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Yarn Acquired

Observation: It’s really difficult to suck in a sufficient amount of yarn fumes to cure your lack of mojo when you’re wearing a damn mask. I went to my LYS with the intention to buy myself one skein of yarn … Continue reading

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Sunday Stuff

I only know for sure what day it is because I’ve got a field trip planned for today. Along with some Christmas shopping, God help me, I am going to my LYS! It’s my most local LYS and it was … Continue reading

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Some Days

Some days it barely pays to get out of bed. This was one of them. Let’s just say I’m sick of other humans particularly those who aren’t making the best decisions. We need a way to hold these people accountable … Continue reading

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Sparkin’ The Mojo

I’ve been trying to reignite my mojo. I have a list of steps I go through when I feel my mojo wane. The first thing is to ignore my current projects but keep them close. Sometimes having them nearby is … Continue reading

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Another Day Of Weird

I’m beginning to think that 2020 is trying to squeeze in as much weird as possible before 2021 starts. My day started with the new furnace, the one I was told is very reliable, repeatedly trying to turn on, bang … Continue reading

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Wild & Crazy Friday Night

Yup sitting on the couch knitting while watching Expedition X. It’s about all I can do after yesterday’s all day Thanksgiving food fest. I’ve got just a few more inches and then I can start the border. There’s still half … Continue reading

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That Sound You Heard…

Was me panicking when The Husband announced that his nephew’s baby was born. And the blanket isn’t done. So I’ve got to move it to the top of the work basket. Not much happening with anything tomorrow because it’s baking … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

Amazingly enough I got gauge on my first swatch. We all know that means little. Swatches lie. As you can see I’ve cast on and I’m working my way through the ribbing at the bottom. So far so good.

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Knitting Insurance (or why I’m likely starting a project that will fail)

With Vary The Gate finished and blocking and One & Done waiting for a photo shoot I gave myself permission to cast on a new project. I know the baby blanket still needs to be finished. I will get back … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Surprise

I completed Vary The Gate just now. I’ll block it tomorrow. The pattern was a little thin on bind off instructions: BO loosely. That’s all it said so being lazy I googled easy loose bind off. I found a super … Continue reading

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