Naknicromo Day 30: Crafts You’d Like To Learn

If you use the search button on my blog and search the words “spin” or “spindle” you’ll see that I have expressed interest in the past in learning to spin. I think most knitters get the urge once they’ve been exposed to it. It’s like a rampant virus at fiber festivals. I caught that bug a few times and bought a couple (well, three) of spindles and fiber. I’ve tried a few times but it hasn’t stuck. I make it through park & draft and then I keep dropping the spindle. When this happened for the hundredth time I briefly thought about a wheel. I haven’t tried spinning on one. I think that would trigger an impulse purchase. I don’t have room for a wheel at this point and it would really eat into my knitting time. Famous last words. We’ll have to see how long I hold out. 

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You Win Some

The rain got particularly heavy last evening. Heavy enough that the first outside lacrosse practice of the season was postponed to Saturday. The weather report for Saturday is rain. The first game is Sunday and the coach hopes the kids get to play together once before the game. 

As you can see I found the silver lining in not having to leave the house. I spent a few hours working on the Hug vest. I have completed the big, long all the way around rows and have moved on to the left bodice back. The armhole has been shaped. I feel like I’m knitting much quicker with only a few stitches on the needle. When I had to add the second needle after hunting for a good 30 minutes I discovered that I hadn’t knit the body on a size 7 needle. I had used a size 6. That needle I had right at hand. Making this discovery eased that voice in my head that was sure I was knitting a size too big. It’s garter stitch so I will have no problem blocking it a bit larger if necessary. 

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Naknicromo Day 29: Any Other Crafts? 

Currently I am a one craft kind of person. Maybe I just like my crafts one at a time. I don’t really need a diversion from my diversion. 

I got pretty heavily into Counted Cross Stitch for a while there. 

I have framed examples of my work around the house. 

There are a bunch of supplies and partially completed projects in the basement. 

That’s not the only craft I’ve waded into, yes waded, never dabbled. I’ve made baskets, crocheted, sewn-very badly I might add, gardened, done macrame, trained dogs, beads and others. None resonated with me like knitting. I love everything from buying yarn to picking patterns to casting on to binding off. And I love sharing my love of knitting. 

How about you? Do you do or have you done other crafts? 

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Naknicromo Day 28: Share Your Progress

After casting on the new socks in the new yarn and getting my portable knitting ready for the week, I went back to the Hug vest. 

I can’t remember the last time I showed this. It may have been February. This is the Hug vest by Deb Hoss. It is the third of my Loopy Academy projects. The requirement is buttons. I have completed 4 of the eight buttonholes so I guess it is half done. So far I am very pleased with the pattern. It is very specific which I love. I love being told what to do, where knitting is concerned that is. There are a ton of stitches on the needle so progress is slow.  The photo is pretty bad too because of the view out my window. 

We are having a rainy, gray week so far. As you can see much of the snow is gone, just the piles remain. Maybe all the rain is signaling the start of spring. Could these be April showers in March? The weather in New England is so confused. 

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This is going to be one of those weeks. I’ll be spending a lot of time in the car, waiting. I’ll be picking up at school 5 days this week. Plus there will be two lacrosse practices and CCD pick up. I needed a portable project that is mindless: new socks! I’m knitting the pattern I keep in my head: 64 stitches top down with a heel flap. The yarn is one of the skeins of Spun Right Round SW sock 80/20 I bought at the yarn crawl last week. The color is called graffiti overlay. 

*Last In First Out, as opposed to FIFO: First In First Out. Both are inventory methods. 

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Naknicromo Day 27: One WIP or many

This is going to sound crazy but I do have a perfect number of WIPs for me. What is that number? Three. Yes, 3. I like to have a big project that is easy to knit but probably too big to carry around. Often times this is a shawl. Then I like a project that requires paying attention to the pattern. This could be a sweater, fancy socks or color work. The third project is a super simple portable project like socks. They can be plain, ribbed or an easy to remember pattern. Currently I have two projects and I really miss that third. I’m waiting for the Loopy Academy extra credit project for that though. 

Do you have a particular number of WIPs you like to have? 

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Naknicromo Day 26: Projectless Yarn You’ve Held On To

I have a moderate sized yarn stash. I don’t think I have more than I could knit in my lifetime. There are quite a few skeins that have been there for a while. Sometimes they sit because I’m not sure what to knit with it or because I lack the skill/time/mental space to knit what I want.


There is one skein that has been there for a good long time. I have documentation of its purchase back in 2011. The yarn is Yarn Love Juliet in the color maiden. I just love the colors. It is so pretty. In the fall, after all these years, I rolled the skein into a ball with the intention of casting on a project to knit along with someone else. It never happened so the yarn still waits for its perfect project.

How about you? Do you have a projectiles yarn you just keep in your stash?

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