Knitterā€™s Conundrum

When I was little and I didn’t feel well my mother would give me weak milky tea. As I got older I never took to drinking coffee and tea had that being sick connotation. Just this past week I’ve been drinking tea. It started because I was cold and I surely don’t need the calories that come from drinking hot cocoa day after day, so yes, tea after lunch with a little knitting is the new guilty pleasure. I still like my tea with some milk and a wee bit of sugar.

After finishing the cowl I didn’t know what to knit. I have so many things in my queue. Plus I have a lot to do what with this being December. December is a trying time at our house. The Husband works for that quasi government company that delivers during rain, snow, sleet and whatever. He isn’t home much in December, mainly just to sleep. That leaves me dealing with all the regular stuff plus everything involved with Christmas. I want stress-free easy knitting for those few minutes between activities. Since I already have a sock in my travel knitting bag I thought I’d cast on H’s hat. The yarn is a Caron Cupcakes skein in tutti frutti. The pattern is Dragon Pox Beanie by ALJayKnits. I’m hoping she’ll be happy with it.

How are you doing? What are your guilty pleasures for December? Are you nibbling on cookies? No cookies here just yet.

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FO On Monday: The Cowl Edition

Frieze Cowl is done! What a fun project to knit. I say that about a lot of things but really this one was extra fun and so much easier than it looks! The most difficult parts for me were sewing the top ribbing down and finishing the ends of the I-cord. I have so little in the way of sewing skills that it’s really just whipped together. Nothing fancy and hopefully it will hold.

The pattern is Frieze Cowl by This.Bird.Knits. I used Cascade 220 superwash in chocolate and ruby. The ruby is from the deepest level of the stash. I’ve had it so long that I can’t remember why and where I bought it. I enjoy this yarn though the superwash does tend to pill more than the regular in my experience. The pattern is very well written, easy to follow and creates a well polished finished cowl. There are directions for everything including the ends of the I-cord. I think it would make a fabulous gift if you’re looking for something quick.

I knit this cowl as part of The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge. It is for the technical challenge: texture created by stitch variety.

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Bragging On My Children

H returned just before dawn yesterday from her work trip to Seattle. She had a wonderful time, enjoyed some delicious food, did a tiny bit of sightseeing and got some work done. On her first day in Seattle she ventured over to Pike Place Market and happened on So Much Yarn. She said it was a lovely store and she wanted to pick me up something special, something local. Yes, she’s well trained in buying yarn. She got me the most beautiful skein of Spring Harvest Fiber Mill alpaca. It’s so soft! I love it.

Equal time for the boy child. N attended his first high school dance Friday night. It’s a semi-formal event held in the cafeteria for grade 9 & 10. He went with a group of friends and they all had a fantastic time. It’s hard to believe that he’s already in high school. Time just flies by.

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Something New

I really like smoothies. It’s a great way to get a bunch of fruit and/or veggies into one meal. I have been pinning recipes on Pinterest mostly for ideas, not to actually follow the recipes. In my search I happened on a couple of recipes that have oatmeal as an ingredient. Oatmeal is my go to winter breakfast but I never considered adding it to a smoothie. So this morning along with my usual banana, frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, and yogurt I added half a cup of dry old fashioned oats before whirling it all around in the blender. It was good, a wee bit gritty from the oats but I drank it. I think next time I’ll whirl the oats first by themselves and get them down to an oat flour consistency before adding everything else. I think I also should start thinking about a heavy duty blender. Does anyone have a suggestion of one that won’t break the bank?

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A No Knitting Day

Yesterday was my usual get the errands done day. The Husband and I went to Trader Joe’s, BJ’s and Burlington Coat Factory. I finally, after two winters of trying, replaced my winter jacket. It isn’t perfect but the price was fair and I’ll be warm. It also will look good with a few of my recent knits. We then grabbed a bit of Chinese take out since The Husband had to head into work. There will be little time off for him until after Christmas.

I had no time to knit, not even a three stitch row of I-cord. By the time errands and chores were done it was time to pick N up, have dinner and take him to ccd and fetch him home. After that I collapsed into bed. There will be knitting time today for sure.

As you can see the paperwhites have really taken off. One bulb hasn’t started but the other three are doing well. There are even buds visible. I think closing the dining room doors and holding the heat in the room is what really got them going. I’ll have to remember that for next year.

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Remember All The Worry?

It was all for nothing. I had plenty of yarn to complete the top ribbing. See the little ball above the cowl. I do have to use some of that to sew down the ribbing but I don’t have to even think about that yet. First I have the task of knitting I-cord, a long, long bit of I-cord fortunately in brown.

I’m glad to have the yarn worry off my mind since I have other more important things to worry about. H has flown across the country for work. She’s very excited to be visiting a new city and meeting workmates in real life. I’m avoiding all news about that area of the country and speaking to her in an excited and not at all worried way. She talking about an extended visit to a different work office in the new year. I’m not going to worry about that, yet.

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I’ve noticed that there are some extra strange things going on. First Myles has taken to attacking the dust that catches his eye when sun streams through the window. Watching him suddenly lunge and snap at what is really nothing is hysterical. He does the same thing with flies or mosquitoes but in that case there is something there so it’s not as funny.

He also gets obsessed when something catches the sun and makes a sun spot on the wall. Notice how attentive he is as I make the spot move. After it’s gone he keeps looking up at the ceiling and around the top of the walls. It’s really weird.

This story starts maybe 5 years ago. I had a navy blue cardigan sweatshirt that I wore a lot. It was great for dragging to places with overzealous air conditioning. It could be stuffed in my knitting bag and didn’t snag like a knit cardigan would. One day I went looking for it and couldn’t find it. It wasn’t in my closet, the laundry or my car. The last time I know I had it was at knitting at Panera. It never did turn up back then. I’ve looked for a suitable replacement over the years but I couldn’t find one that I liked as well. Flash forward to last week. The Husband did a deep clean on his closet. He sent 5 bags of unloved clothes to the charity box and in the process he found my beloved navy blue cardigan sweatshirt. It must have been mixed in with his things from the laundry. Now I’m wondering where a couple of other missing things have ended up.

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