Suggestions On Saturday 

Yesterday I was thinking about the interesting things I find on Ravelry after Kathy mentioned that she was thinking about joining a knit along after she finishes her Peace Sweater (Have you seen it? It’s beautiful!). I thought maybe I would occasionally mention some stuff here that you might not have found that I find interesting. First, you do know about Ravelry right? Do you belong to any forums on Ravelry? I belong to quite a few. Of course I am a Loopy Groupy, the place on Ravelry for all things related to The Loopy Ewe. Lovin’ The Freebies is perfect for finding free patterns and free knit and crochet alongs. It’s a very busy forum with lots of members. Another great forum is Beginner’s Knit Along. They run regular knit alongs which are chosen by member poll. I’ve found some great gift ideas in this group. The final item isn’t a forum, it’s the road trip planner. You enter your starting location, destination and how far off your route you’re willing to travel. This is a great way to find yarn shops when you’re traveling! What useful/interesting thing have you found on Ravelry?

This is a historical spider photo from a few years ago. I’m happy to say I haven’t seen one of these at my back door recently. 

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7 Responses to Suggestions On Saturday 

  1. jo creates says:

    I love ravelry it feels like my second home. thanks for the tips on forums though, it’s a side of ravelry I need to explore more but wasn’t sure where too start! 😊

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  2. chrisknits says:

    Planning my trip around shops does no good with a husband who doesn’t get off the beaten path!!

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    Yes, yes, yes, do write down tips about Ravelry. I am getting the hang of it, but it is so huge it easy to get lost!! Thanks for the shout out too!😄

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  4. elpalchica says:

    Pregnancy forums on ravelry are amazing.e.g. “Due in March 2017”
    I love the yarn ideas section of patterns. If you see a pattern you like there is a “yarn ideas” tab which shows what others have used. If they have good project notes you can see how many skeins it takes etc.

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  5. I enjoy the “local” groups on Ravelry. Especially when local swaps are arranged, as the packages are so cute, and delivers so fast. 🙂

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  6. Olivia says:

    Road trip planner. Genius. Definitely going to check that out

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  7. YarnyDragonfly says:

    I like to look up a yarn that I have in my stash (using the “Yarn” tab) and then by narrowing down the search by yardage, etc., I can find a perfect pattern to go with my yarn!

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