Flaws, Curiosity and My Glass

I am a flawed person. I’m impatient, intolerant, inherently lazy, overly emotional, cheap and dismissive. I have a real hard time when I can’t get my point across. I am unendingly curious. This leads to a lot of lost hours researching things. I tend to question and not just go along. My feelings about truth, justice and the American way are way too strong. Lots of people sacrificed their lives for our freedoms. I value that. I value the Constitution that The Husband (and all military members, congressional members and presidents) swore to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

I am almost unceasingly optimistic. My glass is always half full. Even when things start looking dark, I’m the one looking at the bright side. I expect the best of people. I give people a second chance, even a third and fourth if I care about them. I am fiercely loyal. And more than once this has worked out poorly for me. I hold people to a high standard. I hold myself to a higher one.

As we navigate political unrest and a pandemic I am often shaking my head thinking WTF. I’ve seen states shut down for two weeks to flatten the curve. It was the right thing we were told. That two weeks is now 40 something weeks. And we are still being told that the virus is spreading and hospitals are at near capacity. Tik Tok has a good number of videos of hospital employees doing choreographed dances. Is this some sort of mystery medical treatment? We were then told it was ok for people to peacefully protest. Cities were burning, businesses destroyed and people died but the protests which were “mostly peaceful” continued. We held an election that looked like no election I’ve ever seen. People asked questions, filed lawsuits, congress and senate members had questions but we were told there was no fraud. Nothing to see here and yet in recent days there have been arrests for fraud. The Capital was violated. People died, damage was done and we were told it was the president’s fault. We were told Antifa was not involved. It was supporters of the president. I watched congress impeach a president before an investigation has been completed. This seems to be the opposite of what we expect of a trial. People are ordinarily presumed innocent until they are proven guilty, with evidence after an investigation. People also have a right to a rigorous defense. Will this be the new standard when one party has enough votes and they don’t like the sitting president? As days pass there is a trickle of information on who was arrested and the timeline of events. There are photos on the FBI website looking for identification of people involved. Over 100 people have been arrested and charged. They’ll get their due process. Have you seen photos of the Capital and the area around it? There are over 20,000 National Guard members in the area. There is an 8 foot fence with razor wire around the Capital Mall. There is another ring of protect further out. Roads blocked and checkpoints to enter. All said to protect the Capital and the inauguration. Even the inauguration is being changed from what it ordinarily is. The American people have been told they are not to attend. No one is allowed into that area without proof (residence in that area or essential employee) they belong there. The peaceful transition of power is standard operating procedure in the US and ordinarily the people are included in this solemn celebration. All these things leave me completely confused. I’m a trust but verify kind of person. I am worried. Things are not the way they usually are but we aren’t being told why.


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17 Responses to Flaws, Curiosity and My Glass

  1. Erica says:

    I feel like something big is about to happen this week. I am usually like you, very trusting, always giving second and third chances, and trying to see the good in every. But this year has really put a bad taste in my mouth. I have slowly become the opposite of all the above. I honestly did an extra grocery shopping last night to be prepared. I am making bread today to help keep my mind off things. I made it a point to see my sister yesterday and I’m seeing my mom today because I’m not sure when I might see them again. I am worried. I think mostly we are being fed a bunch of BS so I’ve stopped watching the news. I read an article yesterday that in China they found Covid in ice cream. I’m like WTF, dessert isn’t even safe anymore. Can things get more screwed up? Unfortunately yes, we just have to see what this next week brings. I find my self using the phrase “ this is just another shit show” more often than I have every used it in my life. I pray that you and your family are safe and comfortable over the next week and that you can find some comfort in knowing you are not alone.


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    • I’m so glad I’m not alone. Thank you.
      I’m not a religious person but I have felt drawn to pray. This has left me feeling more calm and less panicked.
      I’m reminded of the book Something Wicked This Way Comes. I can feel it but I don’t know what it is. I’m hopeful but still going to pray.

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  2. Also trying to avoid the news. I only saw the Covid in ice cream from China on Fox news, nowhere else. If I look at Fox news, then CNN, it’s like looking at two different worlds.

    I understood that the impeachment preceded the trial, and that the evidence was the speech given immediately before the riot. As I’m British, I might have misunderstood? I also thought that the extra security was as a result of the riot?

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    • We have not been told by anyone in power why the security has been so hugely increased. There is now talk of shutting down the city entirely on Wednesday. The media is saying it’s because of possible violence but they have not told us who gave them that information. Maybe it’s intelligence chatter. That being said the mayor of DC requested the National Guard be used to protect the city. The president is the one who has the authority to federalize the National Guard. It could also be that the Capitol police in conjunction with those in charge at the Capitol requested a visible increase in security. I do think extra security is important after last week but a fence and 1,000 troops seems more in line with what we’ve been told will be a very small inauguration. They’re now saying there will be 30,000 fully outfitted (meaning armed) troops. That is troubling and speaking as a fiscally conscious person, really expensive.
      If nothing else the next few days are going to be interesting to watch.

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    • Bobbie Jean says:

      I cannot imagine not being informed via legit news sources. We want to know what is going on in our world. The thing is not to drown in news. One has to check reliable news sources. Moderation is key. Being informed is akin to being armed. Ignorance is not true bliss.

      Being British does not detract from being an intelligent thinker/observer of what is so obviously going on in America. Or anywhere else in the world. I’m amazed when I hear people who hear and read the same facts, see the same photographic evidence, yet still remain clueless. Not everyone is capable of, or willing to see the truth and the reality before them? It’s the emperor’s new clothes all over again. I wish someone could explain how two people can see the same thing yet still manage to come away with differing views. Oh! Remember the parable of the blind men and the elephant? 🙂 Then again, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

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    • I visited cousins in the spring – they went from Fox News to MSNBC every evening. After more than a week of that, I decided that Fox News generally told the truth – but their political commentary, not so much. MSNBC told the truth – but not the whole truth. I think the message is to look at multiple news sources, and take an average!

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  3. yarnmama10 says:

    Your description of yourself is very much like mine of myself. I have been suspicious and concerned for quite awhile but since March 2020 it is ramped up to an unprecedented level. I am just starting to read Aleksandr Soltzhenitzn’s The Gulag Archipelago which has been on my TBR list for awhile. Pretty disturbing parallels there.

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  4. chrisknits says:

    I am not hunkering down and I am not letting the chatter of those who seek to divide us to alarm me. We are in fly over country and we mostly help our neighbors and watch out for each other, but it does seem to be getting fairly divisive. So I just do my best to get along and pray for unity.

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  5. I’ve been stocking up on canned goods, pasta and the all important toilet paper since Biden said he was willing to shut the country down again. I’m also very concerned about the troops in the Capital, if that much protection is needed, then something is very wrong – obviously a lot of the country doesn’t feel this election was valid but instead of actually investigating, it feels like it’s being shoved down our throats. I heard this yesterday and it rang true – if the President’s speech was so incendiary, why isn’t it being shown repeatedly on the “news?” Nope, nothing to see here.

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  6. kathyreeves says:

    I am concerned about Biden’s talk of shutting down the country and firing up the printing presses to hand out more currency. Here in SD we flattened the curve without shutting down or mandating masks, if he tries to lock down the entire country….There is actually whispers of secession out this direction, and it’s more than one state. Just the fact that it has been mentioned, even idly, sends me to my knees.

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    • When a politician spends too much time in the swamp and not enough time listening to the people they end up out of touch. A targeted approach to both stimulus money and reopening the country is what is needed.
      I’m jarred by the fact that some democrat governors are now talking about opening up when they have handled this very bad. I’m specifically looking at NY where they have had a large infection rate, huge death rate specifically in nursing homes due to decisions that were made, a huge number of businesses gone and a vibrant world class city that is a shell of itself.

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      • kathyreeves says:

        Well said! The founding fathers made us a republic for a reason, one being that the country is too vast for one size fits all. The closer the government is to the people it serves, the better the accountability and the ability to make good decisions. States need to have the say over how they handle things, and better yet, states need to bow to the ability of local government to make on the ground decisions.

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    • LDSVenus says:

      Legally Biden can’t shut down the whole country, he can mandate things for the federal government employees and the contractors that work there like wearing masks, but his power over the country is limited (thank goodness). He can encourage the Governors to do that, but it’s up to each state what they decide to do. So in essence Liberal states will probably follow his counsel and Conservative states wont. I look at CA and NY and shake my head.

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  7. bluestempond says:

    What I hear in your post is a very uncomfortable feeling that you don’t know who or what to trust and are questioning everything, but especially things that don’t fit the narrative you are accustomed to hearing. For me, it comes down to whether you want to continue in that never-ending limbo world or do you plan to do something to track down what is verifiably true. There are a number of fact-checking organizations you can review. If you choose to read social media rumors and are continually told to doubt contrasting news stories, I see no way out for you and that makes me feel very sad for you as a blogging friend.

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  8. ReginaMary says:

    It is not sending me good vibes, that’s for sure.

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