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Sexy Knitter Trick

Sometimes the title has to be more exciting than the post. I’m afraid this will be a bit of a dull one. And yes, that is my freckled thigh. And no that is not the sexy knitter trick. The last … Continue reading

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Well, This Isn’t Good

Some of the older leaves on my plant are dying. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just that they’re done or it’s been so humid they can’t survive. But I’m afraid it might be a goner…

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WIP Wednesday: A Second Ball

Finally I finished the first skein of yarn. I really thought I was using a never ending skein. I knit for 3 days on a tiny ball and I really did knit about 8 rows before I reached the end. … Continue reading

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My Idea Of Art

I was at the mall (insert groan here) today and was pleasantly surprised when I turned the corner to the ladies room. Dogs! I’m sure these are advertising but Dogs! What is your idea of art? Bonus points if it’s … Continue reading

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6 Repeats

I’m 6 repeats in and according to the pattern I can do 3/4 of another repeat and call it good. But I won’t. My plan is to knit until I’ve reached 600+ yards or until August 27. That will leave … Continue reading

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Progress Has Been Made

Just not on the knitting or the sleeping for that matter. H’s house is nearly finished having the inside painted. This is mostly the same view as I showed you before. It’s hard to tell from the photo but the … Continue reading

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Putting It Out There

I suck as a multitasker. I finally remembered to water the near dead plant on the front steps. Good thing it’s August. I’ll be dumping it soon anyway. You know I wish I was a better person. I wish I … Continue reading

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