Sock It To Me Monday: The Home Stretch

Normally I write my posts in the evening to post in the morning but I didn’t do that last night. I had one more row of gusset decreases to do but I was too tired to complete it and post before bed. I wanted to be at a milestone location before posting. So here I am after a cup of iced coffee and breakfast. The gusset decreases are done and now it’s just round and round to the toe. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow. It will require capitalizing on those few lost minutes here and there since I have a bunch of non knitting things to do.

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Sock Talk

I’ve turned the heel and picked up the gusset stitches. I’m definitely on the downhill slope of this pair of socks. Hopefully I’ll have them done before July 1. I best get back to them or I won’t make it.

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Weird, Just Weird

Even Myles was shocked to hear this tale.

Last night I was getting dinner together. The Husband had lit the grill and came in to grab a few things when we heard a noise outside. I knew immediately it was the sound of a car being hit. We headed for the door and see a teenager getting up off the ground after hitting my parked (in the driveway) car with his bike. Yes. My car was hit by a bicycle in the driveway and there is damage to the rear quarter panel. I made the kid call his mother who came over to see the damage and make sure he was ok. Our neighbor witnessed the whole thing: kid came speeding around the corner too fast and completely out of control and just couldn’t correct. So yeah, weird, really just weird. This kind of thing would only happen to me, in 2020 during a global pandemic, the year my name became a rather derogatory meme. I better watch out for those murder hornets. With my luck they’re looking for me.

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A Tired Post

I’m a couple of rows away from the heel. Maybe I’ll be done by Monday. We can hope.

Of course that means I need some sleep. I was going along getting 8 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep and then a night of completely interrupted sleep. I woke up 3 times between 11:00 and 3:00. At 3 I moved to the couch and slept a couple more hours. Here’s hoping I get a full night tonight.

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Fresh local strawberries and whipped cream. Delicious!

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WIP Wednesday: Distracted Knitter Edition

I have only spent a small amount of time knitting the Rainbow sock. I’ve been distracted.

Yesterday I fell deep down the rabbit hole that is Ravelry. I’m trying to decide on an August project. The yarn will have to be ordered in early July. The requirement is a project with at least 800 yards of yarn. I won’t know exactly what the specific science related requirement will be until early July. I’ve got to have a least a few ideas. I won’t have an afternoon to waste in July when I’m working on my 600+ yard project. Anyway I picked out a few sweaters and a couple of shawls. Here are a couple of them:

Hopefully one of those (or something else that catches my eye) will meet the requirements.

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Update On The Husband’s Garden

Remember the standing garden bed The Husband made. Well things are doing so well. He’s been watering it regularly and has enjoyed gardening so much. There are teeny tiny tomatoes and a couple of itty bitty cucumbers. There may even be a wee eggplant.

He was having so much fun that this happened. More tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, pumpkins, herbs and who knows what else. He’s forever running to the garage for soil to fill another pot. No seed is safe with him nearby.

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Sock It To Me Monday: Sock Number 2

After finishing the first sock I immediately cast on the second one. Well, not immediately exactly. I knew my socks would never match. I didn’t bother to pay close attention when I cast on the first sock. When I was ready to cast on the second one I had a crazy idea. I decided if the socks weren’t going to match anyway I would intentionally make them not match by rewinding the remaining yarn so that the order of the rainbow colors would be in reverse. So I cast on and what you see above is what I’ve gotten done.

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One Down

Sorry about the dark photo. I stayed up to finish the first Rainbow Sock for Pride Month. I’ll start the second one tomorrow. Now I’m going to bed.

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Not Reading

This is the pile of books I’ve started and not finished. There are more but this is the at hand pile. I’m sure they’re good but I just can’t seem to get hooked. Maybe if I rearrange my usual nighttime routine I can incorporate 30 minutes of reading. It’s something to try anyway.

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