Yarn Acquired

Two clung to me and are joining the stash

Observation: It’s really difficult to suck in a sufficient amount of yarn fumes to cure your lack of mojo when you’re wearing a damn mask.

I went to my LYS with the intention to buy myself one skein of yarn and one as a gift. I smartly looked at their online shop so I would have an idea where I wanted to concentrate my looking. The plan was local indy dyer sock yarn. Something I hadn’t seen before. Something unique and special. The skein on the left was the plan: Campfire Knits Backcountry in Merryweather. It’s 75% merino and 25% nylon, my favorite for socks.

I made the mistake of checking out a few skeins that caught my eye. Let’s hope there are no yarn dyers reading this. I am a sucker when the name of the yarn color means something to me. I think I’d buy natural undyed if it had the right name: Dingy Ghost or maybe Barely Toasted Marshmallow. When the color and the name mean something to me I can’t control myself, at all. That brings me to the skein on the right. It’s Artistic by Abi self-striping sock in Dunkin’ Donuts. How fun is that!

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19 Responses to Yarn Acquired

  1. That’s a pretty awesome name for a colorway. My dad goes there at least once every weekend to order himself a large coffee with a couple of espresso shots added to it. He *loves* their espresso. I’m usually asleep when he goes to the drive-thru to get his “espresso fix”, but if I’m awake he’ll usually try to get me a coffee, too. I think the one he got me last time had cream and a French vanilla swirl added to it. He knows I like my vanilla coffee!

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  2. Those colors are so Dunkin’ Donuts. When I was a child, it was a treat to go there on Sunday morning before church. I would always get a donut frosted that hot pink color. My adult taste is more Barely Toasted Marshmellow – that is a great name!

    BTW, did you know that people on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands prepare and eat something called mojo sauce? It can be red or green – appropriate for Christmas, perhaps.

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  3. Alissa Head says:

    Gorgeous and fun yarns! I would buy a skein named Dingy Ghost for sure. 😂

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  4. How funny! You will likely use that yarn and smile each and every time you wear the socks or whatever you make!

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  5. Cinna Knits says:

    Yes! The dyer very aptly named that colorway! Dunkin’ Donuts looks exactly like the namesake logo!
    Great choices today!

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    I like your method for choosing yarn! I, too, have a few skeins of yarn that were purchased because I fell in love with the name. Karen runs on Dunkin’! The colors are spot on.

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  7. Olivia says:

    OMG perfect name for yarn if ever..

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  8. sewadilly says:

    Beautiful yarns!!!

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  9. YarnyDragonfly says:

    Looks like you had a fun and successful trip! 🙂

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  10. kathyreeves says:

    This makes me smile! These will make fantabulous socks!

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  11. chrisknits says:

    Here I am, falling behind in reading blogs AGAIN! Gah, I just can’t keep up anymore. Love the DD yarn!!!! Love the flower buds, love the start of the sock, hate the shopping too, but that’s mostly due to having worked retail for umpteen years and the silly season always drove me bonkers!

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  12. How could you turn down Dunkin yarn?

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  13. That is super fun, and I would have grabbed it up too 🙂 Is that one next on the needles? Fun Dunkin stripes would be a pretty good mojo booster!

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  14. I joined KnitCrate for a bit but then my budget told me to quit. The first month was yarn dyed with koolaid – have you ever? It was totally fun and an amazing color!

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  15. Stefanie says:

    You were restrained! I’ve heard of her brand; she has creative colorways. I’ll need to look her up again.

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