Into Every Life

It rained yesterday. It was chilly and gray. A lovely day for knitting. As you can see I made great progress on sock number one. The day didn’t start out great though. I had a tense half hour while I fixed a mistake I made Saturday night. There are purl rows on either side of the lace (there are two sections of lace) and I accidentally knit a stitch instead of purled about 8 rows down from where I was. No big deal. I dropped the stitch down and pulled it back up correctly. After I had it all fixed I pulled the fabric apart to look at the now corrected column and what did I see, another mistake a few rows lower than the other. Forget about it! I can live with it. I moved on. How are your projects going?

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Sock Hockey Progress

The Ravellenic sock event is called Sock Hockey and it is my event for the games. I cast on Friday afternoon and got one row done before it was time to do my usual pick up run and fix dinner. Once dinner was finished I sat down and got some serious cuff knitting done. The pattern is Wood Nymph by Olivia Villarreal. It happens to have my favorite twisted rib. It took me until nearly bedtime to complete the ribbing and start in on the chart for the lace design. Yesterday while watching the DVRed Olympic opening ceremonies (Did you watch? It was so good. I really enjoyed it.) I started back in and realized I had been using the wrong chart. Oops! I tinked back the few rows I’d done and moved on to the correct chart. The photo shows where I had to stop when it was time to get some chores done. The most difficult part of getting my socks completed during the Ravellenic Games isn’t going to be the knitting. It’s going to be the distractions that come from real life like laundry, meals, dishes and driving people hither and yon.

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Ravellenic Games Update

Yesterday was the start of the Ravellenic Games on Ravelry. As I said before it runs concurrently with the Olympics. I had picked out 3 projects in 2 events and I’m happy to say that I completed 2 of my projects in the first few hours. The event for the project above is the Arial Unwind. The pattern is Nadine by Jeni Chase. I cast this sock on in April 2011. It was doomed pretty much from the beginning. There was nothing wrong with the pattern. It just didn’t go well with the yarn, Aslan Trends Santa Fe. I’m happy to reclaim this yarn for a yet to be undecided sock pattern.

The second project is White Pine by Amy Christoffers. The yarn is Ella Rae Classic. This was a little harder to frog but it had to go. I’d cast it on in December 2010. There was no way I was going to carry on from where it was. I am happy to have reclaimed the needles, yarn and about a dozen stitch markers.

Next up my Sock Hockey project. I have cast on and completed one row of ribbing. I’ll tell you more about that another day.

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How I Can Tell I’m Getting To The End Of A Project

I completed the last short row section of the shawl. I might have been able to squeeze one more repeat but when I start thinking that the project is ugly and I really don’t like it it is time to get to the end quickly. There are 3 more rows and the bind off. I can do that. I know once it’s blocked I’ll be happy with it again. It’s sort of like when you were a kid and you ate a big pile of candy. It tasted great at the beginning but you reach a point where it just gets sickening, you know, right before the vomit point. Yes, I guess I’m almost at the vomit point of this project and I want it done before I actually reach that point.

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Unusual Than The Usual

The weather was pretty regular for a Wednesday in February but the rest of the day was totally unusual.

We started our morning with a drive into Boston for N to see a specialist. He’s fine. It was entirely a nonevent. We arrived early and stayed late. I suppose that is the joy of planning for nonexistent bumper to bumper traffic and a doctor with many many many patients.

While we were visiting a doctor in the city H was visiting her doctor in the suburbs. She’s got bronchitis and a prescription for a couple of days of working at home.

The Husband had taken the day off to join N and I at the doctor so I figured since we would all be at home for lunch we should pick up pizza. It was a great plan.

The afternoon included shoveling, knitting and way too much tv. It was almost like a vacation day.

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WIP Wednesday: Speed Knitting

The shawl gets larger as the ball of white yarn gets smaller. I’m sure I can get one more repeat and am thinking I might be able to get two. Knowing that I have new yarn to wind and cast on and my Ravellenic project to cast on Thursday night has me knitting at a furious pace. Must. Finish. Soon.

The pattern is Gardens of Giverny by Alina Appasova. The yarn is The Loopy Ewe solid series in iron and Lorna’s Laces Shepherd sock in color in the clouds. I have chosen to knit the shawl version of this pattern. It is also available as a wrap.

How are your projects going? Are you looking forward to watching the Olympics? I can’t wait! I really enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies but I’ll watch all the skiing and skating events.

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A Report From Monday

My Monday gets mixed reviews. There were highs and lows. Pretty much a typical Monday I’d say.

H was working from home since her voice left her. It did return about noon.

I had the delicious breakfast you see above: oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries. Florida strawberries have arrived in our area. They taste better to me than the California ones though not as good as the local ones that are only available in early summer.

The Husband works late on Monday night. Well, he works late every night but Mondays tend to be even later. That left me the duty of picking N up after his meet. That meant staying dressed until nearly bedtime. I’m one of those people who likes pjs, knitting and tv by 8pm. That didn’t happen.

What made my day was the arrival of my Loopy Academy yarn. The colors aren’t quite right in the photo. Everything is in the blue family and yes, all the shades are quite similar. I guess I’m in a blue mood.

I did make myself promise that I wouldn’t wind or cast on any new yarn until either the shawl or cowl are finished. What are the chances I’ll keep that promise? We’ll have to wait and see.

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