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The Mountain View

I have shifted back into my crappy sleep pattern. It started at the end of last week. I’m blaming it on all sorts of things like being cold, the time change I’m not adjusting to, not getting enough exercise and … Continue reading

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Making Note

The Husband and I spent a few hours one morning before Thanksgiving walking along a trail at a local (though not the usual) conservation area. This location is large and pieces of it sits in multiple towns. It spans a … Continue reading

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Conditioning, Manipulation & Coercion

How about a little conversation? As I said I’ve had some things rattling around in my head and they must get out. Maybe unblocking my brain will free the creative side. As I’ve been sitting on my couch, I hear … Continue reading

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The Best Part Of Thanksgiving Weekend

Pie for breakfast! I hope those that celebrated had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was our usual traditional event. Wednesday involved pie baking and dinner prep. Thursday we gathered and ate nearly nonstop all day. Yesterday I avoided all shopping and … Continue reading

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Fall At The Vernal Pool

Today we spent some time walking in the local conservation area. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the mid 60’sF. We were there for about an hour and that was time well spent.

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Well I’m Not Surprised

One of the YouTube channels The Husband has been watching is called Self Sufficient Me. It’s a gardener from Australia. He’s in a different type of climate than we have but his ideas are fantastic. The Husband likes container gardening … Continue reading

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Interacting With The Public

This could have been a really grumbly post except for one tiny encounter. See, I went errand running this morning. First I stopped at the bank to deposit a check. Totally uneventful which is how I prefer my bank visits. … Continue reading

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Pickle Follow Up

So yesterday I put the pickles in the refrigerator to stop the fermenting and I gave one to The Husband to try. Today I popped this one on to a plate and tried them for myself. Here’s what I think. … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Day

We went for a quick walk this morning. The sun was shining. The air was crisp. The ducks were out and about. It was lovely.

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Pickle SOS

Is this normal? Nothing looks like mold but it does look a little scummy. Also a couple of the jars went over even though the lids (plastic Ball lids) say leak proof. Is that normal? As a positive, when I … Continue reading

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