Good Friday

As I’ve mentioned before I was born a lapsed Catholic. My parents weren’t into the whole religious thing. They saw that I got just a taste of being Catholic. I attended CCD and received the sacraments. We weren’t a family to attend church or observe all the holidays in a religious way. I’m not sure why but I suspect it was the forced aspect of it that they rejected. My father talked about things he didn’t like about the church. One being confession. He once told a friend (back in the 70’s) who was a brother that he found confessing to the priest in an anonymous way (in a box) ridiculous. God knows your sins and he will forgive you if you repent. Doing it face to face with a priest makes more sense. Now that is how it is done. Another thing he didn’t like was how “the rules” changed. A bunch of cardinals or bishops get together and decide that women no longer have to cover their head when they enter the church or now it’s no longer a sin to hold the host in your hand. The changes seemed arbitrary. My father was a man who liked things set out, to make sense and be consistent. Otherwise he’d call bullshit. It may have been an old way of thinking but we are all better off when the rules are laid out and applied evenly and when there is reason to change the reasons are spelled out.

Anyway when I was a kid we always followed the no meat on Friday during Lent rule. I can remember my grandmother telling me how her grandmother wouldn’t let them talk from noon to 3:00 on Good Friday. Of course this same grandmother, my great great grandmother, made them hide in a closet and pray during thunderstorms.

I got an email from a friend yesterday with a letter from the priest at our church. Yes, we have a church and no we don’t go to mass often. The letter explained that they are canceling mass and basically closing the church for the next 10 days due to an increase in Covid cases among the staff and clergy (it did not mention parishioners). They will live stream the unattended masses. So my church is closing for the most sacred holiday weekend.

My holiday weekend will involve homemade pizza tonight. Tomorrow we will have our Easter dinner because N has to work Sunday. America runs on Dunkin even on a holiday. I suspect a chocolate bunny or two will appear because they are tradition at our house. How will you be spending your weekend?

If you’re curious about Good Friday and what it means. Here is a link.

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A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

Ignore the dust!

I gathered a couple of seasons worth of crafting items from the corner I showed a week or two ago. Everything has been wrangled into it’s appropriate container. Only one UFO was removed from the needles and the yarn reclaimed. It was the plain stockinette socks in the cursed yarn. I’ve tried multiple sock patterns with the yarn and each has failed. I don’t know what the yarn wants to be. It can sit in the yarn bin and think about being more agreeable.

Next on the agenda is actually cleaning the living room. A real deep cleaning. All the furniture will be vacuumed and then moved and vacuumed under. The baseboards and walls will be dusted. The wood furniture dusted. Clean out the drawers and cabinets. Wash the curtains and the windows. Wash the light fixtures.

I’m tired just thinking about it.

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I’m A Dog Person

Anyone who has been around here for a while knows about Myles, our miniature poodle. He’s one of many dogs who have passed through my life.

The first dog in my life was Kippy, my uncle’s German Shepherd whose contribution to my life was letting my mother know I’m allergic to dogs. When I was 6 years old I got my first dog, Fittle an apricot miniature poodle. From that point on I’ve had a dog in my life (except for a total of 9 months). There were poodles, both miniature and standard, Yorkshire Terriers and a stray German Shepherd mix.

I like to think I have a grasp of dog behavior. I’ve read enough dog books for a college degree. Each of my dogs has taught me so much.

I was saddened to see that Major Biden was involved in a second biting incident at the White House. Dogs don’t do well when stressed. They get defensive when they feel threatened. This is a rescue dog who probably is anxious. I hope people who have control over the situation realize this is not the fault of the dog. Often a third bite means the end for the dog. Major deserves better.

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The Things We Tell Ourself

I’ve convinced myself that it is much more important that I finish my Loopy Academy TAG projects. They have to be done by the end of May. Everything else (ie cleaning) can be put on hold until I’ve finished this project and decided on and started the next. I’ve got the yarn so that is set.

So that being said, I’ve reached the end of the body of the cowl. I’ve just got the end (a folded hem that will be sewn) to do. A few more days and I should be done.

How are your projects going? Are you telling yourself things to get them done?

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I’ve Found The Secret

I’ve found the secret for caring for this plant: neglect. If I baby it the leaves drop off but if I just give it a drink of water with a wee bit of fertilizer every week it continues to bloom. Who knew plant care could be so easy.

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Choose Your Own Adventure: Saturday Edition

I’ve got a bit of a busy day today. There is the usual stuff, a socially distanced track meet and a Pokemon Go event. I’m going to try to fit in as much as I can. I’ve got things rattling through my head at the same time. It’s been a weird week, again. I’ll swing back and leave some comments in the comments as time permits.

  • There is a large container ship blocking the Suez Canal. How crazy is that! The photos, of which I’ve seen a few, show a massive ship and a teeny tiny front end loader trying to dig it free. I’m thinking it’s going to take some time to fix this. All the while other ships are having to take the long way around. This must be costing every company (and by extension all people buying these goods) a fortune. Amazing how one seeming small inconvenience can cause ripples all around the world.
  • President Biden conducted his first press conference. I watched it and then read the news reports and Twitter comments. I didn’t think he did too bad. He answered more questions than I expected. I would have liked to see more diverse questions. I would have liked to see more diverse press called on. I’ll be interested to see when he conducts another. I hope it’s before June.
  • We’ve had two mass shooter incidents, Atlanta and Boulder. Both are tragic events. Both were used by the media initially for the narrative they wanted to push until it didn’t. No one seems to discuss the regular shootings that take place in Chicago and Baltimore. If a discussion on shootings and gun laws is going to take place a full study of the use and misuse of guns should be undertaken.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris and President Bill Clinton conducted a webcast to discuss empowering women. I can’t even imagine a worse choice. Well, maybe Jeffrey Epstein if he was alive or Harvey Weinstein. How about a panel of women who are top in their field talking about how they got where they are?
  • Have you seen the photos/videos by the senators who visited the border? Go look. The photo of the toddlers is particularly heartbreaking. We need to do better. We need to fix this. Now.
  • Volcano eruption in Iceland. Drone footage is amazing and scary.
  • Flooding in Australia with a side of spiders. H was particularly freaked out about the spiders. She is very anti spider.

Feel free to start some discussions in the comments. Go off the board and talk about the news item that’s got your attention this week. I’ll swing by later with my comments.

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One Of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days were it seems like everything just gets in the way? Where you even get in your own way? That’s how my yesterday and today have been.

You can see by looking at the photo two obvious things: I got a bunch of knitting in yesterday and my assistant is assisting in unhelpful ways.

Yesterday when nothing else was going along easily I decided to just sit my behind on the couch and knit. I was really productive but then I noticed I’d dropped a stitch and had to hunt up a crochet hook to wrangle the stitch back up to where it belonged. It took longer to find the crochet hook (it was in a bag with the sock project I’m ignoring- the yarn is cursed. I accept that. I’ve got to rip it out and come up with another plan.) than it did to fix the stitch. But once the stitch was where it belonged I powered through another bunch of rounds.

Myles knows it’s spring. There is more sunlight during the day. It has been warmer. There are squirrels and so many birds. He’s taken to standing on anything that will let him see outside. He’s sure there are exciting things going on out there. There are more people walking by and so many dogs. Not helpful when he stands on my knitting.

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Let’s talk about goals as a way to achieve what we want.

The thing about goals is they can be whatever you want them to be and they can apply to whatever parts of your life that you’d like. You can have huge massive goals like earning a million dollars and having a lavish lifestyle. Or you can have small goals like getting through today with all your small children still breathing. Your goals just have to be important to you. It doesn’t matter what my goals are or what goals the Jones’s have.

I like to have multiple goals for different parts of my life. I have goals for my knitting. I have goals for my parenting. I have goals for my life. Depending on the day I have other little goals.

Currently my goals involve at least 14 rounds on the cowl every day, raising civilized human beings who contribute to society and cleaning one thing in my house.

Some days I do really well and hit all my small goals. Other days not so great. But I keep working on it and really isn’t that the key.

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WIP Wednesday: Past Half

I’ve passed the halfway point in the Diminishing Colors Cowl. It’s pretty obvious now in the photo that we are getting a dark to light sort of thing going on. It’s still my mindless while watching TV or listening to podcasts knitting.

As I do when I get beyond halfway I’ve been thinking about what project I’d like to do next. I have one more for Loopy Academy TAG. I’ve moved on from the original pattern I was considering and have a different one in mind. I’ve got 5 I’m considering. The decision will be made once I’m done with the cowl.

Funny but typical story for my life. I picked out black and gray yarn for the cowl because my winter jacket is black with white accents. I noticed the other day that the sleeves are starting to fray. So yes, I’ve knit a cowl for a jacket that I’ll have relegated to snow shoveling next winter. That’s just how my life works I suppose.

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A Suggestion

As I’ve said in the past I read a number of news sources. I appreciate real investigative journalism. Remember way back (I’m talking way way back) when Geraldo Rivera did his investigation on state hospital’s treatment of patients. It was a horrific story and exposed the incredibly bad treatment these innocent patients received. That kind of reporting is pretty much a thing of the past. It seems the media is more interesting in telling a story via narrative than exposing the truth.

I’ve been reading the Project Veritas reports on their website for the past 6 months or so. They have insiders who supply video and they show the video. They currently have photos from the Donna Texas detention center. I don’t care what side of the fence you sit on. These are people warehoused in close contact during a pandemic. Whether they should be coming or not isn’t the point. This is not being reported by mainstream media. It should be. The current administration isn’t allowing the media in. Why is the mainstream media not investigating this? How can we believe anything if we aren’t being told about this. Media is supposed to report the facts and let the viewer make the decision on how they feel about it. But they are silent.

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