FO Friday: What Was I Saying?

•August 29, 2014 • 7 Comments

Oh yeah, I said I’d be back. Sorry to have neglected to return sooner. Things have been wild. The Husband has been working basically double shifts for the past three-four weeks. It seemed like a break when he only had to work 12 hour days this week. I’m still spending hours every day at my parent’s house. Things had been going really well until yesterday when my father fell and broke this wrist. He gets a cast today. N has one more week of summer vacation. He’s looking forward to going back to school. He will be going to the middle school. WOW! How did that happen? H continues to love her job and drive us all crazy.

So I had promised to tell you about my Camp Loopy project 3. The only requirement for this project is that you have to use 800 yards of yarn on one item. I decided to knit the Yellow Brick Road Cardi with Cascade 220 in smoke. It took a couple of swatches to finally get near gauge. Had I been posting regularly I could have told you how well written the pattern is. How I never really had any questions about what was meant. Or how I learned a few interesting things knitting this pattern.

One of those is pleats. I had never knit them before and they were really a lot easier than I thought they would be. I also might have mentioned that I have no idea why exactly you would use them. They do look cool.

I finished the sweater earlier this week and then blocked it. The fit is only OK. I probably would have enjoyed trying it on more if it wasn’t 90 degrees. The only part that I am unhappy about is the neckline. It sits lower than I like. I never know what to wear under a sweater that fits like this. When the temperature is cooler I’ll try it on with a few different shirts and see how I feel about it. The jury is out on the 3/4 length sleeves. I know they are theoretically more flattering stopping at the thinest point of my midsection but I feel like the sleeves make my arms look like sausages and my skinny wrists and tiny hands hang out below. Maybe with a better shirt they would look better too.

I spent a day trying to decide what to knit next. It seems strange to be able to knit whatever I want in whatever yarn. Three months of Camp will do that to a knitter. I had a hard time trying to decide if I would work on a WIP or cast on a new pair of socks. What do you think I did? Maybe you’ll be surprised or maybe you won’t.

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FO On Monday: Quick & Dirty

•July 28, 2014 • 11 Comments

The Little Cable Knee Highs are done. The yarn is Sweet Georgia Yarns tough sock in riptide. I used size 1 1/2 US needles adjusting the pattern to 64sts for foot and ankle and then followed the pattern for the increases. The pattern was easy to follow and fun to knit, the 5 inches of ribbing for the cuffs was soul sucking and took forever. But worth it.

Now I am prepping for my next project. I’m questioning my sanity. I’ll be back soon to tell you about it.

WIP Wednesday: Must-Knit-Faster

•July 9, 2014 • 10 Comments

Or I will not have this pair done by the end of the month. I always thought knee socks were just long regular socks. They aren’t. They are like knitting two pair of socks! I knit for hours and then try them on and I have only got another inch done. The pattern is Little Cable Knee Highs by Purl Soho. The yarn is Sweet Georgia tough love sock in Riptide. The socks are my second Camp Loopy project which is to be knit during the month of July. So far the alterations I have made to the pattern are working out. I am knitting these on 64sts for the main part of the foot and ankle. I am following the prescribed increases for the calf and will adjust the stitch count as needed for the ribbing. As of right now I’m very happy with everything about this sock, except maybe the speed with which I am knitting it. That said, I better get back to it.

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WIP Wednesday: On Not Leaving Well Enough Alone

•July 2, 2014 • 7 Comments

imageYesterday I spent a couple of hours reading over the pattern, knitting and tinking. Of course I have changed things because I know what I like/want and will get there one way or another. ¬†First I changed the needle size to US size1, my preferred size. I like my sock fabric to be somewhat dense. Then I changed the cast on to the Turkish cast on I used with the Stitch Surfer socks. I’m sure this will be my go to cast on for toe up socks. I knew as I read through the pattern that the size options might be an issue. I like a 64 stitch sock on size US 1 needle and the available pattern sizes were 60 or 68. I tried the 68 because the 60 looked way too narrow. 68 was too wide so I ripped back to 64 sts and figure I’ll just make it work.

I was very tempted to rip the whole thing out and change the cast on to 16 sts but decided that rewriting the entire pattern was insane. Hopefully today I will just knit and not spend my knitting time reinventing the pattern.

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* I wrote this post on my phone. Sorry there are no links. My post from yesterday has the pattern and yarn info and the link to Tami’s WIP Wednesday posts is over on the right.

On Your Mark, Get Set…

•July 1, 2014 • 8 Comments

Cast on!

Yarn: Sweet Georgia tough love sock in Riptide

Pattern: Little Cable Knee Highs by Purl Soho

FO Friday: Surfing

•June 27, 2014 • 8 Comments

I am so pleased to say that I have completed my first Camp Loopy project! The pattern is Stitch Surfer by Louise Robert. The yarn is Biscotte & Cie in Paturage purchased as a kit from The Loopy Ewe. I totally enjoyed knitting these socks BUT I have to give credit to Diane of the Knitabulls podcast. She has made a fantastic 3-part video tutorial walking, well, knitting, ¬†through the pattern that has many tips that she figured out knitting this pattern a dozen times! I found the tutorial so helpful. Not only was I able to knit socks that I love but she demystified magic loop and knitting socks from the toe up. I found her choice of the Turkish cast on to be perfect for the pattern and for me to use for other toe up socks. I feel like I can give toe up patterns a more serious look now that I have knit these. In the past I avoided toe up patterns unless I could flip them to cuff down. Thank you Diane for being so generous with your time and sharing your knitting knowledge. I highly recommend this pattern and the tutorial for anyone looking for a fun pattern that isn’t nearly as difficult as it looks.

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WIP Wednesday: Something New This Way Comes

•June 25, 2014 • 7 Comments

I needed something to knit while I wait for July 1st when I can cast on my second Camp Loopy project so I went for a shallow dive in the stash. I found nestled among the sock yarn a couple of skeins of Patons Kroy Socks in Grey Brown Marl. I have cast on 64 sts for a plain stockinette sock. I did fancy it up a bit with twisted rib for the cuff. I’m hoping I can get these socks done lickety-split before July 1.

Ellen and Helen asked what size needles I use to knit my socks. Normally I use my most favorite Skacel size 1US (2.5mm) double pointed steel needles. They are my go to needles for most fingering weight yarn. I knit the Stitch Surfer socks (which you’ll see Friday because they are done) on Addi Turbo 32 inch size 1US (2.5mm) circular needles. I am knitting the above socks on the same Addi Turbos because I wanted to leave my double pointed needles free for my next Camp Loopy project.

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