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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.


How about a chat in the comments today? I’ve got a busy day but will pop back in later. It’s The Husband’s birthday and Pokemon Go Community Day. It will be fun, dammit. I’ve been thinking about conditioning lately. Conditioning … Continue reading

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I’m Going To Tell You A Story

H and I were texting about a week ago. Something I mentioned caused her to ask an I don’t know that story, tell me comment. Telling her that story led to connections to others. While the story I’m about to … Continue reading

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Get Ready For A Trip

They say that as you get older you think more about your past than your future. I think the whole Covid lockdown thing sort of accelerated this more me. I find that things I’m reading or seeing today trigger memories … Continue reading

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A Tale From The Grocery Store

I’m not a huge fan of grocery shopping. Once upon a time I was. Back in the late 90’s early 00’s I could be found hovering over a stack of coupons and a handful of weekly store ads. I’d match … Continue reading

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Knitting Talk

I’ve been holding out on you just a bit. When I finished the last socks I showed you but didn’t kitchener the toe (still haven’t) I cast on some Monkey socks thinking I’d whip right through them and walk away … Continue reading

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It’s Been A Minute

Good grief! I’ve been busy not knitting. Yup, still not knitting. They’re doing a Loopy Day Camp this summer on Ravelry in the Loopy Groupies group. Meh. I know I need a mojo specialist or maybe a yarn infusion. Other … Continue reading

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Lessons Not Forgotten

I know I’ve said over and over how I love to ask questions. It’s how my brain puzzles things out. If I don’t have current data that provides an answer to my questions I go back in time to previous … Continue reading

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On Picking Battles

I was thinking the other day about how folks talk to each other. Often times there is a threshold where civility is thrown out the window and the gloves come off. They’re rolling around in the gutter and pulling hair. … Continue reading

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My Point Was Lost

In my last post I think I did a poor job of making my point. The tale of my first real full time job rambled and in the details the point was buried. Here is a much easier explanation. If … Continue reading

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Imagine That You’re Wrong

Let’s have a conversation about a hypothetical. I’ll pose a question and using past experience explain my view. Feel free to contribute in the comments if you wish. I’ve been turning this thought around in my head for a few … Continue reading

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