Happy Friday

I’m so happy that today is Friday. Even though most of my days are the same I just like the mental attitude that comes with Friday.

The last few days have turned chilly here and we’ve had rain off and on. I’ve used this as an excuse to hunker down and knit. Last night just before bedtime while watching The Last Czars on Netflix I completed the tube of socks. Later today I’ll bind off the stitches and start in on the heels. Maybe if the weather continues to be unpleasant I’ll have the socks done by the end of the weekend.

With the end of this project in view I’ve been thinking about what I’ll cast on next. I know I have another pair of socks to knit for Loopy Academy Grad School and I’ve picked out a pattern so that project is settled. What I’m thinking about are two other projects I want to cast on. I’m planning a simple brioche cowl as a gift. There is yarn in the stash for this. I’m also thinking about knitting a sweater and I’ve been looking a patterns trying to narrow down what I want. There are a few options and I can’t decide which option to go with. I’d like an oversized Icelandic style pullover or maybe a cardigan with a vented hem. This is where I run into trouble every single time. I can’t decide what I want.

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Myles Says

Put down that knitting and attend to me!

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WIP Wednesday: Crazy Sock Knitting

I’ve done kind of a bad job explaining how this pattern works based on some of the comments I’ve received. Beginning at the bottom of the photo the first section is the ribbing of the cuff and the leg of the first sock. The section between the first red line and the second thicker red line is the foot of the first sock. Between the thicker red line and the thin line at the top is the foot of the second sock and the next little bit between the red line and the needles is the start of the leg. The ribbing will be added once the leg is done. Where the thin red lines of waste yarn are heels will be added once the full length of the two socks has been knit. Finally the two socks will be separated at the thick red line (it’s two rows of waste yarn) and that is where the toes will be knit. Hopefully that is a better explanation of the crazy sock knitting.

Have you ever made anything that just seemed crazy? I am drawn to unusual patterns so this is just a stop on the crazy train for me. I’ve knit an array (group) of hedgehogs, an eyelash hat that was striped like a bee and a shawl with beads representing the night sky of the northern hemisphere. Unique patterns are just the norm for me.

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This is my favorite local produce stand. I’ve been going to this location since I was maybe 3. This isn’t the original building. They built this a while back. Fall is my favorite time to visit. They have loads of pumpkins, mums and all those other traditional fall things. Check out the display on the side of the building. So many squash!

I wasn’t the only one taking photos. It really draws quite a crowd.

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Weekend Knitting Progress

Did the weekend go by exceptionally quickly or was it just me? Even though there was some fun, most of the weekend involved things that had to be done like grocery shopping, laundry and some meal prep. At least there was knitting.

I finished up the foot of the first sock, added the waste yarn for the toes and started the foot of the second sock. On Ravelry I read the suggestion to do two rounds of waste yarn for the toes so that each sock can be completed individually without having all the stitches loose. So that is what I did.

While I was knitting the foot of the first sock I was thinking about the added two rows of waste yarn to separate the toes of the two socks my knitters brain was trying to figure out how separating the socks was going to work. It wasn’t making sense to me so I reread the instructions but didn’t find an answer to my question so I went back to Ravelry to read the helpful project notes and that is where I found my answer. After completing the foot of the first sock the yarn must be cut leaving enough yarn (I left 6 inches) to weave in. Then you begin the second foot with the new yarn end leaving some to weave in. I think the one thing I’m going to dislike about this pattern is all the ends to weave in. My normal pattern has 2 ends per sock. This pattern has 6. That’s a lot of ends.

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We Survived

The first part of our day involved visiting this elephant. N took part in his usual cultural event while The Husband and I wandered about getting some exercise and enjoying the scenery.

We then made our way to visit with the in-laws. It was a fun time. There was ice cream cake and brownies. There was less knitting than I’d hoped but I made up for some of that while watching tv.

I have a Netflix suggestion for you. Unbelievable is a fantastic limited series that The Husband and I just finished. The subject matter, sexual assault, is difficult to watch but the entire storyline is well done and handled mostly sensitively. The acting is top notch. I highly recommend it.

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A Day

It’s going to be a full fun stress-filled day. I’ve got brownies and knitting to get me through. Hopefully I’ll see you on the other side.

Here is a crazy Myles photo. He looks all calm and well behaved but what you can’t hear are his throat grows and yips. He knows what kind of day it’s going to be and he doesn’t want to miss out on the insanity of it all.

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