I finally got the time to give Myles a quick grooming. He ended up mostly bald. I didn’t (and won’t) have the time for a fussy job. He feels good and that is what matters. He also can see really well which means in getting into more trouble than usual.

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A while back I saw this recipe on Pinterest for bone broth. I have made my own broth in the past but this recipe intrigued me. I roasted the bones in the oven according to the recipe, painted on the tomato paste and added the vegetables and roasted some more. I didn’t have celery so I just skipped it. The above photo is everything in the pot getting ready to start its 24-72 hour cook time on the top of stove. I cooked mine for a total of 24 hours over 3 days. I was leary of leaving my stove on when we slept.

Today I made beef stew using the broth. It was delicious and totally worth the extra work. The best part is I have enough broth in the freezer for the next time I make stew.

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Deals With The Devil

Well, maybe not the devil but I don’t know who else would be putting these uncontrollable cast on thoughts in my head.

Back when I ordered the yarn for Loopy Academy and The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge I ordered with 7 projects in mind. So far I have knit 5 and I only have until December 31 to get the remaining two done.

The above yarn, Cascade 220 superwash in chocolate (a nice deep brown) and ruby are for a Viriditas shawl. The designer is Annie Rowden. I’ve put the yarn, needles and pattern into a project with the promise that I can cast on just as soon as the evil stocking is complete. I hope that is enough incentive to get that foolish project done and delivered.

One other thing. You may remember a while back I asked about sheets. Well a couple of weeks ago I was in KMart with The Husband looking at Halloween stuff. When we were walking by the home department I spotted the sheets in the photo. I was sure they’d feel like burlap so you can imagine my surprise when I read the package and discovered they were percale. I snapped them right up. They’ve been washed and dried a couple of times and we’ve slept plenty of nights on them to declare them a win. The fact that they have a dog print is a plus.

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FO Friday: The Hat

I am happy to say I finished N’s hat on Tuesday night though it took me another day to attach the pompom. He seems happy with it, though he’d be happier if it was black and gray.

The pattern is Simple As Hat! by Milja Uimonen. The yarn is Caron Cupcakes in nougat. I knit the adult size medium and it’s just a shade big. The hat pattern was easy to follow and knits a nice wearable hat. There are many sizes available too. The yarn was quite nice to knit. It feels softer than it looks. This is the first time I’ve attached a pre-made pompom and I don’t know that I did a great job. I think I prefer a homemade pompom anyway. One surprising thing about the yarn is that in the skein all the colors appeared to be solid but as you can see in the photo a couple of the stripes are variegated. I would happily recommend both the yarn and the pattern.

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Knitter’s Panic

I imagine crochetists feel it too. Yesterday The Husband was supposed to have to day off but as often happens in his work world things changed and he had to go in for the afternoon and evening. On a normal day that wouldn’t matter but I was planning on him taking N to his last physical therapy appointment while I got dinner together and waited for H to say she was on the subway. As normally happens in my world things all happen at once.

When I realized I would be taking N I panicked. I was going to sit in a waiting room for 40-45 minutes with nothing to knit! In my spare minutes between Myles grooming and getting ready to head out I riffled through the stash to find some yarn that didn’t have to be wound or need much of a plan. I found two skeins of Knit Picks Felici in beyond the wall. So while waiting I cast on a plain old pair of socks using the pattern I keep in my head. Crisis diverted. But another WIP in the pile.

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FO On Wednesday: Clever, Quite Clever

Finally after putting off one tiny 8 inch seam for weeks Aeque is done and I am very pleased. The pattern is so clever. The whole time I was knitting it I couldn’t wrap my brain around how it would be seamed. Once it was done I was really glad I had followed the instructions to place markers in certain spots. I’d have been lost without them.

The pattern is Aeque by Hilary Smith Callis. The yarn is The Loopy Ewe Loopy Hues in Nerves of Steel. As I said the pattern is clever but it is also easy. It’s nice for TV knitting and would be even easier with a gradient skein as opposed to a set of mini skeins. I am never disappointed by the yarn from The Loopy Ewe. Their own Loopy Hues is a fun set of five mini skeins that total 535 yards. I have enough leftover for a pair of ankle socks or a baby hat.

This project is my Signature Challenge number 2: KAL. I have two more projects for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge that I’d like to finish but first I must complete the evil stocking and N’s hat.

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Monday Q & A on Tuesday

*When were you last in a big city? 

We were in Boston during the summer meeting H for lunch during her work day.

*What handknit did you wear this weekend?

None. I’m very bad about wearing them. I’ve even stopped wearing handknit socks. I’ll try to do better.

*Do your pets sit by the heating vents, radiators or the like when it is cold in the house?

Myles prefers to snuggle when he’s cold or he’ll make a nest on the bed out of the comforter. I need a new duvet cover because of his overly aggressive nesting.

*How do you keep track of the knits you’ve created and what yarn was used?

Ravelry. There is no better way.

*Does anybody have that Norman Rockwell scene around the Thanksgiving table anymore? 

If eating Italian food on a Sunday around Thanksgiving in a restaurant counts then yes. We do dinner with the in laws as a group of maybe 20 people.

*Do you have a small batch recipe that works? 

No. I make full batches of everything. A teenage boy can easily devour a full batch in two days or two batches in a day if it’s something he really likes.

*How are your hands holding up ?  Chapped?  

My hands are a wreck. They’re dry, cracked and splitting. I’ve been unable to find a good greaseless skin cream with pronounceable ingredients. Do you have any suggestions?

*What are you missing about summer? 

Short answer: Everything.

Number 1 thing: The sunlight.

*When was the last time you went through a security line?

It’s been a while. I can’t remember.

*Does your family have a secret family recipe? 

There are a few recipes but none are secret:)

Be sure to visit Compassionknit to read her answers.

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