Thrift Store Find

•October 27, 2016 • 2 Comments

Even though my house is bursting at the seams with all things and we have plenty of books, even knitting books, I couldn’t pass up this gem at the thrift store for a mere $2.00. H will use it if I don’t. Is there anything you buy even if you don’t need it just because it has to go home with you?

Evil Stocking Update

•October 26, 2016 • 2 Comments

This is proof of progress and planning. I have spent some time on the evil stocking. Clearly not enough time to have really made a dent in what’s left but time just the same. I am going to duplicate stitch the wreaths that belong in that brown section. There were too many places with just a couple of stitches to try to knit it neatly without puckering after getting this far. I will knit the section with the train and if I haven’t set it on fire by then I will go back and do the duplicate stitch before coasting down the heel and foot. I am fantasizing about the heel and foot. It’s going to be so easy and so quick. I. Can’t. Wait.


•October 25, 2016 • 1 Comment

  Really? Can’t you just outgrow this yarn hate thing?


•October 24, 2016 • 4 Comments

The first little hedgehog that you met last week now has friends! I’ll be busy knitting away on these little critters for a few more days. It’s amazing just how little yarn each one takes. I might be making them for a while.

Fall TV Viewing

•October 21, 2016 • 6 Comments

If you’re a knitter, and chances are if you’re around here regularly you are, you probably spend a lot of time sitting down knitting. What do you do when you knit? Do you listen to podcasts, audiobooks or watch movies? Are you like me, do you watch TV? I will admit to watching way too much TV but when I watch I’m knitting so it isn’t all bad right? How do you watch? Do you have things you like to see every week right when they’re broadcast so no one spoils it for you or do you DVR everything and watch things later? I am a DVRer. In my house we DVR everything and watch it later. I don’t watch that many shows that can be spoiled and if they are I don’t really care because, well, I’m really just watching for the knitting time. Have you been watching any of the new fall programming? Here are a few new things that I really enjoy.

  • Frequency: The Husband really liked the movie when it came out in 2000 so of course he wanted to try the TV show. We had low expectations. For the most part remakes just don’t capture the same feeling as the original but we were wrong about this one. It’s really good. I like how they take things the next step. You’d have to see it to understand what I mean.
  • Conviction: I don’t remember looking forward to this show the way I would have had I caught ads for it ahead of time. I don’t know if there weren’t many ads or if I just spaced. I like any show that deals with legal matters. This one is good. It’s different than most. It also has a bit more to it than just the law stuff.
  • Timeless: This was highly anticipated by The Husband, H and I. If you’re going to talk about time travel you’re going to get our attention. Mix in some history and we’re hooked. I’m glad to say we haven’t been at all disappointed. Time travel can be done badly and so far they’ve gotten it right. They’ve done a good job mixing in the history too.
  • Bull: We are big NCIS fans so we had to see what would make Michael Weatherly move on to something else. It’s another legal drama but with a different twist. Bull is a jury consultant. I like the different, sort of behinds the scenes look at a trial. It’s nicely done though I can see myself tiring of the same bits they do week after week (comparing the juries). Hopefully they’ll scale it back in the future. The cases are interesting and watching what goes on like dressing the client and picking the right jury is enlightening. I hope it sticks around.
  • This is Us: This show wasn’t even on my radar. I saw ads for it and thought it wouldn’t be something I’d like. I thought it was going to be another medical drama. It’s what the ad seemed to say. But I DVRed it and then we watched. OMG it was so good. The pilot was fabulous. If you haven’t seen it watch it. Watch the whole way through. It’s such a good story and so well told. Watch it now.
  • Lethal Weapon: Another one The Husband wanted to see. He loved the original movies. I DVRed the show for him figuring I could knit something more complex and wouldn’t care if I missed the show. I thought it would be a remake that fell short. I was wrong. It is so good. The balance, the stories, Damon Wayans and Clayne Crawford. It is better than the original. Don’t tell The Husband or Mel Gibson I said that.

So what are you watching? I’m watching those along with my staples: Scandal, How to get away with Murder, The Blacklist, Blindspot, and more than I care to admit.

Better? Maybe. But Not Perfect

•October 20, 2016 • 3 Comments

  I don’t blog twice in one day and never from my phone but today I have to. I finally sucked it up, ripped out a portion of the evil stocking and reknit to where I was. I am 80% happy with it. I think I can get to 90% when I fiddle around with weaving in the ends and adjust some of the wobbly stitches. I will soldier on. At this point I plan to knit the next section plain and duplicate stitch the wreaths. I will return to intarsia for the train. I hope to continue knitting the less evil stocking for a few hours tonight. I will bring you an update soon. If I don’t return assume it killed me. 

Passionate Sock Talk

•October 20, 2016 • 1 Comment

Are you bored? I am. I’m getting tired of looking at these same projects week after week. I guess that is the problem with working on a bunch of stuff at once. No real progress is made on any one thing. They all seem to move along at a glacial pace. At least with the Speeder sock I have passed the half way point and I am ever so slowly heading towards the finished object line. And now that I have completed almost all of the first sock, yes, I am quirky about waiting to have both socks done before I kitchener the toe, I can discuss the fit.

Looking at the way these are knit compared with the way I usually knit my sock, heel flap and gusset, I had concerns about the fit. I pictured in my mind a wrinkle of sock fabric where the leg meets the foot. I had almost prepared myself for that. And you know what, it isn’t bad at all. It is no worse than a well fitting commercial sock. There is just the tiniest wrinkle. I knit this sock on my favorite Skacel size 1 1/2 needles. The needles I use for the vast majority of my socks. I have knit enough socks to know how many stitches I like for a stockinette sock. That would be 64 thank you very much. So when I decided on a size for these socks I went with the 3rd of the 4 sizes which happens to be 64 stitches. There are 2 purl stitches on each side of the leg. This creates a little extra give to the fabric that I thought might be necessary to account for the lack of gusset. Well, no, that isn’t the case. These fit me very well in the calf and are just the tiniest bit looser at the ankle. Not enough for it to bother me but enough for me to think that maybe a 60 stitch sock would be perfect. I like my socks to be fitted with a bit of negative ease. If I’m going to knit custom socks I want them to fit exactly the way I want. Is this not exactly perfect, though near perfect, fit going to cause me to rip out the first sock and start again? No f-ing way!