Things I’m Thinking About

  • Why does Myles have to trash my bed when he decides it’s nap time?
  • I’m going through another sleepless jag. Last night I slept great for an hour and a half. The rest of the night was a mix of tossing and turning and short spirts of sleep. Of course I could go right to sleep now.
  • I have given up caffeine, again. It’s been a few days. I hope the vague headache goes away soon. And the craving for it.
  • School starts at the end of the month. An email talking about the changes in schedule, staff and security arrived and now I feel anxious- and I’m not the one going to school. I hope N doesn’t pick up my vibes. School was always stressful for me as a kid. When will those feelings go away?
  • Pizza. I’m always thinking about pizza though.

What are you thinking about?

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Even Siri is encouraging me to spend time knitting my shawl. I use the notes app to keep track of my rows.

All the encouragement has Grateful Moments growing pretty quickly. I’ve completed 5 repeats. The plan is flexible so I may do 7 or 8 repeats. What you see is the remaining first skein. I hope to start the second skein over the weekend. At that point I’ll have a better idea just how many repeats I’ll attempt. The most important thing is that I complete the 600 required yards for Camp. How are your projects going? Are you finding lots of encouragement to keep working on them?

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It’s A Jungle Out There

This is the second floor bedroom window. It’s currently H’s room but will soon revert to the master. As you can see I’ve been neglecting the gardening. The trumpet vine has gotten a little out of hand and will have to be reined back in. As a plus it flowered for the second time ever so letting it do it’s own thing has worked for it.

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Motion in Design

I’ve got a confession for you today. Way more times than not I reach the point in a project where I hate it. I’m sick of the pattern, find the once soft yarn scratchy and can’t imagine what attracted me to both in the first place. But I haven’t felt that way with this pattern. The yarn feels a little scratchy (even though it isn’t) but I’m blaming that on all the painters tape I removed yesterday. I no longer have moisture in my fingertips. Everything feels rough. Anyway, it dawned on me as I was knitting this morning (yes!! Starting the day with yarn in hand always feels good.) that with each row I love this pattern more and more. When I looked closely at it I realized that what I love is the motion that is visible in the design. The undulating rows are so pleasing. The more rows I do the longer the waves get. It makes me think of the sea and watching the waves ripple across the water. I find the ocean very calming to my soul and knitting this shawl has been calming because the pattern is very rhythmic.

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Seen While Walking

Look at this planter in the downtown of a town near where I live. It’s huge. It’s taller than I am and all the flowers look beautiful.

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How do you feel about stitch markers? As you can see I’ve got a bunch on this project. The stitch repeat is fairly short, about 12 stitches, but there are many increases and decreases so I want to be sure I catch any mistake before I get too far. I’ve completed the 4th pattern repeat and started the 5th. There is still a lot of yarn left from that first skein.

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Happy Saturday

Notice the gray discoloration in the center of window. Yeah, the window is shattered. I couldn’t get a good photo of it. It never fails, when you have a plan there is always a wrinkle. The Husband and N hurried yesterday to get our overgrown lawn mowed while the roofers were working at H’s house. They didn’t notice until we were getting ready to head out that the window was broken. No doubt a rock was kicked up while The Husband was weed whacking. This isn’t the first time. Anyway, I am the lucky one who will spend the day at home waiting for the glass repair guy. Before I went to sleep last night I carefully planned out my day: pay bills, strip beds, do laundry, write blog post and spend the rest of the day knitting. Once I hit publish on this I am free to knit the day away. How are you spending your Saturday?

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