Right Now

This is the view out my car window. N is at lacrosse. It’s currently 52f. It was 97f when I was here last week. I have my heavy fall jacket and a sweater on. Spring has receded. 

My nose is mostly clear and my eyes aren’t runny. I changed medication and added some allergy eye drops. I’m so glad to feel less itchy. 

I’ve been knitting the shawl. It’s beyond the point I was before I had to rip. I haven’t had enough quiet or brainpower to count the stitches but I might give it a try now. I’m trying to get to somewhere near 400 stitches. I hope I’m almost there. 

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Another Season

Allergy season arrived with a vengeance this weekend. My eyes are swollen, red, itchy and constantly running. My nose is the same. Medication isn’t working. It’s really monkeying with my knitting. I can’t blow my nose and knit at the same time. I really hope we get enough rain tomorrow to knock down the pollen level. 

How are you doing? I hope you’re well. 

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A Full Day

Yesterday was a long day. We got up early, spent two hours in the car, hours and hours were spent in the sun, 4 lacrosse games were played and won. 

It was a beautiful day. There was knitting. I was overcome by allergies but survived. We climbed into the car and drove 2 hours back home and capped the day with ice cream from Kimball’s. Except for the allergies, it was a perfect spring Saturday.*

*I was 20 minutes from Webs. It was tent sale weekend. I don’t know where I got the willpower!

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What Was That?

I expect to find Myles sitting on the radiator  any day now. He loves looking out the window. I wonder if he was a cat in a previous life. 

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Spring in New EnglandĀ 

I’m writing this post on Thursday afternoon while I have a few minutes. 

It’s supposed to be 95f here today. It feels good to be warm after a chilly winter but that’s a bit of a shock to the system. I’ve skipped spring cleaning unintentionally. First it was too cold to wash windows,which to me is the point of spring cleaning, then it was too rainy. Now I’ve put the storm windows up and installed the screens in an effort to keep cool. Maybe I’ll get to the windows when the temperatures drop next week. Maybe not. 

What I have been doing is catching up on little things like posting my Junior Year second semester finished project photos on The Loopy Ewe and knitting on the Dream Stripes Shawl. I don’t know if it looks any bigger than the last time I posted a photo. It’s a blob and blobs are difficult to lay out nicely. I haven’t knit the 10-12 rows I tinked back. I think I’ve done 6. I should be able to get caught up over the next few days. N has 6 lacrosse games over the next 3 days. That should make for some quality knitting time if the game play isn’t too exciting. 

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A Day Gardening

I spent an hour yesterday picked out plants at the garden center to do the graves for Memorial Day. Normally I get back to pick the plants up and put them in the yard. 

I bought an extra Zinnia for the front steps. 

See the big fluffy bee in the Rhododendron? It was busily buzzing from flower to flower.  That’s a good sign for our vegetable garden. I picked out some tomato plants and a summer squash plant so far for that. 

If your area is heading towards summer, are you planning a garden? What will you be growing?

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Another Mail Day

I received the Camp Loopy Club package on Monday. The yarn is Into The Whirled pakokku in the Stanley Stegosaurus colorway. The package also included a jar of peppermint sugar scrub. I am just thrilled with the yarn. It’s a type I’ve used and loved in the past. The color, while not my usual choice, is so pretty. I have no solid plan for it, yet. Sugar scrub is a new thing for me. I’m not the most girly girl. It will be fun to give it a try. I’m sure my constantly dry skin will appreciate it. 

I think this colorway would be great as a shawl or cowl. I’ll be mulling over options while I work on my other works in progress. 

I have tinked back the shawl to the dropped m1 and have started knitting back what was lost. I ended up taking out 10 rows which was about 3500 stitches so not quite as bad as I thought. 

Thank you for the comments yesterday. It feels good to have made a decision and gotten it out. 

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