Yesterday was my funday of the week. The Husband’s day off is Thursday not Saturday like most folks. Over the years I’ve gotten to enjoy having him around for a day during the week while the children are otherwise occupied. (H got a new job! She’s commuting on the subway and working in the big city.) Normally we fill the day with things that have to be done like yard work or boring errands. Yesterday we split up in the morning each doing our own thing. He got his car serviced and I caught up on a meeting I wanted to watch. Then we had pizza for lunch and hit a couple of thrift stores. We both found things we like and we picked up something for the children. Then we hit BJ’s for a couple of things. It really was a lot of fun. 

Look! More flowers! The plants are so happy it’s spring. I was stunned to see the plant (I think it’s a Peace lily) above getting a flower. This is one of the problem plants. It is always dropping brown dry dead leaves even though I’m generous with water. I don’t know what it wants. The flower is either a sign that it is happy or a last gasp. 

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Back on it

So I did pull the vest out of the bag yesterday. Then I spent 10 minutes looking at my notes and reading the pattern and looking at my notes and at the vest trying to figure out where I had left off. It really amazes me every time how I take very specific notes that I completely understand at the time I’m taking them and when I return to the project after a break I have to figure it all out as if someone else was the last person to work on the project. This only happens with fussy things like sweaters. I have no real notes for most projects. At most a list of numbers if there are multiple rows in the repeat. 

I guess all this means is I shouldn’t interrupt this sort of project with anything other than the traveling sock. 

So the vest is coming along well now that I know where I am. If I put all my at home knitting time on it I could be done by the end of the weekend. I will have to pick up buttons but that’s easy enough. Let’s see if it happens. 

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WIP Wednesday: Ignore the Vest Edition

Does the Dream Stripes shawl look a little bigger? I spent a wee bit of time knitting on it yesterday. The pattern is so easy that I’ve memorized it already. Of course I’m not actually knitting the pattern as written. I discovered in the helpful projects a rewritten version that makes sense to me so that’s what I’m doing. 

I haven’t picked the vest up in ages. I don’t know why I get to the last bit of knitting on a project and just stop. It makes no sense. I’ve got to get it done so I may as well do it. Maybe I’ll put it on the agenda for tomorrow. 

So what are you working on? Do you ever stall for no reason?

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FO on a Tuesday: Look Socks!

I’m really hoping finishing these socks will give me the oomph I need to get back to the vest. 

These are my usual 64 stitch sock pattern I keep in my head. The yarn is Spun Right Round SW sock 80/20 in graffiti overlay. I really enjoyed knitting with this yarn. The spots of color are fun though the colors are all wrong in this photo. The background is gray. I’m glad I have another skein of Spun Right Round in the stash. 

Myles was such a good boy chewing on his bone while I kitchenered the toes. Normally he likes a little extra attention after dinner but he has waited patiently while I finished the toes and wrote this blog post. He’ll need extra scratches tonight. 

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Hardly Knitting

I just barely have the will to knit on the sock. Maybe if I finish it the urge to knit will return. 

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Odds and Ends

These are a few little things I’ve noticed this week. 

The puppy planter has gone crazy. It’s nearly impossible to keep enough water in the dish. I refill it nearly every day. The clover has grown so quickly. I’ll be interested to see if the clover flowers. That would be exciting. 

The crown of thorns that was my mother’s has flowered and appears to have more coming. I had inherited two plants but only kept one. It looked pretty horrible in the fall and I was ready to dump it but couldn’t. It’s obviously very happy in its current location. 

I continue to love peanut M&Ms and it appears they love me too. This one was in the oversized bag I bought for Easter. 

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At Loose Ends

As I mentioned the other day I was going to cast on the Dream Stripes shawl. The other projects that I’m knitting aren’t doing it for me. I don’t want to lose my mojo and that is likely if I force myself to knit something I’m not in the mood for. 

So I cast on the shawl and it was less than satisfying. Maybe even frustrating. I ripped it out and cast on again using a few of the helpful hints on Ravelry. That too looked uneven. I like neat and tidy. 

So I read more helpful hints. There are over 2000 projects on Ravelry so there are plenty of hints. After reading most of them I found the ones that would work for me and now I have the start of a happy striped shawl. The best part is the plain part of the pattern is simple enough that I can knit it without looking at the pattern. Hopefully this will keep the mojo going long enough for that loose ends feeling to pass and the need for a finished object feeling to kick in. 

Thank you for all your suggestions yesterday on the cake winding issues. I’ll try them next time.

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