non-knitting things like dishes and laundry and Thanksgiving being next week. I feel behind in everything. So my plan is to tackle things one at a time until it’s all done. Today in and around other things I plan to get to the first lace row. That’s only a handful of rows but the rows are long and distractions many. H is working from home and N has a half day. Enough whining!

I hope you’re making progress on your projects and your distractions are few.

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A Different (and New!) Walk

The Husband and I headed off for a different walk yesterday. This is one we haven’t done before. It’s a hiking trail through a somewhat local conservation land. It was a little chilly but very sunny. The air was clean and crisp. It really was a perfect New England fall day.

The ground was very uneven and there were hills and lots of fallen branches and leaves on the path. This large rock (boulder really) was sitting on top of another large rock that is mostly in the ground. I was tempted to walk up and have a closer look but the hill was a bit steep and I knew I had quite a bit further to go.

When we reached the end of this trail there was a gate where the forest met a neighborhood and on top of the post was this stone. I so wanted to take it home. The words are very true. Instead I took a photo and left the stone for the next person who comes along and needs a little inspiration.

Have you found unexpected inspiration lately? Have you left some for someone else?

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Monday Minutiae

It’s been a busy long weekend with everyone having things to do.

N had his last meet Saturday. He did fine though he did say the field they were running in was wet and muddy. He’s now mentally transitioning to winter track where he’ll be running sprints and relay.

Sunday H and N went into Boston so N could take photos for his photography class. They were assigned a cool camera with 4 lenses in a row. I can’t wait to see the photos.

I spent time playing Pokemon Go and when I was at home I knit when I had a free minute. As you can see there was plenty of time to knit. I got about 15 rows done.

Today promises to be equally as busy. N needs pants so there will be shopping. Then once I get home I’ve got to get everything ready for the week and I better take some time to whip the house into shape.

How was your weekend? Did you get in plenty of crafting time?

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Time Change Issues

The time change seems to be taking a toll on us all. Myles is totally confused. He is looking for food hours early and sleeping soundly in the evening. Plus he’s restless extra early in the morning. I don’t think the dark cloudy day today helped at all. I hope we all get used to this more sooner than later.

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