WIP Report

Yesterday I was knitting along on Widsith while listening to a podcast. I think I was paying more attention to the podcast because when I looked back at what I’d done I spotted a mistake. See where I knit a row instead of purling. Well for a minute I was kicking myself because I had changed the pattern to include the design on the top of the foot instead of the plain stockinette that the pattern called for. 

I tinked back a few rows and fixed the mistake. Over the course of the afternoon and a couple of podcasts I was able to finish the heel and the gusset decreases. I’m just flying through this sock! I hope the second one goes as quickly.

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Monday Q & A On Tuesday

*Where do you go to meet new people?  Meet new people? I guess knit night. 

*What is the craziest diet you’ve ever put yourself on? Whole 30. It isn’t crazy as far as eating healthy. What’s crazy is trying to find simple things that comply like bacon, cold cuts or condiments. They all contain added sugar which is a no no on Whole 30. 

*Name something you’ve knit and never worn ….   The list is long and I am somewhat embarrassed to say I don’t wear a lot of what I knit. Except socks. 

The flamingo is a dust collecter that I keep on the shelf in the dining room. My mother bought it for me in Florida years ago. It reminds me of the vacations we spent with my parents when H was little. 

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End Of Summer

I know the official date for the end of summer was last month but I mark the end of my summer with the last visit to Kimball Farms. They close for the season today 😦 Above you see my last* best cup of coffee Oreo ice cream. As you can see it was melting fast. It was 77F which is crazy for October. I’ll be impatiently waiting for them to reopen in the spring. 

*There will be ice cream eaten during the winter but it won’t be anywhere near as good as Kimballs. 

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Suggestions On Sunday

I’ve been knitting away diligently while also trying to get some stuff done around the house. Widsith is an addictive pattern that I’m really enjoying. For me a great pattern pulls you along row by row. This sock does that in the most satisfying way. 

This made me think about some other sock patterns I’ve knit that have that same addictive quality. Here is a list:

  • Monkey socks by Cookie A. Everybody and their knitting brother has knit them. They’re so fun and so quick. I once knit a pair in less than 4 days. Now that’s quick!
  • No Purl Monkeys. Don’t miss the sister pattern. It’s even quicker and just as fun as the original. 
  • Broadripple Socks by Rob Matyska. An oldie but goodie from Knitty 2003. It’s a great pattern for variegated yarn. 
  • Dublin Bay Socks by Ryan Morrissey. Perfect for when you want something a little more than a plain stockinette sock. 
  • Stitch Surfer by Louise Robert. Crazy fun pattern! Fantastic finished socks! There are a couple of YouTube videos if you need help getting started. 
  • Swirl E. Socks by Susie White. Easy, fun and they look great when done! I don’t know why they aren’t more popular. 

Do you like to knit socks? What pattern is your favorite? 

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Much Better!

I decided to go with the 1X1 twisted rib. It really is my favorite for both look and stretch. I also think it goes well with the design of this sock. I’ve just barely started the cable design. For this pattern I have decided to forgo the cable needle and embrace the new to me technique of cabling without a cable needle. It’s only a teeny tiny bit fussy and with some practice I should feel comfortable with it. 

We are enjoying a three day weekend here. I’m hoping to squeeze in a little extra knitting time and maybe one last trip to Kimballs for ice cream before they close for the winter. Do you have something fun planned for your weekend?

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Knitting Annoyance 

I spent part of yesterday morning starting Widsith. It amazes me every time how I can just keep knitting when I’m not happy with what I see. 

I made it through the ribbing the whole way thinking I hate 1X1 ribbing. Why am I doing it if I hate the way it looks. Mine is never neat and even. That is why I don’t do it. 

Then I get to the first rows of the pattern and I discover that I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing for one particular cable thingie. I searched YouTube and knittinghelp.com after checking Ravelry. Nothing. Finally I searched on google and found someone asking about the same thing that they found in a different pattern. The answer was so good that I created my project page on Ravelry so I could list it in the notes for future reference. Once I had that row done and all those flippin’ cable thingies done I discovered I’d skipped a row! Ack!! I tried to carry on. No, I really tried but that nagging voice I get in my head got louder and louder. “Don’t knit things you hate!” it said over and over so I ripped. 

I’ll cast on again but I’m changing the ribbing. But first I’m having some chocolate. That always makes things better. 

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Another WIP To Be

As I was sitting and watching TV while knitting round and round and back and forth on the Entrelac cap last night I was itching for some other knitting. Something that requires knitting more than 7 stitches in a row and then purling those 7 over and over. Enter the Widsith socks and a skein of Cascade Heritage fingering weight in color 5626 aka turquoise. I didn’t get much done at all. I wound the yarn by hand into a ball and read over the pattern. This project is my Loopy Academy project that requires using a chart. It also qualifies for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge as a technical challenge. 

Do you ever feel like you just have to be knitting anything else other than what you are knitting? I find I reach that point with just about every project. It’s just a matter of how much willpower I have. This time, not much at all. 

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