Another Day

Another section. There are just two more to go. They’re longer than this one I think. I’m not looking ahead in the pattern to delude myself into thinking I’ll be done in 2-3 days. I’ve got 6 more projects and the evil stocking to get through. 

So far my favorite part of this shawl is that last section with the purple and tan lines with the little plaid bits. My least favorite is the elongated slipped stitches there in the middle. They’re kind of loose. I’m hoping blocking will deal with it. 

This week has really tested my tolerance for summer being over. We’ve added back to our schedule CCD and Nate’s Korean culture group. He also is playing lacrosse on Sunday morning and has a special one day lacrosse clinic today. The sound you heard was my head blowing off. I feel over scheduled and I’m just doing the driving. I’m sure after a few weeks of this it will feel normal. 

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A Little Secret

Plaid is the New Fad is growing! I’ve completed the fourth section. It’s getting a wee bit more difficult to get the whole thing into a photo. I’ll bet you’d like to know how I am managing to complete sections so quickly. Don’t tell but I’ve been setting aside a couple hours or three in the afternoon to knit while I catch up on tv or podcasts. Normally I knit at night after dinner when I’m tired and more easily distracted. There is little distraction if Myles is napping and everyone else is out. It really does make for a peaceful afternoon and I get things done in the morning knowing I’ll have my knitting time soon. 

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What Myles Does While Everyone Except He And I Are Out

Yup, he snuggles into a nest he creates on my bed while I knit. This is vital because he has to conserve all his energy so he can go crazy when everyone gets home. 

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WIP Wednesday: Plaid Revisit

I am moving in the right direction on Plaid is the New Fad after going back and correcting a mistake. I don’t know exactly what I’d done but tinking back and then knitting forward solved the issue. 

I just completed the third section of the pattern. There are 7 total. The colors are kind of growing on me though I wish the brindle was lighter and less greenish. 

How are your projects going?

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Monday Q & A on Tuesday

*Did you have troll dolls?  

I loved troll dolls. As a child I had a pixie haircut so I was obsessed with long hair. I spent more time than I should have braiding and combing the trolls hair. I did the same thing with the Barbie stylin’ head. 

*When was the last time you said, ‘Oh I can make that for a lot less”

When the contractor contacted us with the estimate for replacing the steps I knew The Husband could do it for less. It will cost us 25% of the estimate. 

*What has been your most difficult knit or crochet project this year?

I’ve been slacking. Everything is pretty easy. 

*Have you ever broken a toe?

No I’ve never broken any bones and I hope I never do. 

*Name a children’s author or picture book you love-

Anything by Sandra Boynton but Doggies is my favorite.

*Who is the last cousin you have seen or had contact with?  (third cousins twice removed still count) 

I saw my cousin Lisa yesterday at her granddaughters birthday party. She is my only first cousin on my mother’s side and we’ve always been pretty close. 

*Name a blog you will visit today-

Oh I’ll be visiting a ton. When I have a few minutes between chores or rows I’ll pop online and read a couple of posts. 

*When was the last time you read a nutrition label?

This morning I read the oatmeal box label checking out the calories/fat. 

*What is the last thing you used change (coins)  for?

I had to put air in my tire yesterday so I brought along quarters for the machine. Remember when air was free? 

I save all my change in two jars and when the jar is full I’ll roll the change and deposit it at the bank. Above is the penny jar, a 5 gallon water bottle I’ve had since the early 80’s. 

*Do you have a digital antennae?

I think H has one on the TV in her room and there is a spare one around here somewhere. The signal here is weak and we only get like 4 channels so we’ll be sticking with cable. 

Q & A from Compassionknit. Visit her blog and read her answers.

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A Full Weekend

It was a busy weekend for all of us. N had cross country practice on Saturday morning and then we were off to Town Day where N worked a bit in both the lacrosse and cross country booths. I visited with friends, enjoyed the animals at the petting zoo and laughed endlessly while watching the dunk tank. A local politician wore a suit coat and dress shirt with his bathing suit. The kids from his baseball team had a great time dunking him over and over. 

Sunday there was a lacrosse pick up game for N while I grocery shopped. Then we were off to a 2 year old’s tutu birthday party. A great time was had by all. 

Sadly all knitting was in the wrong direction. I tinked back 8 rows and will start knitting again later on today. Considering how little we were home the house is a wreck so I have to deal with that first. 

How was your weekend? Did you get some crafting time?

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Crap! I’ve got two stitches too many! I’m going to tink back a couple of rows and see if things are a-okay there. Grumble Grumble. 

Look a sheep! Ah, that makes me feel better.

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