This has been the week from hell. It started bad and just got worse. Maybe things are looking up today. Maybe not. Time will tell. But it is Friday and into each week some sun must shine. We have a three day weekend here in the USA. I intend to relish every minute of it and save the maybe/maybe not for Tuesday. Tuesday seems so far away. Let’s hope the minutes tick slowly.

*The photo is purely historical taken in Boston in 2012. I’m sure I posted it back then. It fits my mood.

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Myles On Alert

Since we rearranged rooms and moved our bedroom upstairs Myles has been spending more time in the living room. His go to spot was always the bed before. Whenever there is any action outside I find him looking out the window. The highlight yesterday was an oil delivery. He was completely obsessed with the truck. He didn’t bark at all. If he had thumbs he would open the front door and invite everyone in.

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WIP Wednesday: Hump Day Edition

I am so glad today is Wednesday. The weekend can’t get here quick enough.

Thank you for all the recipe suggestions and just general food suggestions. I never think to make simple meals like meat and rice or stir fry. I’ll be adding those to our menu soon.

As you can see I’ve made it through the first section of colorwork. The little center section is just a wee bit tight but overall it isn’t bad.

Are you looking forward to the weekend? Enjoy your Wednesday!

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Q & A: Food Edition

I am inherently lazy. I probably shouldn’t admit that but if I’m honest I could eat canned soup or TV dinners everyday and be perfectly happy never cooking a real meal again. Of course we all know that is unrealistic and unhealthy. What I need is some good easy recipe suggestions. I figured everyone else would benefit too so a quiz was in order. Here we go!

  • What is your easy go to recipe for a quick weeknight meal?
  • Is there a recipe you make in big batches to freeze or eat over multiple days?
  • Do you have shortcut things you buy at the store that make your meal prep easier?
  • What is the recipe you have that is a ton of work but entirely worth every pot, pan, bowl and spoon you have wash after?
  • Have you tried any new products that you’d like to recommend?
  • Feel free to leave your answers in the comments or please leave a link to your blog so we can read your answers and try your suggestions.
  • Here are my answers.
    • I make this recipe semi regularly. The link is my blog post about it and the change I made to the way I serve it. It’s a Korean inspired beef bowl made with ground beef. It’s quick and easy to put together on a weeknight when there needs to be a meal on the table pronto.
      This is my most favorite marinara sauce recipe. It is the only one I make. Over the years I’ve tweaked it a little but since I measure nothing I don’t have a real recipe. I find the key to be the ratio of the spices. The recipe makes a vat of sauce. Normally we eat it 2-3 days and then I freeze whatever is leftover. I’ve added meat to it and it’s just as good.
      I’m not big on prepackaged food for meals (contrary to what I said above) I’m actually making though we do eat Kraft Mac and cheese mixed with a pound of cooked crumbled ground beef. H likes to make up the ground beef with taco seasoning (with the water according to the package) and add that to the all prepared Mac and cheese. It’s easy meal that goes great with a salad.
      I try not to make a lot of sweets. The Husband and I don’t need the calories. If there is one thing I love it’s bread. Any kind. Yeast breads are my absolute favorite. I have a sweet tooth so a sweet bread hits both of my loves. I’ve made this sweet bread/cake a few times. It’s a bit of work for lazy me to make but it is worth the work and the time. It’s gone in no time too. I highly recommend it.
      See that photo above. They are delicious and easy. There are 4 servings in the box. It’s nice to make one brownie (it’s a bit more cake-like than I usually make my brownies), cure the craving and not have the rest of the pan left over tempting us all.
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    Well That Was Quick

    Why does the weekend just fly by? It seemed like it was Sunday night before I’d accomplished even one thing. Laundry and groceries are done so that is something.

    I didn’t spend as much time as I had hoped knitting over the weekend. This was a couple of sittings and a few fast stolen rows. The pattern is There and Back Again Socks by Dawn Cottone. Funny thing. I love colorwork patterns. They are just so pretty. Unfortunately I don’t like knitting them. Why do I keep knitting them? Maybe I’ll learn to love it.

    How was your weekend? Did it just fly by for you too?

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    A Few Days Off

    I’m going to take a few days blog vacation. I’ll be back. Maybe I’ll even have some knitting to share. Enjoy your weekend!

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    First Walk Of 2020

    On Monday we got out for our first walk of the new year. It has been a good long time since we’ve walked at all. The holidays and the cold weather really killed any interest I had in getting outside. That being said, we went to the local bigger reservation which in my opinion is a real workout as far as walking is concerned. About halfway through there is a pond with a small beach. As you can see it wasn’t particularly inviting. The air was cold, the sky overcast and the pond partly covered with ice. There were a surprising number of people walking. Many had dogs with them. Myles was tucked in at home. He’s not a fan of the cold. We did about 3.5 miles which was a lot for a first time out after a break. It will feel easier after a few more times.

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