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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.

Ever Vigilant With A Side Of Q & A

Myles is really enjoying his life these days. He’s got his people home nearly every minute. This makes for extra petting and treats. What more could a dog ask for you wonder? Well he particularly loves the parade of people … Continue reading

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The New Schedule

I don’t know that the new schedule is working so well for Myles. The Husband gets up early and takes Myles out. I sleep a bit later and this is what I find when I get downstairs: Myles out cold … Continue reading

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My View From The Couch

Ignore the dust. Normally I write my post in the evening but I’ve had a headache the last couple of days. My sleep is off again too. I’m not sure if I’ve reached my stress limit or my sitting on … Continue reading

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The Fight Continues

Yes. The fight for the couch and blanket. Someone (Myles!) has been getting way to used to having us here all the time. He’s been taking over my usual knitting spot the moment I get up. He’s also been surfing … Continue reading

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A Stay At Home Advisory

It has been suggested by our governor that we stay home. Nothing different there for us. We’ve been hanging home for days. Yesterday involved a trip to the grocery store for a two week supply, snow, rain, a return to … Continue reading

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Sock It To Me Monday: Socks and Sharing Edition

I am pleased to say I picked up the sock yesterday. I spent a couple of hours finishing the toe, unpicking the crocheted cast on and picking up the stitches and starting up the leg. Undoing that cast on and … Continue reading

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Physical Distancing On Saturday Night

There is no distancing when Myles is around. He spent his Saturday night napping on my leg. Unfortunately my knitting was across the room and I hated to disturb him. Yes, he’s got me very well trained.

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