FO on Saturday

Still damp but done!

I finished my July Camp Loopy project just in the nick of time! It was a battle right to the end and just to make it extra exciting I tried a new to me bind off that I really ended up liking a lot.

The pattern is Derecho by Alison Green. It’s a top down short sleeve pullover with patterned yoke. The pattern is available on the Berroco Yarn website linked above. The yarn is Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop in brambles. The yarn is 50% cotton and 50% rayon from bamboo. It is machine washable but they recommend drying it flat not in a dryer.

The pattern was easy to follow and didn’t leave me questioning anything. It includes waist shaping and short rows at both the neck and in the bottom tails. I used German short rows which are now my favorite. There are many videos on YouTube to get you acquainted with this method. I used this one by Purl Soho. I did end up going with the waist shaping. As you can see by the photo it is fairly minimal and just flattering enough.

The yarn is soft to the touch and has a bit of weight to it like silk. When I soaked the sweater for blocking (which I didn’t pin because it didn’t seem to need it) it let go of a good bit of dye. The water had a heavy tinge of pink. I rinsed it three or four times and there was still a hint of dye in the water. I wasn’t sure what to use to set the dye where this is cotton/bamboo so I’ll just hand wash it after wearing until it no longer let’s go of dye.

I tried it on before soaking it and it fit pretty well. I suspect it stretched when I soaked it and only came back a bit to size. The yarn is very heavy when wet and pulls out of shape easily. I suspect the sweater will stretch with wear but I’ll let you know on that.

I’m a little disappointed at how large the yarn overs turned out. I pulled them tightly but they still seem big. In the photos on the pattern they are barely visible so I suspect the issue may be with the weight of the yarn. The yarn overs are method of increase in the size of the yoke so they really are a necessity.

So overall I rate the pattern very highly and will knit it again. I’d like to try the yarn the designer used to see how that would work. I’m a little disappointed in the Bamboo Pop yarn. While it is considered a DK weight yarn because of the sheer weight of it I’d recommend knitting it at a tighter gauge to compensate for the stretch. I used a size 5 needle for the body of the sweater and a size 3 for the edge. I think the fabric on a size 3 or 4 needle would be best.

As for wearing it. I suspect I’ll be wearing it more like a vest in colder weather than the warmer weather sweater I was expecting. It’s quite heavy and I don’t think it would feel comfortable on a hot, humid day.

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Shortest Walk

We took the shortest walk the other day. Look at how choked the pond is with lily pads! Along the edge there were some other water plants with lovely tall purple flowers.

All my free time is being spent knitting. Progress is being made. My eye is on the calendar. It will be a race to the finish.

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Myles New Favorite Spot

I think he’s guarding the shoes so we can’t escape.

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In The Groove

This color looks right!

I got lost for a few days. I’ve been knitting. Progress is being made. I’ve got a couple of handful of rows and then the final increase before I measure and finish up with the body and then do the bottom. Yes, then sleeves. I feel at this moment like I’m on top of this sweater while keeping my eye on the calendar. Of course I never did find the longer needle or try it on. It’s close to the size I was going for. I’ve convinced myself that it will block to the right size.

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Camp Loopy August Plan

I was taken by surprise earlier this week when The Loopy Ewe announced the requirement for August. This month is going by quicker than I thought.

The requirement is to make showstopper project using at least 800 yards of yarn. Yikes that a big one. I’ve wanted a new top or two for summer wear. That is why I’m stretching myself this month knitting a top. I decided that since I have another pattern in mind I should just go all out and knit another top. The Birdwatcher is a fingering weight too designed by Casapinka. I’ve loved knitting her patterns in the past so I thought this was a good choice. It’s a casual top that would fit well in my life.

The yarn I picked is Malabrigo sock in carnival. It’s a wild yarn compared to my usual gray/black/blue color scheme.

I’m hoping this will all work out. I guess we’ll find out when August rolls in.

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Move. Me. Why?

What do you mean this seat isn’t mine?

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Nose To The Grindstone

A poor quality evening photo with artificial light

It’s only July 12th and I’m stressing myself out a bit. I keep thinking I’ve got to stay on top of my July project or July will be waning and I’ll be too far from done. I know, self imposed stress. Not good. But better than the real stresses of life so I’ll concentrate on the manufactured stress and leave the real stress to work itself out.

I don’t know if you can tell from the photo but I have put the sleeve stitches on stitch holders, added the under arm stitches and knit a few rows of the body. I’m in a zen just keep knitting section making my way to what is supposed to be waist shaping. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I get there. I’m of two minds on this. First, waist shaping gives a better silhouette and cuts down on extra fabric around the middle. That’s a good thing. But it can cause an enhancement if your waist isn’t shapely. Second, loose and flowing is so comfortable and can hide a multitude of sins. But can also look sloppy. This yarn is heavy with a lot of drape so I can see it hanging from the weight of extra fabric. I’m thinking maybe modified waist shaping might be in order. I’ve got a dozen rows or so to decide. Have you an opinion on waist shaping?

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Another Walk

We have had quite a bit of rain lately. Yesterday was particularly wet. We squeezed in a walk after dinner but only went to the local conservation land. Every where there was running water or standing water in places where it normally isn’t. This has created a lush moist environment for everything to grow. There are lots of mushrooms and I was thrilled to see the Ghost Plant popping up all over.

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Just Thinking Out Loud

WARNING: Politics Ahead.

So Wednesday President Trump held a press conference where he announced that he is starting a class action lawsuit against Big Tech for freedom of speech violations. If you haven’t seen the full video of the press conference and you’re interested I suggest you watch it. The media is putting out bits and pieces. The full video is necessary to see who is involved and what they are saying.

This got me thinking, like I do. I often take issues I see and apply them to the things in my life. I do it with a lot of things as a way to make sense of a situation or a point. So I was wondering if maybe some of the people, designers and users, who were banned or left Ravelry when they censored conservatives/Trump supporters will join in on that lawsuit naming Ravelry as a defendant. By my way of thinking Ravelry is the Big Tech of the fiber world.

Maybe no one else thinks the way I do. Maybe Ravelry is a tiny fish in a very big pond. Maybe it is just a coincidence that they were one of the first places conservatives/Trump supporters were banned. Maybe there was a concerted effort to silence people in every public (internet) town square. Maybe people were socially distanced online before they were socially distanced in person. It does give one a lot to wonder about.

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Project Update: Tuesday Edition

Derecho is going along swimmingly. I’ve done the short rows for the back of the neck and a couple of sets of increases. It’s been moved from the 16 inch needle to the 24 inch one. I can’t seem to put my hand on the 29 inch needle. I’m sure it’s here but is likely tucked into a project bag. I’ll make do for now. After the next set of increases I think I’ll give it a try on or at least lay it on something that fits well and see where I’m at.

While I’m giving an update let’s take a moment to talk about the yarn. As I said it’s Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn. I’ve read reviews talking about it having a tendency to split. I haven’t found that to be a major problem. I’ve found that I really like the feel. It’s 50% cotton 50% bamboo but feels heavy with a good drape like silk. The skeins are a generous 292 yarns and feel like they last forever. I have stepped outside my comfort zone with this color (it’s darker in person) but really like it. So, as of now, two thumbs up!

How are your projects going?

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