A Little Fall Cleaning

•September 28, 2016 • Leave a Comment

The other day I spent a bit of time cleaning out the stash. I hadn’t gone through the buckets in a while and knew there were things in there I wasn’t going to use. It was so much fun to revisit the lovely yarn that I liked enough to bring home but haven’t yet knit. This is the majority of what I like to call prime stash. There is a pretty good mix of single skeins and sweater quantities. Much is what I would consider to be workhorse yarn. There are a couple of skeins too pretty or special to knit. I did make a couple of observations as I was going through it.

  • I like blue and gray. If you want me to buy your yarn those are the only colors you have to stock.
  • I have less sock yarn than I thought. Yes, I was shocked too.
  • I could knit for years with what I have. That isn’t going to stop me from buying yarn.

There is a subset of stash that I hold on to just because.

  • Just because someday I might need it.
  • Just because someday I might want to knit a bunch of baby things.
  • Just because it was given to me.
  • Just because I have it doesn’t mean I ever plan to knit it.

In the process of going through the stash I was able to photograph some of it for Ravelry so I’ll actually know what I have buried down there.I was also able to fill a couple of bags and pass those skeins on to someone who will knit them.

Things You Shouldn’t Watch

•September 27, 2016 • 2 Comments

They say there are two things you shouldn’t see being made: laws and sausage. Can I add one more thing to that list- cables being fixed. Last night when I was knitting I discovered a miss-crossed cable about 8 rows down. Fortunately it was one of the simple cables near the edge. This isn’t the first time I’d corrected a miss-crossed cable in knitting but this is the first time I’ve done it 8 rows down with additional crosses in between. I captured the two stitches below the last correct row and dropped my stitches. They ran down faster than one would expect with a wool yarn but this yarn is super soft so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I used the two crochet hooks I keep in my tool pouch, neither was exactly the correct size but I made it work. I crossed the first cable correctly and then completed the rows before the next cable cross. After the second cable cross I did the final plain rows and then all was right in the world. Immediately I felt a rush of relief. I didn’t even realize how tense it made me to correct this error. Now I’m back on the right path and making progress. So have you done anything new lately?

Soul Soothing Knitting

•September 26, 2016 • 4 Comments

I’ve got a few projects that I am currently working on and a few waiting in the wings to be cast on. I have a sock I knit when I’m waiting to pick N up at school or really waiting any place, the baby cardigan that really needs to be done ASAP but I’m dragging my feet on the sleeves and the evil stocking that I’m ignoring. The only thing I feel like knitting is the First Crush cowl. I don’t know if it’s the yummy yarn that I crave or the more complex pattern. Something about knitting this is perfect for my knitting mood. As you can see I tinked back a bunch of rows to fix the miss crossed cable I told you about last week and I added many more rows. I’m finally in to the last repeat. I think this is going to be one of those projects that I’m going to miss knitting when it’s done. Have you had projects like that?

Keepin’ It Real

•September 23, 2016 • 5 Comments

Last week Bonny talked about being who you are and letting the real you shine through in an honest way. Well, I haven’t been keeping it real here. I’ve taken some time to reread some of what I’ve posted lately and some of what I posted ages ago. As self absorbed as it sounds, I like reading what I wrote ages ago. My blog is my journal and when I read it I am taken back to a time, a place or an event and it brings it right back to me as if it was yesterday. I love my blog for that. Lately I’ve been holding back, a lot really.

This last year and a half has sucked. There is no other word for it. Grieving is miserable. It’s a heavy weigh to carry around all day and it makes you tired. It has also made me impatient, short tempered and even at times angry. It’s like riding a rollercoaster in the dark, you know it’s moving and you expect that but suddenly you plunge and you’re taken by surprise. Add ┬áthat to all the other stuff that comes along for the ride like the never ending relationship I now seem to have with a lawyer who doesn’t answer email for days and days and days, an accountant (who knew there would be so many tax returns) and an unhelpful confused probate court, see angry above. So while I’ve seemed calm, cool and collected posting about knitting most of the time and a tiny bit of baking, the real me has been quiet but I think it’s time to let her out now and then. Watch out.

FO On Thursday

•September 22, 2016 • 5 Comments

It just doesn’t have the same ring as finished object on Friday does it? But I have one for you today. I finished my rainbow socks! I finally sat down and got that kitchenering done. Of course the nearly finished socks had been sitting on my dresser making me feel guilty so I had to do it. They just weren’t going to kitchener themselves. The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in rainbow. The pattern is my favorite one I keep in my head: 64sts, 1X1 twisted rib and a traditional heel flap. I enjoyed the yarn as much as Regia or Opal. It’s a more sturdy yarn and should wear well.

WIP Wednesday: Curses!!

•September 21, 2016 • 6 Comments

So last night I was happily knitting along on the First Crush cowl. I was knitting at a good pace and seemed to be completing row after row in no time at all. I turned it in my hand to admire my work and *blink**blink* cursed a string of words not meant for blog reader’s ears. I had made a mistake. A big mistake. An obvious mistake. A &#%*@^ mistake quite a few rows back. I crossed the blasted cable the wrong way. See it center top mocking me and my knitting prowess. It took everything I had to not throw it to the floor and stomp on it. I considered ripping the whole thing out and starting again. I considered leaving it where Myles could have his way with it. I considered giving up knitting entirely and taking up yoga or sculpting balloon animals but I didn’t. I calmly tinked back a couple of rows, thought of the blog and took a photo. I then placed it into my knitting bag, took out the iPad and played mindless games until it was time for bed. Sometimes knitting (and I suppose knitters) need a time out. Now that I have calmed down and I’m no longer seething over my own stupidity I can tell you that the color of the yarn is nearly correct in this photo. That is something nice I can say about it. Now I’m going to try to patiently repair the mistake and move the &#%@ on.

Autumn Is Coming

•September 20, 2016 • 5 Comments

Thursday to be exact. I’m not happy when Autumn arrives. I love summer. I love the long sunny carefree days. I love that rules can be relaxed and there is no schedule. Every day can be planned that morning and doing nothing but reading or knitting is an option. But then the days start to get shorter and school starts. With that comes early mornings, early to bed and all the other things that creep onto the schedule.

Over the weekend we participated in a couple of activities to try to usher Autumn in happily and with celebration instead of tears. We headed to the apple orchard and picked a massive amount of apples. I neglected to take any photos of this activity so you’ll just have to take my word for it and look at the little proof I have. That’s apple crisp. Go ahead and click the picture to get the recipe. It’s a good one. Totally worth peeling and slicing 10 cups of apples. I don’t know how much 10 cups of apple slices is so I just peeled and sliced until the pan was about half full, about 8 good sized apples. I followed the recipe exactly except for one tiny thing. I put in a teaspoon and a half of apple pie spice instead of the cinnamon. We like the flavor of that and it doesn’t require messing with a bunch of spices.

How do I like mine? Warm with a little vanilla ice cream on the side of course. It was so good that I had a serving for breakfast the next morning, but without the ice cream. If you’re having trouble welcoming Autumn may I suggest you pick some apples and make some apple crisp. It will make you feel a little better about losing your pal Summer.