White Bread

I’ve been trying to go grocery every two weeks. This works out fine for everything except bread. As we approach the last few days before shopping again whatever bread we have is dry and ready to mold. Today I decided to find a recipe for white bread on Pinterest. This is the one I made.

I narrowed down the possible recipes by looking for things I knew I wanted. First I wanted a white bread since that is the flour I had. I used King Arthur bread flour. Next I wanted it to have milk and fat. Both of these extend the life of the loaf. This recipe included the option of using coconut oil or butter. I went with butter since it was what I had.

The instructions included brushing the loaves before the second rise with melted butter. I don’t normally do this but thought I’d give it a try. It made for a dark softer crust. I like it.

Overall the bread was easy to mix up in my Kitchenaid mixer. I followed the instructions in the Kitchenaid cookbook to put the ingredients in the mixer, not the recipe instructions. The loaves baked 30 minutes at 350f. I think 2-3 more minutes wouldn’t have hurt.

We tried to let the bread cool before cutting into the first loaf. We made it about 10 minutes. Let’s face it, warm bread fresh from the oven is irresistible. Each slice was slathered with butter and it was delicious. I’ve tucked this recipe away to use again in the future. I recommend you give it a try if you’re into white bread.

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They’re minor difficulties compared to a pandemic and the general crazy that’s happening the world but they are the things that are taking up brain space.

We planted morning glories in a pot and let them grow on the railing on the front of our house. There have been no flowers and there isn’t a bud in sight. What is up with that? It’s had a regular daily watering and fertilizer on a regular schedule. The leaves look great so this is a small complaint.

The reason the blog post is late is the vest. I had such great success with the first shoulder. I expected the second one to go just as easily. Um, not so much. I picked up the stitches and did the first two rows of short rows and wow it looked bad. You’ve got to understand that all the stuff takes place mirrored-on the wrong side. After two attempts I went to bed feeling defeated and a little guilty there wouldn’t be a blog post. This morning I got up, had my coffee and threw together a new to me recipe for white bread. I’ll share a photo and the recipe if it’s as good as I hope. The reviews on Pinterest are excellent but that has lead me astray in the past.

Today will be the other shoulder. There will be success eventually. But first Pokémon Go.

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I Did It

And they didn’t hurt at all! This is the shoulder of the vest. The little line is the picked up stitches. The little bumps are the German Short Rows. I’m thinking with blocking this will all be less visible.

I used both the video from PetiteKnit and a blog post from TinCanKnits to work out the short rows. They are insanely easy. I’d describe them as a mistake a new knitter would make moving the yarn across the top of the needle instead of between the needles. Then the little double stitch that is made is knit as if it were one stitch. Easy! I will never do the confusing strangled stitch kind again.

Have you learned anything new lately? Did it leave you feeling excited about your project?

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An Assortment Of Things

Guess who needs to be groomed? It’s on my list. Guess who pulled a plate of chocolate cake off the dining room table? He was caught before he could get through the plastic. Guess who felt no guilt and was mad he got caught? Yup, Myles was naughty and he knew it but he’ll do it again.

Thank you so much for the audiobook information yesterday. When I went to check on the availability of the book I wanted, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark by Michelle McNamara, it was only available on Hoopla so that is what I downloaded. It was easy and I’ve already enjoyed a chapter. I’m thinking about what book I’d like next.

I completed the second part of the vest pattern. The third part involves German short rows. I’ve never done them. Good news! The designer has a video explaining how to pick up the stitches at the shoulder and do the short rows. The video is in Danish. Fortunately I am a visual learner and I don’t really need the words. Today I will conquer German short rows and the left front.

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WIP Wednesday: Now I Know Where I Am Edition

The photo probably looks a lot like the other day but I am nearly done with the second set of instructions. This is the upper back of the Stockholm Slipover. Next I start the front and once the top of that is done I’ll join the front and back. So far the knitting is simple. It’s really enjoyable too.

I could use some opinions. I’d like to borrow a digital audiobook book from my library. They offer two apps: Overdrive or Hoopla. I’ve read the reviews and they seem pretty equal as far as listening is concerned. I wondered if anyone has used either of these and if you have an opinion. I’ve never been someone who listens to audiobooks so the entire thing is a mystery. I do enjoy podcasts so I’m thinking it will be pretty much the same idea. Thanks in advance!

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The Husband took this photo when he was working in the yard.

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I’m Kind Of Confused

I finished the first set of instructions and got a measurement. I’m close but off. Not a huge amount. Close enough to keep going. Far enough away to awaken that nagging voice in my head that doubts. Next I start increases. This is the back yoke. There is no schematic with the pattern so I’m kind of guessing that it is the upper most part of the back.

How are you doing? We haven’t checked in on each other in a while. Are you still social distancing? Have you created a pod of people you visit with in person? Are you getting your exercise? We are still socially distant from most people. We do see H somewhat regularly. I haven’t started a pod but from what I see it’s a thing and is gaining popularity. We haven’t been getting out as much to walk. It’s either 90+degrees or raining. When we can we get a short one. As the title says, I’m confused. I’m watching a variety of news sources and reading more. There is no consensus on what is the right thing to do as far as Covid is concerned. Every recommendation is countered or denounced or changed. The only thing everyone seems to agree on is you don’t want to get Covid if you can avoid it. So we’ll be continuing with what has worked for us so far: social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing and we’ll continue to wait for a single sane set of directives from an MD not in government employ.

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And So It Begins

I’m sure I must be one of the worst knitters as far as rule breaking is concerned. I pretty much never knit a gauge swatch unless I really think I’m going to run into trouble. I rarely read through a pattern before I cast on. I would say that 99% of the time I use a yarn that is different than what the pattern is written and this time I’m using a different weight of yarn. What can go wrong?

I’m more than half way through the first set of instructions. I might be knitting the upper back. I’m not sure. What I do know is knitting with worsted after using fingering weight all summer seems incredibly quick. The yarn, Stonehedge Fiber Mills shepherd’s worsted is lovely to knit with. It’s somewhat soft but should soften up to really soft when soaked. The granite color is slightly heathered. It’s something I would have picked out had I see it in person. I can’t always say that about online yarn purchases.

Have you been crafting this weekend? How is it going? Are you breaking a few rules?

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August Camp Loopy

I’ve got everything ready to go and I’ll be casting on my Stockholm Slipover today. I could have done a gauge swatch ahead of time but I didn’t. I’m thinking I’ll just cast on the size that I think will work and carry on until I can try it. If it fits I’ll continue, if not there will be a few tears and I’ll start over.

I can’t believe it’s August already. Summer always goes by so quickly when one is participating in Camp Loopy. We are adding a couple of extra weeks to our summer though. Our state has elected to start school a couple of weeks later than usual so they can work out the details of how they’ll be handling this year.

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Tasty Tasty

Even though the temperature was in the 90’s yesterday I was in the mood to bake. First I made some English Muffin bread using this recipe. I’ve used this recipe, which actually comes from the Kitchenaid mixer cookbook, for years. It is so good toasted with butter and jam. My knitting neighbor brought me a jar of blueberry jam that she made so that was my breakfast. It was delicious!

Since I already had heated up the kitchen I figured I may as well make the cookies I’ve been thinking about. These are Drop Sand Tarts. The quick version of the recipe is : mix 3/4lbs of butter , 2C sugar, 3 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla until creamy and smooth. Sift together 3C flour and 3/4 tsp baking soda. Add to the first mixture. Drop by teaspoonful on greased baking sheet. Bake at 350f for 10 minutes or until delicately brown. They are so good with a cup of tea or an ice cold glass of milk.

Are you still doing your quarantine baking? What have you been making?

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