Naknicromo Day 25: Favorite Yarn to Work With

I think every yarn has its place be it scratchy wool, super soft alpaca or stiff unforgiving cotton. Even eyelash yarn has its place. Can you tell I’m not a fan. But I have used it to knit hats for charity. 

If I had to pick one yarn and no other to knit forever it would be Cascade Heritage. It’s a fingering weight superwash sock yarn that comes in lots of colors. I’d be able to knit just about anything I want. 

But my most favorite yarn to try is Indy sock yarn. I let myself buy single skeins of sock yarn that I’ve never tried before most every chance I get. I love seeing the creative color combinations and then knitting them to see how they work up in different patterns. 

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FO Friday: Of Course It’s Socks

Last night I took N to his last lacrosse skills class. I’m going to miss being indoors in a nice warm sports center. Next week they start practice- outside! Brrrr! I made good use of my free knitting time by finishing the socks that have been on the needles for a while. The pattern is Groovy Socks by Caroline Hegwer. The yarn is Knit Picks Felici in Time Traveler. I really enjoyed knitting these socks. The pattern was well written and easy to follow. Sadly it appears to no longer be available. I will knit these again. The yarn is very nice. I have a wee bit of an addiction to self striping sock yarn.  I love to watch the colors change. 

Now that the sock needles are empty I guess I’ll have to cast on something. Yay!!!

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Naknicromo Day 24: Favorite Project You’ve Ever Made

This is by far the hardest of the topics. I have a lot of favorite projects but they’re favorites for different reasons. 

  • Top Down Cardigan: This is the first adult size sweater that I knit and wore regularly. I wore it so much that it ended up having holes in it. It wasn’t the most flattering or stylish but it was warm and I made it. 
  • Celestarium: I knit this on a whim. The idea was so cool. I had some yarn I thought would work. Beads were purchased. The end result is amazing. But I’ve never worn it, not one time. I have the yarn and beads to knit Southern Skies, the companion piece, but haven’t had the urge to cast on. 
  • The final project I don’t have a photo of as it’s packed away. Back in 2001 we applied to adopt a baby. We expected a wait of 8-10 months but as that time extended I cast on a little white hooded sweater with a zipper up the back. I wasn’t an experienced knitter back then. I used big box store yarn. When it was finished my mother sewed in the zipper. A short time later, in February 2003, yes double the expected wait, we learned that our baby, a boy, had been born in Seoul. I packed up the sweater, a few little store bought outfits, a soft toy and gifts for his foster family and mailed them. In June 2003 we picked N up at Logan Airport and among his few belongings was the tiny white sweater in a zip top bag. I packed the bag away, unopened, so one day N can open it. 

How about you? What is your favorite project? Do you have a hard time picking just one?

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    Naknicromo Day 23: Favorite Type of Project

    It’s confession time! Though maybe not a huge confession. I love to knit socks!


    Tiny socks!


    Socks for me.


    Gift socks.


    Beaded socks.


    Fancy socks.


    Yes, it might be a little problem.

    All these photos are from an old Flickr account that I am just starting to use again. Most of these were knit before Ravelry and haven’t been documented there. Sadly I can’t remember the names of the patterns or the yarn.

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    A Blast From The Recent Past

    Last night I had a meeting to attend that I knew would be at least 2 hours long. I needed something to knit. I went digging through my bags looking for something to bring. I had forgotten about these socks I was working on before Loopy Academy started. During the meeting I was able to get the heel of the first sock completed and wove in the ends. Now I need a reason to sit for a couple of hours and get the other one done. 

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    Naknicromo Day 22: Favorite Color to Work With

    Color is a thing for me. I really like blue and gray and some purple but given my mood and what I’m knitting I could pick nearly any color. I guess a lot depends on what I’m knitting. I prefer my clothes to be subdued and dark but I want my socks to be bright and flashy. I like my accessories to be somewhere in the middle. 

    Here are a couple of unexpected colors from my stash

    I plan to combine the orange with another color for something striped.

    I don’t know what I’ll make with this. The rainbow sucked me in. 

    Something bright for socks!

    The vast majority of my stash looks more like below. 

    How about you? What are your favorite colors? Do you use certain colors for certain projects? 

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    Naknicromo Day 21: Share Your Progress

    I am both pleased and sad to say that there are only ten more days of Naknicromo. Pleased because I have posted every day and it has really helped having a prompt for the days when I had nothing to talk about. Sad because I am a person who hates to see things end. I’m like that with a lot of things. I intend to enjoy the next ten days. 

    Today is my favorite of the prompts: Share Your Progress. As you can see I have finished the second of my Loopy Academy projects and if you were here on Day 1 you know my goal was to finish two of my projects. I’m happy to say they are done but I have yet to post the photos to Ravelry and the Loopy Ewe site. I plan to get to those today. For the remainder of Naknicromo my new goal will be to get as far as I can on my third project, the Hug vest. More about that later this week. 

    The pattern is Fair Isle Flower Socks by Candice DeWitt. It is available for free on Ravelry. The yarn is Tumbleweed Aurora fingering weight in sour apple and Western Sky Knits Aspen Sock in black plum. The pattern is well written and easy to follow. I added an inch in black plum below the fair isle section because I prefer a longer leg. I added the wee bit of fair isle in the last rows before the toe as others on Ravelry had done. Both yarns are lovely. The colors as they appear on my phone are pretty accurate. Both have a bit of variation in shade which I love. I will use these yarns again in the future. They work very well together as if they are dyed on the same or a very similar yarn base. I highly recommend the pattern. It’s a great way to try Fair Isle knitting without doing a huge project. There are over 300 projects on Ravelry to view for ideas and inspiration

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