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Welcoming February

February is my least favorite month. It’s always cold, snowy and gray. I’m going to try to embrace the things I like about February in an effort to make it less of a slog. The new semester of Loopy Academy … Continue reading

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Going Off The Board

So today I pulled out the ball winder and swift with the plan to wind three skeins for the two projects I have planned. I wound the green one and the solid gray one and then decided to wind the … Continue reading

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Conductive Thread Tale

H spent a few minutes the other night sewing some conductive thread to her gloves. This is the conductive thread she bought from Knit Picks. After reading posts on Ravelry she decided they best way was to just sew little … Continue reading

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FO On Sunday: Sock Edition

I am happy to say I finished my socks yesterday. For some reason once I get the second heel done I have to finish the socks ASAP. It’s just another kooky quirk in my brain. This is the pattern I … Continue reading

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My Brand Of Crazy

If you’ve read my blog for more than a week you know I’m a big planner. I love, nothing more than picking out patterns, choosing yarn and writing out my plan. Ravelry has added a new tab to our project … Continue reading

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Putting It Out There

Yesterday when I was reading blogs I was struck by Erin’s plan for 2018. She’s set the goal of using 18 skeins of stash yarn. I was immediately intrigued. Was there a way I could squeeze this goal in with … Continue reading

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4 Day Weekend!

Yesterday was wild. I knew we were going to have a big snowstorm and since N and H were home I thought a substantial breakfast was in order. Pancakes with butter and real maple syrup! Delicious and guilt-free because of … Continue reading

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