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First, thank you so much for all the dry skin advice! I often feel like “I’m the only one” when it comes to health related stuff so knowing I’m not the only one feels good and lets me know I … Continue reading

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That Point When You Realize You Are Your Parent

My father’s side of the family is known for having incredibly dry skin. I’m talking epically dry skin that sounds like sandpaper when it’s rubbed. My father used to order special cream by the case to sooth his all over … Continue reading

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I can’t believe how frazzled I feel. Normally I’m a take one thing at a time kind of person but for some reason everything feels overwhelming. There are so many things that need doing and I’m sitting and knitting while … Continue reading

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Monday Minutiae

It’s been a busy long weekend with everyone having things to do. N had his last meet Saturday. He did fine though he did say the field they were running in was wet and muddy. He’s now mentally transitioning to … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: With Myles For Scale

I’ve been fairly diligent about knitting the shawl. In theory I’m half way through the garter stitch section. That means nothing since each row gets longer. The pattern is, as it promises, simple knitting. It’s perfect for tv viewing or … Continue reading

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It’s Obvious

As I was sitting, knitting and watching TV yesterday it became obvious that I’ve got a problem. My worst trait is procrastination. If there was an Olympic event for procrastination I’d put off trying out. Every few months I try … Continue reading

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Little To See Here

It’s hard to tell that the cowl has gotten larger. It’s a long way to 4 inches of ribbing but I’ll get there today or maybe tomorrow. I love how the black is creating stripes. I’m easily entertained. I hope … Continue reading

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