A Day With The Menfolk

Every year in January there are two major events in our life: N’s birthday which is tomorrow and the car show. You’ll find me traipsing along behind them while they sit in what feels like every single car and truck.

N wants this one for his 16th birthday, gulp, tomorrow. Yeah, I don’t think that’s happening!

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Why Don’t I Remember

I really should learn to avoid the bakery in Wegmans. This cake is my weakness. Within 15 minutes of taking the photo the cake was gone and my tastebuds are trying to talk me into going back there tomorrow for another piece.

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Sucked In

The plan was to cast on two projects so I’d have one to take out and about. But I cast on this hat first and I just can’t put it down. I did the ribbing Tuesday night before bed. Then yesterday while The Husband was at physical therapy I did the triangles. Calling them the crown just seems wrong when I intend to wear the hat myself. The pattern is Coronet by Hannah Paton. It’s a fitted hat which I haven’t made in a while. It will be great for keeping in my bag for those unexpected times you need a hat.

I suspect I’ll be finishing this before I cast on the socks. I hope that pattern is as addictive as this one has been.

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Ready On Wednesday

Thank you for the kind comments on the cowl. A few of you mentioned knitting it. I can’t recommend it highly enough. The mid section gets a little trying but a few good tv shows, movies or an audiobook will get you through.

After finishing the cowl I have only one WIP so I gave myself permission to cast on two new projects. The yarn on the left will be a hat and the one on the right will be socks. Now I have to actually cast on. More about the projects soon.

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FO On Tuesday: Lazy Edition

My Sockhead Cowl is done! I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s so soft and warm. I’m very happy to have gone with a cowl instead of socks. As you can see it’s very generously sized with plenty of fabric to pull it right up over your face when the wind is blowing.

The pattern is Sockhead Cowl by Kelly McClure. The yarn is Dream in Color Jilly with cashmere in Loopy Graduation. The pattern is simple to knit, well written and very clear. The yarn is super soft and a pleasure to knit. I knit my cowl on a size 3US needle. I did get lazy at the end and didn’t go with the recommended stretchy bind off. I used an easier one that isn’t super stretchy but stretchy enough. I would knit this again. It’s great for times when you need something mindless to knit.

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Half Way

The ribbing continues. There is nothing exciting about that.

I went to the grocery store today and spent a few too many minutes in the tea section. The peppermint bark and gingerbread spice are from a floor display so I knew once they were gone they wouldn’t return until next fall. I’m looking forward to enjoying and discovering which of the assortment I want to buy. These should keep me for a few weeks. Thanks for all your suggestions!

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Here We Go Again

Someone was trying to sit on my yarn. I’m glad he seems to have given up on chewing it.

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