I Forgot To Take A Photo

I can’t believe how easily I’m distracted. Today N volunteered at a local gathering. In town we have a lovely old house that sits on a large piece of wooded land. For one weekend in December Santa comes for a few hours and the local kids come to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. In theory it is a wonderful old fashioned event. In practice it’s a complete zoo with screaming feral children, oblivious parents and a long wait. N helped the kids work on crafts while they waited. The Husband and I headed up about 15 minutes before it was to end. There was still a line, crowds eating cookies littering the floor with crumbs and the ladies running the event were at the end of their rope. The Husband and I volunteered to help them out tomorrow. They need some designated adult authority figures to keep things in order. I think we qualify.

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When You Can’t Tell What’s Going On

I have so many stitches on my needle that it’s difficult to show you just how much I got done yesterday. I’ve completed the second lace section and have just one more row in the garter stitch section and then just one more section of each and its bind off time. There won’t be much knitting time today I’m afraid. I’ll have to make up for that over the weekend.

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Horrifying Holiday Hell

H ordered these. Can you imagine clam flavored candy canes? I like fried clams a lot but clamdy canes frighten the hell out of me. She’s making us try them on Christmas. Save me! Link just in case you want to frighten your friends and family.

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WIP Wednesday: Again With The Shawl

I’m still plotting along on the shawl. I keep looking at the calendar and having a little panic. My plan was to complete this by the end of November so I could concentrate on the two pair of socks during December. But no, I’ve dragged my feet knitting this blasted shawl and I’m running out of time to get all my planned projects done for Knights of the Loopy Table. I have maybe 20 more rows. Must. Knit. Faster.

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By Request

Inside the pie. As you can see the apples collapsed and let go of a lot of juice. The pie tasted better today than it did yesterday. The only thing I don’t like about pie is that in this house it’s gone in a couple of days.

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Still Looking

I made another apple pie using a different crust recipe. As you may have guessed, the last one was only okay. This one too is pretty much just okay. Well, only as compared with other all butter crusts I’ve tried. I think part of my problem is technique. I’m overworking it trying to get it to the right point. Also my house is so dry I’m having to add way more water than the recipe calls for. Oh well, the practice is tasty.

I had a request for a close up of the yoke of the sweater. This is the design that is in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s book. She does a great explaining how to knit a yoke sweater working from your gauge. She also talks about planning your yoke design and how it is done traditionally. I highly recommend all her books.

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Revisiting A Knit

I’m not a good wearer of my knits. I’m pretty much over them once they’ve been bound off and blocked. That is until I’m cold (the thyroid doctor lowered my synthroid dose again so now I’m perpetually freezing and tired but my blood pressure is super low and he considers that the be all). The Husband and I have been outside a lot and I’ve been unable to easily tolerate the near freezing temperatures, even with a winter coat, hat and gloves. So I dug deep into the cedar chest and pulled out a warm wool sweater from the past.

I first cast this Elizabeth Zimmermann Yoke Sweater on in 2009. The first version was ripped and I cast on and started over in 2010. It isn’t the best fitting sweater. The yoke style doesn’t work real well with my ample for my size boobs. What this sweater does have going for it is warmth. It is way too warm for inside wear but outside it is perfect on a chilly fall day and just what I needed for 3 hours of Pokemon Go playing on the common in town. Along with the sweater I also wore a knit hat, fingerless mitts, cowl and socks. I guess I do live up to my Pokemon Go name Nothingbutknit.

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