Hello. My name is Karen. I am not just a wife and mother, I am also a knitter.

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  1. Hello Karen – I’ve just nominated you for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award’ πŸ™‚
    Congratulations! You can read all about it here https://wordpress.com/post/kristabellaweston.wordpress.com/3865
    ~Tina xoxo

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  2. cteachr says:

    Hi Karen! Thanks for dropping into my blog. I love to crochet and knit occasionally. My passion is crocheting socks. It’s an easy project when I am travelling. Hope you read more of your blog.

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  3. plmcmillan says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your projects and I’m so jealous of your skill!

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  4. would like to follow your blogs but can’t find where. thanks for commenting on my blog.
    I crochet and knit and with the group I go to we make for preemie and full term babies: the homeless and the refugees abroad like Africa.from mary and my dog Benji

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  5. loriwhitwam says:

    Hi! I’m a brand new knitter, but expert crocheter, but I have a totally different question. Is Myles a poodle??? I have a black standard poodle, Oliver, and he has the SAME Lupine collar Myles is wearing in one of your recent photos! πŸ™‚

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  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recent WIP looks lovely.

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