What Progress?

Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours straightening, organizing and trashing things in the kitchen and half bathroom. I filled a trash bag with expired food and medication. Then I gathered the magazines and coupons that have been gathering dust and recycled them. It isn’t a lot but if I do that amount each day it will add up to a good amount. Actual cleaning will start eventually.

Then I treated myself to an hour of uninterrupted knitting. The shawl is getting larger and the ball of yarn finally looks smaller. I’ve completed 6 of the 8 yarn over rows and have about 400 stitches on the needle. There are about 30 more rows. The going is slow but I’m beginning to feel like I’ll get there. But isn’t it that way with everything.

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I Need A Plan

My house needs a deep deep deep spring cleaning. I’ve got to empty closets and drawers, organize and really scrub everything entirely. I am just overwhelmed at the thought of this. I’ve got to be ruthless with the recycling, donating and throwing out. I am unsure of the best place to start in on this. Maybe the half bathroom and kitchen because both of those are bad and any improvement would help. I’m going to use the blog to stay accountable. If I don’t nothing will get done. How do you get it all done? Do you spend one day from dawn till dusk or do you do a limited number of chores each day? I usually feel overwhelmed at the thought and put it off. That isn’t working for me.

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Sunday Status Report

We had a busy Saturday but sadly I didn’t get as much knitting time as I had hoped. N spent his three hours helping with the youth lacrosse kids.

H and I had lunch at our favorite salad place. They were excellent like always.

Then we watched the lacrosse while I knit. The bleachers were particularly uncomfortable and it was pretty crowded. We moved to the hall for a while and then back to the bleachers for the last 45 minutes.

I’ve followed the suggestion to put a stitch marker on the edge of the start of the first row. It’s let me knit two rows before I stop to write them down. I think I’ll be following this method from now on. Thanks to those who suggested it.

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Happy St Patrick‚Äôs Day

We celebrated a day early with a corned beef dinner. It’s a tradition we follow every year. I hope you find a way to celebrate too.

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On Perusing Patterns

One of my favorite things about looking at patterns on Ravelry is how there are so many ways to sort them. One of my favorite ways to look at them is to go to the pattern page and click “view all categories” then “search all patterns”. From there I click “new to Ravelry” in the drop down. From there I can pick whatever filters catch my eye. Today I clicked “knitting” and “free” just to see what came up. Here are a few super cute things I found:

I recommend trying different search methods for Ravelry. You’ll be amazed at the inspiration you’ll find even if you don’t actually knit the item.

The shawl is getting more and more squished up on the circular needle. I’ve done 5 more rows since you saw it yesterday. There are more than 300 stitches in a row with more increases in each row. I’m hoping for some extra knitting time this weekend. N is going to be helping out the youth lacrosse kids at their preseason indoor practices so that means plenty of sitting and knitting for me.

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Snow Memories

I have recovered from the shoveling of the most recent storm. I don’t think I would have survived without the help of my knitting neighbor. She came to the rescue with her trusty snowblower and cleared the massive pile of snow and ice chunks left by the plows at the end of the driveway. I’d still be out there now without her help. Thank you knitting neighbor!

All this shoveling has got me thinking about the snowstorms of my youth. Boy that makes me sound old. Well I guess I’m getting there. I went digging through the old photo album and found the above photo taken when I was 5 years old standing by my father’s car. You’ll notice how high the snowbank behind me is. That is the snow I remember! It seems like we had one of those giant snowstorms every few weeks all winter long. I remember playing outside until my skin was bright red from the cold and my hands and feet ached. Hey, I might have had frostbite!

Now I prefer to play inside with yarn. Much less chance of getting frostbite. The shawl continues to grow even if the ball of yarn seems to stay the same size. I’ll be getting to the 5th YO row today.

Do you have snow memories from your childhood?

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My View

I took this photo yesterday early in the storm with the intention of adding a later in the day photo but with making and serving dinner followed by an hour and a half of shoveling I lost the daylight. I’ll get a photo for you later today. As of writing this, late in the evening, we’ve gotten nearly 15″ of snow with another 2-5″ to go.

I didn’t get as much knitting time as I had hoped yesterday so I’ll skip a photo. The rows are taking a long time and I’m finding that I forget which row I’m on (the pattern alternates between 2 rows). I’ve solved this problem by writing down each row as I do it. Normally I only do this with a multi row repeat. Do you keep track of your knitting row by row?

Edited to add a photo taken this morning.

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