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Quick Post

Hi. I’m still alive. I’m busy with life and knitting. If it isn’t enough that my baby is off to college at the end of this month I decided to knit a fingering weight sweater for my August Camp Loopy … Continue reading

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After my MIL passed away my BIL cleaned out her place. He bundled up the things she wanted each of us to have and then started sending photos of things and asking who would like it. One day The Husband … Continue reading

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Outside My Window

I knew when I went to bed last night that the first flakes of the storm had started to fall. I knew when I heard the plows and salt spreads all night long that the snow was falling. Today will … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Tongue In Cheek Edition

I am currently working my way through this plate of freshly baked cookies. I predict with the help of the folks I live with there will be an empty plate by the end of the week. We are expecting a … Continue reading

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Sunday Stuff

I only know for sure what day it is because I’ve got a field trip planned for today. Along with some Christmas shopping, God help me, I am going to my LYS! It’s my most local LYS and it was … Continue reading

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Some Days

Some days it barely pays to get out of bed. This was one of them. Let’s just say I’m sick of other humans particularly those who aren’t making the best decisions. We need a way to hold these people accountable … Continue reading

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Sparkin’ The Mojo

I’ve been trying to reignite my mojo. I have a list of steps I go through when I feel my mojo wane. The first thing is to ignore my current projects but keep them close. Sometimes having them nearby is … Continue reading

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Share And Share Alike

Today was grocery shopping day. It was the last trip until the Christmas grocery shopping mega event. When I got home with more food than would fit in my refrigerator I had to figure out what to do with some … Continue reading

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Inching Along

We started decorating for Christmas. The tree is up and it has lights. Ornaments will be placed soon. The lights are in the window and a few little decorations are sprinkled around. Christmas shopping is next. I’m still not up … Continue reading

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This Just In

May You Live In Interesting Times A third Monolith has appeared in California. I was so surprised when H sent me a link to the article. We are both enjoying this global free entertainment. 2020 continues to bring the unexpected. … Continue reading

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