Progress & Planning

I’m still making my daily goal though it is getting harder. I’ve got just over 375 stitches on the needle. This makes for a long row. I find myself looking at the clock considering how much time it will take me to do another row. That has led me to quit a little earlier both in the evening and when I know I’m going to have to do something. Fortunately I’ve still got plenty of time and I’ve already scheduled a nothing but knitting day for today.

Any day now the August Camp Loopy project will be announced so I’ve been adding projects to my queue like a maniac. I don’t yet know what the requirement will be so my possible projects cover a wide swath. Though I know I want a vest or sweater. Here are a few of the contenders:

  • Modesty by hopscotchknits 2018 It’s a simple short sleeved cardigan with a lace panel on the back. The pattern is currently free so grab it if you’re interested.
  • Mondo Cable Shell/Vest by Bonne Marie Burns This is the one I’m leaning towards if it fits the requirement. I love a vest and this one looks comfy and casual while also being neat and stylish.
  • Millie by Juliet Moody Another vest. This one is more fitted and has lace detail down the sides.
  • Stillwater by Marie Greene An open front cardigan. I like the look of this. I like the idea of this. I’m afraid based on some of the comments that it won’t stay on. But still I’m intrigued.

Have you knit any of these? Do you have an opinion you’d like to share?

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Plugging Along

I’m still making steady progress on the shawl. I fell a little behind yesterday. Having everyone at home prevents me from sitting down for more than a few minutes at a time. Add to that errands in the morning and cooking a meal in the afternoon. It does limit the knitting time. I did discover a good tv show on Amazon Prime. H was kind enough to set us up with it on the tv. Anyway the show is called Case Histories. It’s a British crime drama. We watched a couple of episodes and they were very good. I’ve noticed that British tv shows are much better than American ones. The plots are more involved and less predictable. Have you watched anything good lately? I’m always looking for recommendations.

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Small Ball

Yesterday was a slow knitting day. It was time for the next lace bit. I’m still on track as far as the 10g a day goes but I lost the wee bit I was ahead. I’m ready to start the 4th part of the pattern. Along with knitting today there will be a couple of errands. We started watching a fun show on Netflix. It’s called Republic of Doyle. I like the combination of comedy and crime. The Husband recognizes a lot of the actors from other shows. The scenery is beautiful! It’s also easy to watch and knit. I totally recommend it.

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Saturday Minutia

Do you know what this flower is? I bought a 6 pack of them back in May and promptly lost the tag. I’m wondering if I can save the seeds to grow more next year. I particularly like this color. The others are yellow and a lighter pink. I knit my little fingers off yesterday and made up the two grams I was behind and knit 11 more for a total of 13 in one day! I’m on to the third lace section next and there is only one more after that. I have a podcast suggestion for those that like true crime. It’s called Getting Off Podcast. The hosts are criminal defense lawyers. It’s really nice to hear their prospective on cases.

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Another Day Of Progress

I’m still a couple of grams behind. It’s the story of my life. Always playing catch up. I do have a somewhat legit reason. I started my day grocery shopping. That killed an hour. Then came prepping all the produce, lunch and finally knitting time. I knew when I put the shawl away last night that today would involve the next lacy bit. That of course slowed things down to a slow crawl. I am paranoid that I’m going to make a mistake or drop a stitch. It’s done now and as far as I can tell there aren’t any major mistakes (knock wood!). Today promises more knitting time. Will I catch up on those 2 grams? Will I get to the next lacy bit? Stay tuned.

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WIP Thursday: Must Catch Up

So yesterday morning when I weighed my ball of yarn I knew I was going to be short grams. We had a power outage Tuesday night. It lasted 2 hours and was smack dab right in the middle of my prime evening knitting time. I tried to knit with a flashlight but I knew if I made a mistake I’d regret it. Instead we all (including Myles) got in the car and headed over to the McDonalds in the next town. We expected the outage to last an hour but when we were on the way home the electric company called to say it would be another 5 hours. We got home, opened all the windows and settled in for what we expected to be a very hot uncomfortable night with a shocking wake up (both of our TVs come on when the power returns even if they weren’t on when the power went out) when the power returned. I am happy to say that the power returned quicker than expected and we were able to turn the air conditioner back on. So I only knit 8 grams and I’m hoping to catch up on those missing 2 grams and the regular 10 to stay on schedule. We’ll have to wait and see if something else messes with my plan.

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Happy Independence Day

It’s hot here. I keep finding Myles standing in front of the fan. That’s pretty smart of him I’d say. He also comes running when the freezer is opened in hope of getting an ice cube. He loves them. I hate finding the cold puddle with my feet when he gets distracted. As of yesterday morning I’d knit 20 grams. I’ll check again later and report in tomorrow. If you’re celebrating today enjoy! We’ll be enjoying some burgers and probably some ice cream.

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