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This Recipe Is A Keeper

After more than a few disappointments trying recipes from Pinterest I am thrilled to have found a really good cookie recipe. They’re called Soft Chocolate Sugar Cookies. Unfortunately I didn’t have any espresso powder but I don’t think it was … Continue reading

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I Always Forget To Take Photos

Yesterday The Husband, N and I went on a little day trip. We decided to take a ride up to the King Arthur Flour store in Vermont. If you haven’t been to their web site go ahead and click over … Continue reading

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Distracted Knitting

I really thought I’d have Reyna done this week but it just didn’t happen. There wasn’t enough time to make real progress. I am working on the last lacy section. There are lots of stitches on the needle so it … Continue reading

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Unplanned Thrift Shop Visit

We were out and about running the usual weekend errands: groceries, BJ’s and lunch. When we were at our last stop H asked if we could look in the thrift store. The yarn section was a bust but I did … Continue reading

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Tasty Treat

Once all the shoveling was done (thank you knitting neighbor for the help with the snowblower! We’d still be out there without you!) and everyone was warm and dry I decided we needed a little treat. What would everyone enjoy? … Continue reading

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Proof That I Am Able To Listen And Learn

The other day I mentioned my shrinking socks. ifonlyyoutry1 suggested laundry bags. When I was out this week I bought some. I think this is going to work out really well. Thanks for the suggestion!  As a thank you I … Continue reading

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This One Is A Keeper!

Every year I try a few new to me cookie recipes in the hope of finding something special enough to give at Christmas. I slacked off this year and kept putting it off. I finally narrowed it down to a … Continue reading

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