A Brief Dissertation On How I Decide On A Pattern

The chicken has nothing to do with the topic. It’s just as confused as I am.

I spent some time yesterday afternoon poking around on Ravelry. I started with this general idea of using stash yarn (there is enough sweater quantities for at least 5 sweaters) to knit a sweater. I’m cold so of course all I can think of is a nice warm sweater. Using the general knowledge that at least 3 of those sweater quantities is worsted weight I started there.

My first thought was of a crew neck cardigan. It’s such a classic wearable style. I looked at some patterns and the one that quickly jumped to the fore is Sol Inca by Jenjoyce Design. I am always drawn to her patterns. She designs styles that are quite classic. I immediately thought of some Berroco Ultra Alpaca I’ve had in stash for ages. Unfortunately I’d need 4 more skeins in 3 colors. I’m not up for coordinating colors when I can’t hold them in my hand. Also I love her gray version which I’d love to copy. I’ll pass on this pattern for now.

I then thought about Flax by TinCanKnits. They’re patterns are so wearable. I’m highly tempted. I’ve got a couple of yarns that would be great: Ella Rae Classic Wool or Perendale super wool.

Then I thought about Jenjoyce Design Calidez cardigan. It’s a simple classic bulky cardigan. I have what might be enough Rowan Cork that would work well.

Mixed in with the stash are a couple of nearly completed sweaters. I’d have to hunt for the remaining yarn and notes. I could work on one of those. They’d require assessing and some probable ripping.

But then I saw Jenjoyce Design Calidez Vest. It’s a bulky weight cardigan vest that’s quite similar to the cardigan. I know I have plenty of yarn. The Rowan Cork would be perfect for this.

So I’ve added a few patterns to my queue and lined up some stash yarn to use. I’ve thought about some UFOs that I really should revisit. But first I’ve got a shawl to finish binding off, a shawl to finish and a baby blanket to complete before the baby arrives. But once those are done I’ll knit a sweater or a vest, or something.

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9 Responses to A Brief Dissertation On How I Decide On A Pattern

  1. Alissa Head says:

    I love the classic lines of Calidez. Although I might be interested in knitting a Sol Inca someday.

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  2. Laura Kate says:

    You don’t sound confused to me. You have worked through the options and made sound decisions. BTW, I’m fond of Berroco Ultra Alpaca. I knitted a lovely skirt with the color peat moss.

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  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Sounds like lots of cosy knitting choices.

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    You can’t go wrong with any of those patterns. I am going to make the Sol Inca as well.

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  5. bluestempond says:

    I always worry that I’ll run out of yarn before I finish. I hand-spin most of mine, but if the fiber is gone I can’t go to the store for another skein.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    One of these days I’ll get back to knitting sweaters for myself. But considering I basically burn up in them right now, it’s just not a high priority! LOL

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  7. That’s a great pick for your next project! And you are almost done with a lot of your current WIPs, definitely time to start planning for the next 🙂

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  8. Olivia says:

    Oh my that Sol Inca is just gorgeous. You love a challenge so I’d go for that. It’s only the yoke and you could do.

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  9. Stefanie says:

    Jenn is great. I love how she’s built up her own home from the ground up and is inspired by interesting things. I recently cleaned out my queue and only have four projects listed.

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