Sexy Knitter Trick

Sometimes the title has to be more exciting than the post. I’m afraid this will be a bit of a dull one.

And yes, that is my freckled thigh. And no that is not the sexy knitter trick.

The last few shawls I’ve knit that required multiple skeins presented an extra challenge to me. One of the skeins contained a knot. It happens. I knew this when I wound the balls but planned ahead. I knew I wanted to try joining my skeins and I thought I’d try wet splicing them together. It would eliminate knots or having additional ends to weave in.

I took the ends and gave each a trim with scissors to remove the wee bit of the knot that was undyed. Then I spread the individual plies apart like little fingers sticking out at the end. I dipped these into water (if I’m honest I’m lazy so I dipped them into my ever present glass of spring water) and then laid the fingers from each end into each other like the way the cut ends are in the photo above. The two pieces of now wet yarn were placed in the palm of my hand and I rubbed my palms together vigorously to produce a bit of heat.

It’s pretty hard to tell once the yarn is felted together exactly where one piece ends and the other begins.

So far this has worked perfectly for me. The key thing you have to remember is the yarn must be wool. Cotton and acrylic will require other joining methods. Here is a great link to a bunch of joining options. What is your favorite way to join skeins in your projects?

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Well, This Isn’t Good

Some of the older leaves on my plant are dying. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just that they’re done or it’s been so humid they can’t survive. But I’m afraid it might be a goner…

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WIP Wednesday: A Second Ball

Finally I finished the first skein of yarn. I really thought I was using a never ending skein. I knit for 3 days on a tiny ball and I really did knit about 8 rows before I reached the end.

I managed to squeeze in 9 rows yesterday in and around chores, 4 moving furniture and boxes trips across town and making multiple meals for these people who are wanting to eat three times a day.

Today will consist of more moving stuff, a couple of errands and taking N to tonight’s fun run. I’m hoping to get to knit the remainder of the 7th repeat. If not I’m sure I’ll get to it tomorrow.

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My Idea Of Art

I was at the mall (insert groan here) today and was pleasantly surprised when I turned the corner to the ladies room. Dogs! I’m sure these are advertising but Dogs! What is your idea of art? Bonus points if it’s unconventional!

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6 Repeats

I’m 6 repeats in and according to the pattern I can do 3/4 of another repeat and call it good. But I won’t. My plan is to knit until I’ve reached 600+ yards or until August 27. That will leave me plenty of time to get the shawl blocked and photo submitted for Camp Loopy. Now I’m just hoping nothing interferes with that plan.

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Progress Has Been Made

Just not on the knitting or the sleeping for that matter. H’s house is nearly finished having the inside painted. This is mostly the same view as I showed you before. It’s hard to tell from the photo but the walls are a pale light blue. It’s a big improvement over the dark harvest gold. If you lived in the 70’s you are probably familiar with harvest gold and its counterpart avocado green. Yes, the master bedroom in her house was avocado. Now it is a lovely light robins egg blue. By the end of the week she should be happily tucked into her own nest. We just have to get through the actual moving part next.

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Putting It Out There

I suck as a multitasker. I finally remembered to water the near dead plant on the front steps. Good thing it’s August. I’ll be dumping it soon anyway.

You know I wish I was a better person. I wish I was one of those really put together women who wears clothes that are in style (and match!), have the perfect hair and make up and workout every day. Ha! I know I’ll never be her so I try to work on the better me I can be. I try to spread kindness, hold the door, smile at the person who looks worried or sad, say hello to the people I pass. I thank everyone who does anything for me from the bagger at the grocery store to the mail carrier to the person who asks if I want fries with that and I mean it. I hope my little spark of kindness will catch on. We live in a world that is incredibly cruel and unforgiving. Let’s work to make our own corner softer, friendlier, kinder and a place we can be proud of. Are you up for it?

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