Settling Or Unsettled?

Well Myles has adjusted to all our household disruptions. He’s decided that the chair and afghan are his. I keep finding him napping all comfortably tucked in by the Christmas tree.

I’m feeling at loose ends. I haven’t knit in days. See, my favorite place to knit was in bed in front of the tv but we’ve moved the bed upstairs and that room has no tv. I don’t feel comfortable knitting in the living room. The light is wrong and I just can’t get the rhythm. So I haven’t been knitting. Maybe I’ll cast on a sock or something. Maybe not.

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This Recipe Is A Keeper

After more than a few disappointments trying recipes from Pinterest I am thrilled to have found a really good cookie recipe. They’re called Soft Chocolate Sugar Cookies. Unfortunately I didn’t have any espresso powder but I don’t think it was too badly missed. I’ll include it next time. The only other change I made was to use 2 tbsp of black cocoa power along with the 3/4 cup of cocoa powder. It is my favorite addition to any recipe calling for cocoa powder. By the way it’s fantastic in chili. It adds a nice smoky flavor but not in the cookies. It just makes them nice and dark.

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My Favorite Christmas Song

We spent some time yesterday decorating for the holidays. To get in the mood I played some Christmas music. I know everyone says Silent Night is their favorite Christmas song. This is mine. Before you press play have your sense of humor firmly engaged. What is your favorite holiday song? Bonus points if it’s a bit irreverent.

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I’ve Got Things To Say

WTF is going on? My people spent all day moving stuff around. They moved my bed! I’m worried, frazzled and just plain confused. I’ve been sticking close by and listening to the chatter. They talk about new bedroom, relocating the bookcase and something about a tree. A tree in the house would be good for me! I wouldn’t have to walk in the snow. Wait! Did someone say cookie?? I’m outta here.

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WIP Wednesday: Still With The Sweater

The photo lies. The yarn is green. I cannot capture the color in daylight. Or in the dark for that matter. It’s weird.

Anyway I’ve started another skein of yarn. Bulky (or maybe it’s chunky) yarn knits fast! I’m supposed to knit the length of the body from the underarms to 15 inches. I don’t know about that. I’m a wee bit worried about running out of yarn. There is a formulated plan in my head though. I shall finish this skein on the body and see where I’m at. Once I know how the body is at that point I’ll knit the sleeves. My arms aren’t long so I should save yarn based on what the pattern says. Then I’ll go back and finish the body. It should all work out fine. Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Just once I’d like to knit a project without worrying about size, fit or running out of yarn. Maybe in my next life.

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Holiday Gift Quiz

It’s Tuesday. It’s snowing outside. It is a snow day so we are all at home. French toast will be on the menu! So let’s do a quick holiday gift quiz.

Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link if you’ll be answering on your blog.

For these questions money, storage space and time is no object.

  • List 3 things you would like to receive as a gift. Go all out for at least one of them.
  • List 3 gifts you’d like to give. You don’t have to mention who it’s for.
  • List 3 food gifts you’d like to give or receive.
  • Here are my answers:
    • 1. An Irish Wolfhound puppy. In my fantasy life I have large Irish Wolfhound who walks very nicely on a leash when we walk around the neighborhood and he lays down nicely on the couch next to me when I knit. 2. Enough cashmere yarn to knit a cardigan. I don’t even know if I’d like it but I know it would be super soft and warm. 3. A cool pair of boots.
      1. A trip around the world visiting all the Disney parks. 2. A Mazda Miata 3. A hunting trip.
      1. A gallon of Kimball’s Ice cream. 2. Fudgetown Cookies. These were discontinued but they were a favorite. 3. A beer subscription for The Husband. He and Myles would really enjoy that.
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    FO On Monday: A Gift Edition

    I’m sure we’ve all had that conversation. You’re crafting in public and some well meaning person suggests that you could make a lot of money selling your items at the farmers market or on Etsy. Normally I’ll just chuckle and let the conversation die. It isn’t worth teaching a lesson to a stranger I’ve found. When it’s someone I know or someone I have regular contact with I have my standard explanation: When I was asked by my father’s financial advisor if I would sell her a shawl I’d made I explained that I don’t sell the things I make because pricing them is difficult. It takes roughly 30 hours to knit a shawl. The yarn costs about $30. My time, the 30 hours, could be paid at the same rate she makes per hour. I could see the wheels turning (very quickly since of course money is her thing). She declined as I expected. I went on to explain that my skills which she does not have are just as valuable as her money management skills. They are just not viewed the same since mine is a hobby and hers is her career. I told her I would rather gift her the shawl. She accepted both the shawl and the lesson.

    This is the Hawthorne Cowl from the Circle of Stitches blog. Circle of Stitches is a cute yarn shop located in Salem, MA. I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. The pattern is easy enough to follow though I needed a brioche refresher which I got on YouTube. There are loads of brioche videos available so finding one that made sense to me was easy. The yarn is Cascade 220 in gray and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in red. They make a nice pair. This is a gift for an acquaintance who was told the above tale when he suggested I sell my items. I don’t know if he fully understood the lesson but I think he’ll like the cowl.

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