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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.

Some Days…

Some days it’s hardly worth getting out of bed. That would be my yesterday. Our governor released his 4 part plan to reopen our state. Each part could be spaced 3 or more weeks apart. My brain tells me we … Continue reading

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3 More Rows

Probably 3 more rows. Or maybe 5. I’m going to say 3. It makes me feel like I’ve got this done. It wasn’t a productive knitting weekend. I spent time walking, watching TV and playing Pokemon Go. That wasn’t all. … Continue reading

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Camp Loopy 2020

My Camp Loopy Box of Fun arrived yesterday and I couldn’t be happier. The yarn is Leading Men Fiber Arts show stopper in yarn hoarder. I’ve never used this yarn before but it seems lovely. I am planning to knit … Continue reading

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On Our Walk

I showed you this same view recently with daffodils. Now the tulips are in bloom. It was beautiful in person. This little friend was walking along the driveway of the high school. The Husband was kind and quick enough to … Continue reading

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Of Two Minds

I nearly forgot to write a quick something. My mind has been everywhere except on what I’m doing. We had to make a run to the bank yesterday and wouldn’t you know there were lines at both the drive thru … Continue reading

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Not a great photo. Sorry about that. The sun was behind me and I had a hard time seeing my phone screen. What you see are cherry blossoms. Loads of them in two different varieties. As you can see we … Continue reading

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WIP Wednesday: Knitting On

I have been spending my afternoons knitting and watching TV. We are nearly caught up on Outlander thanks to a free preview week from our cable company. The shawl is visibly larger and I’ve started the garter stitch section. The … Continue reading

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