More Cowl Progress

It’s been a long day. I can’t even remember everything I’ve done. There was a ton of laundry. Then a 4 mile walk. Finally after a quick dinner out I was able to sit down and knit a few rows. I’ve started the third color which looks more tan than gray but is sort of gray. Now I’m going to bed.

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FO On Saturday: Camp Loopy 2019 June Project

The first project for Camp Loopy 2019 is done! I always worry about completing the projects in the month. It’s a totally doable amount of time but it still makes me stress.

The pattern is Coral Tides by Anne Beady Designs. The yarn is Fibernymph Dye Works Happenstance Sock Blank in Gray Denim Gradient. The pattern is well written and thought out. I liked the layout with the instructions written out and boxes to check as you completed each row. At a glance I could see the number of rows and repeats. It made it so easy to keep track of where I was in the pattern and how much of the entire project I had completed. It also cut down on the wordiness of the pattern in general. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about are the double yarn overs but I’m not a fan of them in general. I like my stitches to be very neat and even, that doesn’t happen with my double yarn overs. There is too much yarn for my liking. The yarn was very nicely dyed. I love a gradient in general and this one is well done. The yarn is soft but sturdy and I like that too. I do have to remember I am not a fan of sock blanks. I don’t like knitting directly from them so I wind the yarn into a ball. That helps but it’s still kinky. I’m too lazy and impatient to wet the yarn and wait for it to dry. That said, I would use this yarn again. It is worth the annoyance to get the lovely gradient effect.

July is fast approaching and with it my next project. I’ve got the yarn and a pattern all picked out. Now I just have to wait.

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Cowl Progress

I knew I’d push to get to the fade/color change part. It’s the curiosity of seeing how it’s going to look that gets me every time. The yarn feels nice and is working up well on the US size 3 needle. So far I’m very pleased.

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Something New To Knit

I finished knitting and now have the shawl blocking. Hopefully it won’t take too long to dry. It’s been raining and humid here so I don’t know how long it will take. In the meantime I have cast on the yarn I showed you yesterday. The pattern I decided on is the Fast Fade Cowl by Molly Klein Design. It will be a nice mostly mindless knit to work on between Camp projects. I’m in no hurry to get this project done but I suspect the changing/fading of colors will pull me through this project.

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Little Obsessions

Today we stopped in at Hobby Lobby. Well, stopped in isn’t quite right, we drove an hour to go to Hobby Lobby. I know some people don’t care for their politics but I shop places to keep the local people employed. Anyway I didn’t plan to buy any yarn but as it happens I did. They had these sets of yarn in about 8 different colors groups. I’ve wanted to knit a striped cowl but couldn’t justify spending big money on skeins to just use a small amount. This seems like a good way to get what I want (stripes!!) for a very reasonable price: I used a coupon and this was less than $5!

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While Out For A Walk

We’ve been walking in the evening since it fits better in the daily schedule that is summer. The other day The Husband pointed out the dogwoods in bloom. I neglected to take a photo which I regretted the moment I sat down to blog. This is one of about 6 that are planted in the same area. I’ve never seen so many flowers on one tree.

For the past week or so we have been walking at the same place, a local pond with multiple paths, some paved some not. We do about 3 miles. The other place we walk is having the path repaved and it’s currently roughed up. Whichever place I walk I always think I like the other better. I’m weird that way. We’ve got the local pond route all worked out. We haven’t got the perfect route for the other yet. I think we’ll have to make that a priority for the end of the week.

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Camp Progress

I have completed the first two sections of the last repeat. That means there are just two more sections (20 rows) to go. So far I’ve enjoyed knitting this pattern quite a bit. There is one section that requires a bit more intestinal fortitude than the others but doesn’t every pattern have that. I’m equally pleased with the yarn though I have no idea why the name of the color contains the word gray. It’s all blues as far as I’m concerned. I’m hopeful that I can have this completed and ready for blocking by Friday. How are your projects going?

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