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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.

Size Matters

Giant pumpkins at the co-op where we buy dog food. They were huge! I’d love to try to grow one this bigsome time. But first I have to figure out how to get a pumpkin to grow at all.  Advertisements

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Monday Q & A On Tuesday 

This is a short one! How did you come up with the name of your blog? Way back in the 90’s there was a McDonalds commercial with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan with the phrase nothing but net. It was … Continue reading

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The Feel Of Fall

It’s virtually impossible to feel like it’s fall when it’s 75F and you’re wearing flip flops and shorts. I’ve tried to make things cozy and fall-like by cooking soups and stews but you can’t fake fall. It’s even sapping my … Continue reading

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What I Did On My Lazy Saturday 

Not that Saturday was any more or less lazy than any other day. I just wanted to tell you about the highlights of my day.  There was knitting on the second Widsith sock. I knew it would go faster than … Continue reading

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I tend to get cravings for the weirdest things. Pinterest is a danger zone for me when I have an urge to eat something. I felt like cake but not a big fancy frosted cake. I wanted a simple loaf … Continue reading

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Half FO

The first sock is done and the second one has its ribbing. I am always surprised at how quickly a sock can be knit. The second one should go just as quick.  There hasn’t been a lot of sock knitting … Continue reading

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The other day Kathy posted a recipe for applesauce muffins and I was immediately taken by the idea of making these for a quick weekday breakfast. Things tend to be a fend for yourself situation around here on weekday mornings … Continue reading

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