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FO On Tuesday: Hat Edition

I completed H’s hat yesterday when I probably should have been doing something else like putting out Christmas decorations or cleaning the house. I only had about a dozen rows to go so it was very easy to talk myself … Continue reading

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What Took Me So Long

I don’t quite know what is wrong with me. I travel through life living it as I always have and rarely pull something new into my routine. (Except yarn-I thrive on trying new yarn!) Pinterest decided to introduce me to … Continue reading

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On A Snowy Saturday

I can no longer deny that winter is coming. The snow arrived yesterday morning. The photo was taken late afternoon as the sun was getting ready to set. It snowed all night. In the afternoon N had his Korean culture … Continue reading

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Project Planning

As I promised the first bud of the paperwhites has opened and it is just lovely. The flowers are so delicate. They even have a pretty smell. Good news! The packages arrived a day late but they’re here. I’m glad … Continue reading

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Randomly On Friday

Happy Friday people. My love affair with Friday continues even though my weekend promises to be busier than my week. N has a bunch of activities planned for which I shall be the chauffeur. Yesterday was errand day. I got … Continue reading

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Yesterday my doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone in particular though there are a few packages on the way. It was my Knitting Neighbor and her son. They’d brought me yarn as a thank you for taking care of their … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: My Weird Brain Edition

I’m still knitting the ribbing on H’s hat. There hasn’t been a lot of time to sit so much of this has been done a row here and a row there. H likes a long ribbing on a hat so … Continue reading

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