These are the cupcakes I baked for N’s birthday. While they aren’t the most beautiful, they are delicious. I used my usual Duncan Hines cake mix but this time substituted applesauce for the oil. I then made this chocolate buttercream recipe which I halved since it made way more than was needed. The buttercream recipe is a keeper though I think I could have added more cream. The kitchen was super cold so the frosting was pretty stiff. Hence the less than attractive cupcakes. They tasted darn fine anyway.

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Knitting Update: The sock continues. I’ve knit the heel flap, turned the heel and just started the gusset decreases. The cowl hasn’t been touched.

Life Update: Today is N’s birthday. I can’t believe he’s 15 years old. The time has just flown by. I mentioned to a friend who has known him forever that he’s 15. She said “Wasn’t he just sitting in the high chair throwing food last week?” It seems that way. Today starts the serious count down to driving. He’s talked about cars and driving as long as he’s used words and maybe even before. Here’s hoping the next year goes a little slower. Happy Birthday N! You are a wonderful son and a kind human being. Keep being you.

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First Yarn Purchase Of 2018

Last week H mentioned that she wanted to get some conductive gloves for using her phone outside in the cold. I suggested she look into conductive thread. I’d read about it on Ravelry and thought it would be easy enough and less expensive than buying new gloves. She looked on Amazon and was disappointed with the reviews on the smaller amounts and she didn’t want a giant cone. I suggested she check Knit Picks because they’d have a tried and true product with reliable reviews. She found what she wanted and asked if I wanted anything. Of course I want yarn! I always want yarn. I took a quick look at the Felici since it is my favorite impulse purchase yarn. Knowing that the stash is a bit out of control I only allowed myself two skeins. I picked the Goth Kitty because I’ve noticed it before and with how gray winter tends to be I knew I needed something bright.

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The Ravellenic Games 2018

This is a little PSA (public service announcement).

Are you familiar with the Ravellenic Games? They are an event that runs concurrently with the Olympics on Ravelry. There are multiple events for knitters/crochetists/spinners to participate in. You may join with a team or without. The idea is to cast on a challenging for you project during the opening ceremony and to have it completed by the end of the closing ceremony. Those that are successful receive medals! There is a group on Ravelry with all the information. Join the group. Read the information. Sign up for your chosen events and create your project pages so that you will be ready to go and eligible for a medal. There is something for everyone from Aerial Unwind-frogging a project to Freestyle Spinning to Sweater Skeleton- knit a sweater, vest or shrug to WIP Dancing where you can complete something you’re already working on. Everyone is super friendly and as helpful as can be!

I haven’t decided on my projects yet but I will by the end of the week. I will be joining Team Loopy 2018.

Will you be joining in? What projects are you planning?

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WIP Wednesday: Chatter Edition

I’ve been dividing my time between the cowl and the socks. I added 5 more rows to the cowl. It looks pretty much the same as yesterday so I didn’t bother with a photo. I just measured the leg of the sock hoping it was time to start the heel but I’m not quite there yet. I am both pleased and surprised at how quickly this pattern knits up. My theory is that I knit the 4 row repeat in one go and don’t really give the sock much consideration until I’ve done 5 or 6 repeats. That’s a lot when you consider it’s 20-24 rows. So this sock feels like it’s going really fast.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the sock before this is Winters Frost by Olivia Villarreal. The yarn is Cascade Heritage in limestone.

Thank you all for the tea advice. I made my cup using bottle water that I heated to about 180f. It was delicious. I drank every bit and really enjoyed it. I also made a cup for The Husband and he enjoyed it too. We might be tea drinkers after all.

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Tuesday Tea Talk & Cowl Update

I want to drink tea. I don’t drink coffee*. I want to be a tea drinker but it isn’t working. The other day I bought some green tea. It’s supposed to be full of health benefits. What am I doing wrong? It tastes bitter. When I have a cup of my I’m sick regular Lipton tea with a little sugar and a splash of milk it isn’t bitter. Should I be putting sugar in my green tea? Should I make it with bottled water or is tap water ok? Yeah I’m lost when it comes to tea.

I’ve got a few more rows done. It’s still curling and lumpy but continues to be a fun knit.

*Once or twice a year I like an iced coffee from Dunkin but it has to have a load of sugar and a heavy pour of cream so it tastes like melted coffee ice cream.

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That New Sock

Yesterday I cast on a new sock and did a few repeats. It’s a fairly plain sock on very plain yarn but I think they’ll work well together. The pattern is Winters Frost by Olivia Villarreal. The yarn is Cascade Heritage in color 5681 aka limestone. It is for the Great Loopy Knitting Challenge Signature Challenge: Newly Noted- use a pattern published in 2017 or 2018. This pattern was published in December 2017.

I’m following the pattern as written doing a short cuff of 1X1 ribbing that isn’t my favorite but I think looks good with this pattern. I was doing the SSK in the traditional slip one stitch knitwise, slip one stitch knitwise and knit them together through the back. This looked a little sloppy so midstream I switched to the not so traditional slip one stitch knitwise, slip one stitch purlwise and knit them together through the back. This looks just a tiny bit neater to me. Which way do you do your SSK? Do you think there is a visible difference?

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