Moving Forward

Look at that! I’ve got the first longer sock 99.9% done and have completed and turned the heel on the second sock. If I can set aside some dedicated knitting time these will be done. 

There has been a shift in our house. N is now out of school for the summer and a newly minted high schooler. That will mean changes to my schedule. He’s signed up for a few different lacrosse clinics so that will keep us busy. 

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A Complete SurpriseĀ 

I planted some Morning Glories in the corner of the garden and they have already flowered! I’m so surprised. I’ve planted them there in past years and nothing much ever happens with them. I hope they continue doing well and grow up the corner poles that hold the mesh for the peas and beans. 

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Another Fabulous Mail Day

Being in a yarn club is more fun than a knitter should be allowed to have. I had received a shipping notice from The Loopy Ewe on Tuesday saying that the second club package had shipped. It arrived this morning and I couldn’t be happier. The yarn is a skein of Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn. The color is called Tommy T-Rex. It’s mainly greens and blues with bits of lots of other colors. The accompanying spa kit is from Honey House Naturals. It contains moisturizer, a foot bar and a bar of soap. I wish you could smell how lovely it smells. Getting a surprise package in the mail has been so exciting. I can’t wait to see what arrives next month. 

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This Is For Adam

H sent this to me on her lunch hour. She was endlessly entertained by the thought of a fake monk mafia*. I thought that this seemed weird. What do you think Adam? Is this sign weird?

*Dont take this post the wrong way. It saddens me that people would stoop to using religion to dupe generous people of their hard earned money. It is very sad that a popular tourist location has to post these signs. 

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Mental Block

Sorry for the dark photo. It’s almost bedtime and I’m just now getting to the knitting. 

I completed the leg, heel and gusset decreases on the first sock. I added about 2 1/2-3 inches to the leg. That should be enough to reach the required 400 yards for the June Camp Loopy project. I say should because I kept getting tripped up on the math. I blame being tired but it could be that I was doing most of it in my head using brain cells that haven’t been exercised recently. I’ll know if I’m correct when I weigh the completed sock. I will weigh it when I finish the first sock, not after I’ve finished the second. Look at that. I learned a lesson! That’s totally worth having to knit both over again. 

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A Cold Dinner For A Hot Day

It was 95 degrees here yesterday. Wasn’t I just complaining about the cold? I knew I didn’t want to heat the kitchen up making dinner so I put together my favorite cold meal. A salad topped with homemade chicken salad and a hard boiled egg. On the side I served some leftover potato salad and little finger rolls. It really is an excellent hot night meal. 

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Where Things Don’t Go As Expected

Did you have a good Sunday? Mine was chugging along just fine. There was cleaning, laundry, shopping, lunch out and ice cream after dinner. I had expected to sit down and finish up the Twizzler socks. I completed the toe on the second sock and dug out the scale to see how much yarn I’d used. I was sure I’d used plenty. 400 yards is required for the June project. Even though I’d added length to the leg and did a shade deeper heel, I was short yardage. I reweighed the socks. Still the same. I then toyed with the idea, as foolish as it was, of adding a ruffle or frill as I was calling it at the bottom of the cuff. When my sanity returned I ripped out the foot and weighed the leg. So now I’m adding a couple more inches to the leg. It solves the problem. I’ve made peace with it. There will be socks finished eventually. 

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