WIP Wednesday: Things I’m Working On Or Not

I actually got nearly uninterrupted sleep last night. I woke at 5:30 which would have been fine had I gone to bed early but I hadn’t. It was just after 11 when I fell into bed. I allowed myself to go back for another hour which has left me feeling more rested than not.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time knitting. I made great progress on the shawl. Today the plan is to bind off the Geology Shawl. It’s been just sitting so I really feel the need to get it done.

N’s vacation from school is flying by. We’ve not done anything exciting though he has had track practice every morning. This translates to him getting a nap in the afternoon. Maybe we’ll do something Friday when he doesn’t have practice. At least everyone is getting to relax and that’s really the most important thing.

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A Few More Rows

Does this look bigger to you? I know there are more stitches because the rows take a while. I’ve done 7 or 8 since the last time I took a photo. I have about another repeat and a half to go. With the rows getting longer that could be another week or two. It also depends how distracted I get.

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On My Mind

I’ve hardly been knitting the last couple of days. I’m tired and unfocused. My sleep is messed up again (or maybe still). I just keep waking up over and over and during the day I’m exhausted and fighting to keep my eyes open. It’s left me dulled and dopey.

I finished the leg of the sock and got started on the heel flap.

I’ve spent too much time playing games on my phone and poking around on Ravelry. I did find a project I’m fighting the urge to cast on. It’s this super cute spring sweater that I’m thinking of knitting for fall. I have some yarn that might work. I also have 3 projects on the needles and adding a 4th would be bad/wrong/against the rules. For now I’m going to use the promise of casting on as the carrot to get me through a project or two.

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Seen In The Neighborhood

We took a quick walk after dinner around the neighborhood. It was a warm day and it really gave the trees and flowers a boost. I don’t know what this tree is but it was gorgeous.

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Friday, Finally!

This week has felt extra long to me. There was really no reason for it. Everything felt slow and heavy, like carrying a big load from day to day. Not only is it Friday which means the weekend but next week N is on spring break from school. I’ll have a week of sleeping a bit later in the morning and I’ll be required to do less. I like to think of this week as practice for summer.

As you can see I got another handful of rows done on the shawl. I’m still not half way though. I should reach that point in a few more days.

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Socking Along

I haven’t put in a whole lot of knitting time on the sock. The shawl has really taken most of my attention. On Monday I did get a couple of hours of solid knitting time while at our morning sip ‘n stitch. The main comment I got about the sock was how stretchy the yarn is. It’s not typical cotton that’s for sure. I don’t know when I’ll get this sock done. Every time I sit down the shawl calls my name. I might have to finish the shawl and come back to the sock. Or maybe not. We’ll just have to see what catches my attention.

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WIP Wednesday: Tool Talk

Look! Progress! I’m working on Expeditious 90% of my knitting time. I can finally say I’m totally enjoying the knitting. You’ll notice the ChiaoGoo package. This shawl calls for a size 5 needle and until the mail arrived today I was making do with a circular needle that was more of a corkscrew. The cable was so tight and curled that I had to knit with a loop of it in my hand. After a few rows I knew I’d never get the shawl done if I didn’t upgrade my needle. I quickly ordered one and the minute it arrived I slid the shawl onto it. What a difference a quality tool makes!

The other 10% of my knitting time has been spent with the sock but I think I’ll save that for tomorrow.

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