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By Request: A Quiz

Alissa sent me a message saying she really wished I’d do a quiz. Well here you go Alissa! Here we are in the last week of 2020 in the middle of a bunch of holidays. Let’s do a holiday quiz. … Continue reading

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Dining Out: A Quiz

I really enjoyed the last quiz about food. My most favorite part was hearing about the best meal you’ve ever eaten and the restaurant where it was served. Since Covid we haven’t eaten in a restaurant. Not even one that’s … Continue reading

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Not A Design Element : A Craft Quiz

I wish Myles had thumbs. As you can see he was helping me out while I was taking the photo. He gave those yarn tails a sniff and walked away. Smart boy. I’ll tackle them later today and get the … Continue reading

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A Q & A With A Side Of Knitting

Look! I worked a few more rows on the blanket. It’s about 31 inches wide and 16 inches long so I’ve just passed the halfway point. This leaves me hopeful but I’ve got to knit at least a handful of … Continue reading

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Decisions: A Quiz

I don’t know how much different the cowl looks than the other day. I still have a couple more rows to finish the current section but it’s a long section so maybe there is a visible difference. There is a … Continue reading

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A Quiz About Color

We are all artists. We use our supplies be they fiber, yarn, beads or whatever to create pieces that express our vision. This vision can have texture or color. Let’s talk about color. Feel free to answer in the comments … Continue reading

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A Quiz About Gifting

I spent time off and on yesterday knitting the baby blanket. It got me thinking about gifting of the things we make. I’m curious what your thoughts are on gifting. Do you gift your handmade items? Do you have limits … Continue reading

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A Quiz About Habits

Look at that horrible photo. But it is an accurate representation of how I knit. I was thinking it would be fun to do a quiz about habits. We all have them. They can be good like brushing and flossing … Continue reading

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Quirky Q & A

It’s been ages since we’ve done a Q&A. It’s time to see who else out there is quirky like me. The bird in photo is a decoration my mother received from a friend as a thank you for caring for … Continue reading

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Knitting On The Couch With A Side Of Q &A

I’ve had a headache the last few days. It’s probably pollen overload with all the leaves opening on the trees. I’m also getting minimal sleep, well, at night. I sleep great from about 6-10 in the morning, coincidentally when The … Continue reading

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