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The Things You See

I think I can finally say I’ve seen everything when it comes to picking H up at the subway station the last couple of weeks. First we had the woman asking men to take photos of her car with her … Continue reading

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That’s supposed to be a photo of the Emily vest but it’s still quite wet sitting on the blocking board. Maybe it will be dry later today. I can’t believe we just had the first ice cream of the season … Continue reading

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Imagine That

I actually made it to the hardware store and got the nails needed to hang the pictures. Almost all of them are hung so I thought I’d share just a few of the cross stitch ones. Over the couch I’ve … Continue reading

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Lectured Again

Yesterday I sat down and had a stern talk with myself. I’ve been lazing about on my phone and/or iPad instead of finishing up the Emily vest. There is so little remaining. I just have to do the last couple … Continue reading

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When Something Drives Me Crazy

People I need a psychic or a psychiatrist. I am losing my grip. When I cleaned the kitchen a couple of weeks ago I cleared off this windowsill which is above the sink. In the process I rearranged things a … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Things I Don’t Hate-A List

Chocolate: Most kinds and most things in chocolate flavor like cake and cookies. Sleeping late on the weekends particularly if it’s damp and rainy. Walking the dog. The flashing that happens in variegated yarn when decreasing the gusset of a … Continue reading

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In Which I’m Lazy And Lame

When The Husband and I go to the track meets we always comment to each other that the kids should run full out right over the finish line and not slow and stop just as they step over it. They … Continue reading

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