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imageI am still working on the same shawl though I’ve added a few more rows than I’ve tinked. Currently it’s waiting to have a couple of rows tinked. I’ve got to come up with the mental strength first though.

FO Friday: From The Deep

•April 17, 2015 • 7 Comments

I have finally completed the last of the required Loopy Academy projects: something with stripes. I favorited this pattern over 3 years ago, right after it was released. I have considered knitting them a few time in the past but I always had an excuse: didn’t have the right yarn, didn’t have enough brain cells, wasn’t in the mood to stripe… That is a major thing about knitting for Camp Loopy or Loopy Academy that keeps me participating: I knit things I’ve wanted to knit but have put aside for something easier. I like the challenge it brings to my knitting.

Anyway, the pattern is Laurelhurst by Star Athena. I knit them in The Loopy Ewe solid series in dove and slate gray. I did them on size 1 1/2 US needles over 60 sts. They fit but are a shade tight. I’m hoping a brief soak and then putting them on the sock blockers will bring them to the perfect size. As I mentioned last week I made a mistake knitting the cuff of the socks. I missed a half repeat, oops! I went with it on the second sock so they are a pair but not as the pattern intended. I would knit this pattern again, maybe with the thinner stripes. I’d like to try it with one solid yarn and one variegated. And next time I’ll get the entire cuff done correctly.

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It’s That Season Again

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I love this season. I get a few extra hours of knitting 3 days a week. Oh, and N is playing lacrosse. 

WIP Wednesday: One Trick Pony

•April 15, 2015 • 8 Comments

Happy Tax Day! I am done with all the taxes I had to deal with. The forms have been filed, the payments made, the mistakes corrected and the refunds received. The Husband sadly has to deal with one more day of cranky taxpayers.

I have but one project actively on the needles and that would be Sweet Tantalate by Lindsey Freeman, my extra credit project for Loopy Academy. It has reached the point where it is just a lump. It is a larger lump than last week but still a lump. I am on the last repeat of the main chart. The knitting has reached the slow point. There are lots of stitches and many places to make mistakes. I’m chugging along slowing trying to keep an eye out so the mistakes are found before I’ve purled the between rows. The yarn, Cascade Heritage Silk in marine blue, is OK. It splits quite easily with the Addi lace needles. I have to be mindful or I end up with half a stitch. That is particularly annoying when tinking back for the second or third time to correct a similar problem. The yarn feels nice which is what I find to be most important once the project is completed. I must be enjoying this because my mind hasn’t been wandering to the what’s next place yet. I’m sure I will reach that point, I do with all projects, but I’m not there yet.

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  We had a beautiful day yesterday. The temperature climbed into the 70s and the sun shined. The Red Soxs won their home opener. It was a perfect spring day. So much more appreciated after the winter we just experienced. 

Knit Knit Knit Tink Knit Knit Knit

•April 13, 2015 • 5 Comments

 Two steps forward, one step back; repeat. 

FO Friday: Proof Of Life

•April 10, 2015 • 13 Comments

Look at that! I’m a real live knitter. I don’t often, almost ever, post a photo of myself but I had to this time. I had to show you how fantastic my Unleaving turned out. I enjoyed everything about this project, except maybe the blocking. I’ve got to get some real blocking pins and some blocking wires. They are on the to buy list. Anyway, the yarn was spun by Beth and she did a beautiful job with it. Knitting with handspan is different than knitting with commercial yarn. The spinner puts themselves into the yarn. It has real life. It has ebb and flow. Being gifted this yarn is special. I can’t thank Beth enough. I really enjoyed knitting with it. I had to find a perfect pattern for the yarn. I wanted something that would show off the color in a unique way. I chose Unleaving by Lee Juvan. I wanted to be sure I could use every bit of the yarn and I did. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I highly recommend it.

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