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Knitting On The Couch With A Side Of Q &A

I’ve had a headache the last few days. It’s probably pollen overload with all the leaves opening on the trees. I’m also getting minimal sleep, well, at night. I sleep great from about 6-10 in the morning, coincidentally when The … Continue reading

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Ever Vigilant With A Side Of Q & A

Myles is really enjoying his life these days. He’s got his people home nearly every minute. This makes for extra petting and treats. What more could a dog ask for you wonder? Well he particularly loves the parade of people … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Sock And Quiz Follow Up

Progress continues on the second sock. I’ve slacked the last couple of days. The weather has been spring-like so we’ve been out of the house during the afternoon when I would ordinarily get a few extra rows in. There is … Continue reading

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Socks: A Quiz

It’s all socks all the time here so I’ve been thinking about how many of us knit socks and how we each knit ours our own way. I thought a quiz was in order. Let’s talk socks! Do you knit/crochet … Continue reading

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Well This Isn’t Good: A Quiz

So I spent yesterday morning at the ER. I thought my gallbladder was attacking me but it wasn’t . There are some elevated liver things. More tests are in the works. I have a doctor appointment next week to go … Continue reading

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A Q & A From Kathy

Kathy posted a fun little quiz about the telephone. Since I’m still sick and I have nothing fun to post about I thought Id grab this and give it a go.   #1 Do you spend too much time on … Continue reading

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A Self-Care Quiz

Self-Care is a buzzword that seems to be everywhere these days. Normally I think of the things I do for myself as indulgences but when reframed as self-care they become more necessary for improved mental health and less of a … Continue reading

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Q & A: Food Edition

I am inherently lazy. I probably shouldn’t admit that but if I’m honest I could eat canned soup or TV dinners everyday and be perfectly happy never cooking a real meal again. Of course we all know that is unrealistic … Continue reading

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The Last Quiz Of 2019

I thought a quiz was in order to wrap up 2019. Feel free to answer in the comments or leave a link if you’re answering on your blog. How will you spend the last night of 2019? Will you party … Continue reading

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A Quiz

Stitched Roots posted this quiz. I can’t resist a quiz. I hope you’ll join in the fun. Feel free to leave your answers in the comments or post a link to your blog saying you’re playing along.   1. Are … Continue reading

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