WIP Wednesday: Slow Progress

Trillian is growing ever so slowly. I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon just knitting and catching up on podcasts. My favorite part of knitting this pattern is that I don’t need the pattern to knit it. It’s just two rows so it’s easy to remember. Plus as it gets larger the garter stitch part getting larger makes for more mindless knitting.

Sorry the photo is so dark. That’s what happens when you wait until bedtime to take a photo.

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My 90% Rule

I’m running way behind today. Normally I write a blog post before I go to bed and have it post after I’m asleep. Well I had no brain power with which to write a post so I got a few things done around here this morning and am finally sitting down to write.

Tomorrow is the twice (or sometimes thrice) a year visit from the financial advisor I inherited from my parents. She’s more of a friend at this point since we’ve known her since just before H was born. We make an event of her coming by have tea in the better cups and always brownies. They’re her favorite. She’s coming at lunch time tomorrow so there will be sandwiches too. Having company means I had to whip the house into shape. To be honest I slacked heavily on the major housework (I stuck with the critical things like laundry, dishes, bathrooms and kitchen) all summer and paid the price yesterday and today.

I tend towards perfectionism so when I clean I really want to empty the room, scrub everything and then clean each piece as I put it back. That is ridiculous so I invented my 90% rule. Is the room 90% better than it was before? If so it’s good. That rule lets me live with dusty baseboards and furniture that hasn’t been vacuumed under. It also lets me leave some clutter hanging around.

So now that the cleaning is done I am free to knit for a couple of hours. Maybe I’ll have some knitting progress to show tomorrow.

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Apple Sunday

We got to the orchard fairly early yesterday morning. There was quite a crowd of families and the trees were heavy with apples (Asian pears and peaches). We picked an assortment of types for eating out of hand and baking.

Along the way we visited with this adorable alpaca.

These goats and sheep were much more interested in breakfast.

Once we got home I made this delicious apple crisp. It turned out beautifully. I doubled the recipe of course so we’d have enough for later today.

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There Has Been Knitting

Even though I haven’t been home much. Yesterday was Town Day. H and N both worked booths and I hung out with a friend. It was fun and has been a tradition from quite a few years.

Today will involve another tradition: apple picking. I’m looking forward to apple pie and apple crisp.

I hope you’re enjoying your day.

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My Friday was exhausting but had some really nice parts. We received multiple phone calls from the town about our water. It seems there was a bad test so we’re having to boil our tap water for the next few days. We normally drink bottled water so that isn’t an issue. Washing dishes is a major project when you have to boil the water to wash & rinse. We avoided this chore by not being home. In the morning I had a doctor appointment in Boston. Then The Husband and I grabbed lunch- alone. It was almost a date. Of course H texted to say she was coming home early. Once she and N were home we headed out to the further away Kimball’s for the Friday night car show. We didn’t get to a car show all summer so it was great to squeeze it in. While we were there we grabbed dinner and ice cream. That really saved on the dishes.

Tomorrow promises to be equally as busy. Hopefully I can get away with just a few dishes at dinner.

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Work In Progress

I’ve been monogamous to Trillian. It’s very tempting to work on the cowl since it’s just knit knit knit around and around but I have resisted.

I was glued to the tv last night. There were over 70 gas explosions in three communities north of us. Please keep these folks (and those in the path of the hurricane) in your thoughts.

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A New Addition

The past week has been trying, not bad, just annoying. Our old refrigerator started leaking water on to the floor now and then and then the Freon started leaking inside. Everything that wasn’t in a tightly sealed container picked up the flavor. The Husband and I squeezed in a quick trip to the appliance store on Saturday and they finally delivered it today. It kind of matches the stove which is different in our mostly mismatched life. I’m looking forward to food without the Freon tinge and not stepping in an ice cold puddle unexpectedly.

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