The Husband’s Latest Project

Much like everyone else, The Husband was bitten by the gardening bug. We’ve had vegetable gardens in the past but pretty quickly we tired of the bending and weeding. We tried gardening paper a couple of times and while it did cut down on the weeds to a point they still grew, just close to the plants. Using wood we had laying around (from a skating rink he built H when she was young) he built a standing raised bed. He’s put in a few tomato plants, some pepper plants, eggplant, summer squash, turnip and beans. Hopefully things will grow.

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Back To It

So last night, once I finally sat down to knit I was able to do 3 rows on Arachne. One of those rows was an increase row so the sweater is getting clumped up on the needle. I’ve got to find another needle that is longer. I find it easier to knit colorwork when the stitches aren’t clumped. If possible I’d like to get through the colorwork section before June 1. That is 34 rows though I might leave off a section of colorwork if I find it’s time to separate for sleeves before I finish. I probably should read ahead in the pattern to find out how deep the yoke is supposed to be. Really I am a lazy knitter. It’s no wonder I suck at knitting sweaters.

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To Do List

I’m a list maker. I keep a bunch of always running lists in the notes app on my phone. There are the grocery lists, shopping lists, meals I plan to make, chores that need to be done. I’ve even got a long running Christmas list so I have ideas when holiday time rolls around.

My list for today includes giving Myles a much needed spa treatment. At a minimum he’s got to be brushed. Don’t tell him or he’ll try to hide. If he’s feeling cooperative he’ll have his hair cut too.

The big thing I knocked off the list yesterday was cleaning out the refrigerator. It’s been hanging on the list for way too long.

Are you a list person? Do you find crossing things off to be almost as satisfying as getting the chore done?

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FO On Sunday

The color of the yarn is wrong in the photo.

I am pleased to report that I finished and blocked the shawl. For blocking I did minimal pinning and pulling. I want this to be a very casual scarf-type shawl. I think I have succeeded.

The pattern is The Sunshine Shawl for Sad People by Sylvia McFadden. The yarn is Knerd String fingering in turquawesome. I mainly used the pattern as a guide. I used the numbers and the increases. The yarn is the star of this show. The pattern is a great first shawl or a great canvas for experimenting. The yarn is one of my favorites. There are many variations in the shading. It’s a merino/nylon blend which is perfect for socks or any pattern calling for fingering weight yarn.

This project was knit as part of the Ramp Up To Camp KAL that was held in the Loopy Groupy forum on Ravelry.

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Where We Last Met

This is where I was when I put Arachne down to work on the shawl. When I pinned the shawl out yesterday I thought I’d get a couple of other things done and then work on Arachne. It didn’t happen. I wanted to wind the yarn for my June projects first. Then I was going to download the pattern for my Camp Loopy project. Well winding the yarn took longer than expected. One skein was particularly ornery and kept knotting up on itself. I never did download the pattern. But there is always tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll download the pattern and gather the needles and a project bags for each project. Then Arachne.

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Binding Off

Sometimes the plan changes and the new plan works out better.

The pattern called for a picot bind off which was the plan the entire time I was knitting the shawl. As I started the bind off I had second and third thoughts. My mind kept thinking how a plain shawl needs a plain bind off. This isn’t a fancy lacy shawl for a special occasion. It’s a simple shawl for any day wear.

I decided to go with Jeny’s stretchy bind off. I’ve used it before and it’s neat but plain and has plenty of stretch. I’m really pleased. Now comes the blocking.

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It’s A Wonder I’m Not A Felon

Marilee mentioned yesterday that Sarah is running a rainbow sock KAL in June for Pride month. Well I am way too easily influenced by others so I’m joining in.

I went digging deep, way to the bottom of the stash, to find the two rainbow yarns I knew I had. I purchased the long color rainbow yarn at the Massachusetts Sheep & Wool Festival in 2014. It’s Play At Life fiber arts wishingstar maki in rainbow in the dark. I think it wants to be a cowl or maybe a shawl. Those long stretches of color really should be used in one big project not socks. The yarn on the left which will be my Pride month KAL yarn is White Birch Fiber Arts fingering weight merino/nylon blend in pessimist’s rainbow. I bought it at the Fiber Festival of New England in 2016. I’m pretty sure it knits up with stripes!

June is going to be a very busy knitting month for me. I’ll have my Camp Loopy shawl, the rainbow socks, Arachne and the sock yarn blanket.

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