All About The Process

It stuck! I really didn’t know if it would. Lately I’ve been unable to pick a pattern and stick to it. Nothing was hitting that spot. Suddenly I’ve realized that I am a process knitter. If I’m not enjoying the process I just drop the project. As an aside to that I find that when I’m done I’m done. That means I’m not following through. The Geology Shawl sits still on the needle. Right now I don’t feel the need to finish it. I will though because it deserves to be finished. But for now I’m enjoying Expeditious. Oh, I forgot to mention that the pattern is available for free on Ravelry.

Are you a product or a process crafter? Do you find that you shift back and forth between the two depending on your mood?

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Trying Out Something Else

That is a horrible photo. Yes, I’m creating that shadow. But this post is more about the pattern and less about the photo. I’m trying out Expeditious by As Anderson. It’s a shawl pattern specifically written for variegated yarn. I’ve only done 9 rows so far but I’m happy with how it’s going. Maybe this pattern will stick.

One thing that is going to stick is this recipe I tried for chai tea. I found it on the Twitter of a true crime podcaster. It’s equal amounts of water and milk placed in a saucepan to which you add a teaspoon of sugar per serving, a tea bag per serving and about 1/8th tsp of cardamom per serving brought to a boil and then allowed to simmer for 15 minutes. I used a cup each of water and milk, 2 teabags, 2 tsp sugar and 1/4 tsp cardamom. It was very tasty and I will be making it again.

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Just Playing Around

Sometimes I just have to try something out to see if it’s going to work. Case in point this skein of Yarn Love Juliet in the maiden colorway. I checked my stash page and see that I added this to Ravelry June 9, 2011. I then checked the blog and discovered that this skein was part of my first ever order at The Loopy Ewe. I have tried it out on a few patterns but nothing has worked out. This is the start of Be Simple Variations by Carolyn Glauz-Todrank. I’ve wanted to knit this pattern for a while but I don’t think this is the right yarn for it. I think I’ll be headed back to Ravelry to find a more suitable pattern. I’m sure the perfect pattern is out there. I’ve just got to find it.

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The Laziest Knitter

Look! I did a little more of the sock and that is all. I didn’t bind off the shawl. What I did do was spend a stupid amount of time looking at patterns on Ravelry and trying to decide what to cast on next. First I was thinking about little soft toys. I’ve got a bunch of leftover bits of yarn. That would be a productive project to tackle. Then I was thinking about how I’ve got a few sweater quantities of nice yarn that I’d like to cast on. This got me thinking about a pattern I came across when I was digging through the stash recently. Here is a link to the last time I talked about this pattern. I search for info on my blog about the pattern since I started it once before. That was when I found that post. As proof that I am the laziest knitter, I still haven’t finished the purple sweater I mention in that post. In case you’re not convinced of my laziness, I still have that green/blue yarn sitting in the stash.

So here I sit a couple of hours lost with no real plan, plenty of yarn, patterns and a guilty conscience over unfinished sweaters (oops, there is more than one) stuffed into the bottom of the stash admitting I’m a lazy knitter.

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A Mixed Update

First a little knitting update. I’ve just got to bind off the shawl and the knitting will be done. Then I will find a spot to block it. I’m hoping it’s totally finished at some point this weekend.

I finished the cuff of the sock and have started the leg. This is the best cotton yarn I’ve ever knit. It has a reasonable amount of stretch and isn’t making my hands or wrists hurt like some cotton can.

No, Myles isn’t rabid. He’s enjoying his birthday Puppuccino. N insisted on going to Starbucks after dinner to get it. Myles was overjoyed. He kept his eye on the cup (which just contained a pile of whipped cream) and gobbled it every time the cup was placed before him. The only problems I see are we’ll never be able to have Starbucks around him unless he gets his own and he might wake us in the middle of the night if the whipped cream doesn’t agree with his insides.

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Myles On His Birthday

Today is Myles 4th Birthday. Here he is surrounded by his favorite toys only sitting nicely because I have a tasty liver treat in my hand. He’ll be spoiled a little more than usual today which will be hard since he’s spoiled every day. Our life would be less crazy and less fun without him. We all need to remember that when he’s stealing our socks and taking napkins and silverware off the dining room table.

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WIP Wednesday: The Stars

I have nearly completed the next section of the Geology Shawl. This section, the stars, made me a little worried when I first saw it. I’d never done that stitch before and reading the instructions left me even more worried. I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. Back to Ravelry I went to see what others had done. I found a person who included a link to a YouTube video that showed exactly what to do. In no time I was knitting through the rows. I am pleased with how this section turned out and I think it will look even better when blocked. That means once a do the few transition rows I am on to the final section.

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