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Holiday Gift Quiz

It’s Tuesday. It’s snowing outside. It is a snow day so we are all at home. French toast will be on the menu! So let’s do a quick holiday gift quiz. Feel free to answer in the comments or leave … Continue reading

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Black Friday Quiz

The photo is our Thanksgiving centrepiece. A gingerbread kit from Trader Joe’s that The Husband put together while I put together the meal. It’s looking a little rough around the edges since H and N had to give it a … Continue reading

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A Knitting Q&A

Alissa posted this quiz. I can’t pass up a good quiz.   1. Share an image of a knitting pattern you love but would probably never knit. Hue Shift Afghan. It’s gorgeous. I love it. There is no way I’d … Continue reading

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Another Q&A

50 (yes fifty!!) Things You’ve Never Been Asked…. I always enjoy reading these and seeing a quick glimpse into my friend’s lives. I snagged this from stitchedroots again. If you’d like to answer in the comments great! If you’d rather … Continue reading

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A Q&A: Odd Things About Me

40 odd things about me . . . Please play along! I love reading them. 😊 1. Do you like mustard? Yes but only on hot dogs 2. Choice of carbonated beverage? Pepsi please! 3. Ever traveled to another country? Yes, Canada … Continue reading

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A Quiz

This Quiz comes from here. Feel free to join in if you dare. CAN YOU FILL THIS OUT WITHOUT LYING? Here I go!!!! 1. What was the last food you ate? Apple crisp with vanilla ice cream. 2. Do you … Continue reading

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Rituals & Quirks: A Quiz

I freely admit that I’m a quirky person who keeps my life in order by having certain rituals in place. I suspect (and hope) that other people have certain rituals that help them get through. Do you have any crafting … Continue reading

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