Monday Q & A on Tuesday

*Macaroons- love ’em or leave ’em? I’ve never had them. H loves them and gets them fairly often. 

*Give us a good tip if you are going to BE the house guest- Offer to help clearing the table, washing dishes or entertaining children. 

*What’s your smallest circular needle size? I have a size 1US circular. I have size 0US dpns. I don’t use either often. 

*What’s your favorite charity to knit, crochet or sew for? I’ve done helmets for soldiers and baby hats but my favorite was fun fur hats for kids with cancer. One I did was yellow and black striped like a bee. 

*Dropped stitch patterns, love ’em or leave em? I’ll say neutral. I like Clapotis but most others I could take or leave. I tried to knit Bellatrix socks but they were going to be way too big so I ripped them out.  

*Does the fear of a shark keep you from ocean swimming? Well, I don’t swim but I will wade thigh deep in the ocean so I guess not. 

*Name something you would never consider knitting- A bikini. 

*Someone is naming a yarn colorway for you…what are they calling the colorway? Moody grays. 

*Name a cake you can’t resist I think it would be easier to name one I can resist. My most favorite would be white cake with white frosting but I also like it with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake. Really any combination of those. 

*Name a word you have trouble spelling…over and over : Definate. Did I spell it right? 

What you see above is Mondays lunch: fried clam mini meal from The Clam Box in Ipswich. Delicious! If The Husband had more than two weeks off I’d gain a ton of weight! 

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A Knitting Update

I’m still plugging along on Dayton and while I am making progress, it is slow. I didn’t knit much, maybe 10 rows, while we were away. I’ve been trying to make up for it the last couple of days. I have about 5 more inches and then the ribbing at the bottom. Then the sleeves. That sounds like a lot where we are half way through the month. I better get back to it! 

Another view of Maine. 

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Look! A Whale! He (or she) was guarding the walkway to our room. Our neighbors never left their room (every time we walked by there were fresh empty room service trays). I’m sure they were afraid of the whale. 

There was very little knitting while away. I knit a bit in the car and since it was chilly we turned on the fireplace and I knit while The Husband watched tv the first night. The show was Deadliest Catch. Perfect viewing for oceanside. 

Wednesday morning us and a million other people headed to Acadia National Park. The views are spectacular. 

I kept forgetting to take photos. We had lunch at the Jordan Pond Restaurant. The Husband had a lobster roll of course. N and I had sandwiches. We all had popovers. 

We now know there is in fact a view from the top of Cadillac Mountain. Last time we were there it was nothing but fog. 

We spent many many hours driving and walking. It was a beautiful sunny day. 

That night we had yummy pizza for dinner and then we walked around the shops. Finally we were all too tired to do anything else so we went back to the hotel for bed. 

Morning came very early on Thursday. We packed up our stuff and headed home vowing we’d be back. The Husband said he is now spoiled and wants to stay there every time.

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Maine: The Way My Life Isn’t 

On Tuesday we got in the car wicked early (not really, it was 7:15) to drop H at the subway and head north. I neglected to make sure that H had her house keys and she wouldn’t answer my repeated exclamation point filled texts so we returned home to find her house keys sitting on the kitchen counter. Typical. She finally answered my text and we made arrangements for her to pickup her keys from a neighbor. Finally at 8 we were on 95 barreling towards Maine. 

Our first stop was the rest area in Kennebunk for a quick breakfast (God Bless Starbucks!) and then back on the road. This was N’s first time traveling so far north in Maine. He asked a couple of times if we were almost there. The Husband and I just laughed. N has a low tolerance for long car rides. He fell asleep and we left him until we reached Newport. When we lived in Limestone ME Newport was half way between what is now home and what was then home. Many times we met my parents there so H and I could go visit them and The Husband could return to the base. We told N this story and he said there was no way he could spend that long in the car. Little did he know that Wednesday was coming. 

We finally arrived on Mt Desert Island where The Husband was rewarded. He enjoyed every bite. I neglected to take a photo of my grilled cheese sandwich-yeah, fish isn’t my thing. I only took this photo to tease H. 

Then we arrived at our hotel where I learned that making reservations online can be surprising. I accidentally booked a suite in the boathouse. Damn it was nice! But more about that and the rest of our trip tomorrow. 

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36 Hours

This was my view for a day and a half. It was amazing but much too short. Details tomorrow once I get things at home back in order. 

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A Perfect Lunch Out

This post is more for the locals. The Husband is on vacation so we’ve been taking things easy and that includes meals. We’ve had a few more than usual out. The other day we hit out favorite salad place, Topp Salad. I love eating there. It feels like I’m eating ultra healthy which isn’t the norm when eating out. The Husband and N order something different every time we go. This day N had a rice bowl with shrimp. There wasn’t a piece of lettuce in his bowl. Kind of crazy for a salad place. I order the same thing every time. Hey, I find what I like and stick with it: romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, red onion and cucumber then I have it topped with steak and finally salt and pepper. It’s delicious! Maybe we should make another trip there today. 

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Camp Update 

Things are going well at Camp Loopy this month. My project, Dayton, is going well and moving along fairly quickly. I’ve separated the stitches for the sleeves so the rows are much quicker now. I’m not as worried about the size at the moment. I was tempted to put the whole thing on a bit of string and try it on but didn’t. If the fit was bad I’d lose interest in knitting it and there is no way I’d rip out and start over at this point. I’m going to carry on under the assumption that it will fit someone. I hope your knitting/crocheting is going well.

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