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Making Do

I am a firm believer in just making what you have work. I’m a frugal Yankee from a line of frugal people. So even though my jeans have a hole I just keep going until they’re no longer fit for … Continue reading

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Deja Vu All Over Again

I’m still not done binding off. Wouldn’t you know I caught N’s cold so I’m sick again. My knitting time goes like this: knit a couple of stitches, blow nose, sip tea, sneeze, blow nose, sip tea, knit a couple … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Life Edition

The Husband and I have been playing Pokemon Go for a couple of hours every day. Each day we head in a different direction and explore a bit. Yesterday we visited a cemetery a few towns away. As we moved … Continue reading

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Here & Now

We survived our time with Santa and the horde of children. I was surprised how quickly we were overrun. The door opened right on time and a whirlwind of families entered and continued for just over 3 hours. There was … Continue reading

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I Forgot To Take A Photo

I can’t believe how easily I’m distracted. Today N volunteered at a local gathering. In town we have a lovely old house that sits on a large piece of wooded land. For one weekend in December Santa comes for a … Continue reading

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When You Can’t Tell What’s Going On

I have so many stitches on my needle that it’s difficult to show you just how much I got done yesterday. I’ve completed the second lace section and have just one more row in the garter stitch section and then … Continue reading

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Horrifying Holiday Hell

H ordered these. Can you imagine clam flavored candy canes? I like fried clams a lot but clamdy canes frighten the hell out of me. She’s making us try them on Christmas. Save me! Link just in case you want … Continue reading

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