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Horrifying Holiday Hell

H ordered these. Can you imagine clam flavored candy canes? I like fried clams a lot but clamdy canes frighten the hell out of me. She’s making us try them on Christmas. Save me! Link just in case you want … Continue reading

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By Request

Inside the pie. As you can see the apples collapsed and let go of a lot of juice. The pie tasted better today than it did yesterday. The only thing I don’t like about pie is that in this house … Continue reading

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Still Looking

I made another apple pie using a different crust recipe. As you may have guessed, the last one was only okay. This one too is pretty much just okay. Well, only as compared with other all butter crusts I’ve tried. … Continue reading

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An Honest Assessment

This photo is entitled Shawl on a Dog. As you can see he wasn’t going to just take it. I had to rescue it right after snapping the photo. I’ve done a few more loooooong rows. I’m enjoying the knitting … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving to those that are celebrating. Happy Thursday to everyone else. Yesterday was pie day at my house. Every Wednesday before Thanksgiving I bake a couple or three pies. The first pie I baked is the one above. As … Continue reading

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Fun Food

On Saturday I took N to his culture group. It’s sort of a big brother big sister kind of program with college students. N has been going for more than half his life which isn’t a lot compared to some … Continue reading

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Yesterday I threw together a boxed chocolate cake. I like Duncan Hines cake though I wish I would remember to add an extra egg (so 4 total) and use milk instead of water. It’s supposed to make a more bakery-like … Continue reading

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