3.5 Repeats

I dedicated a good chunk of time to knitting yesterday and I think I’ve made visible progress. Of course telling you I’ve done 3.5 repeats means nothing without some context. The pattern calls for 6 repeats plus another 3/4 repeat. This makes a slightly smaller shawl than I’m planning. I want to use somewhere between 625-725 yards. So I may end up needing 7 or 8 repeats plus the additional 3/4 repeat. But this is all a guess. And a lot will depend on how close I am to the end of the month. So I have no idea how much I have done.

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I Should Know Better

On Monday when I went grocery shopping I was weak and I added this innocent looking box of cookies to my cart. They’re simple, plain old fashioned cookies that I used to have when I was a kid. Every few years I am sucked into buying them because of the nostalgia. But these are evil cookies. I lose all self control once the package is open. I just keep eating another one and another one until the box is gone. It is beyond my control. What food makes you lose all self control? Please say you have one.

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WIP Wednesday: 2.5 Repeats

I think I missed posting yesterday. Oh well. I was probably too tired.

I didn’t get a full repeat done yesterday but I did get a half of one done today. I also did laundry, dishes and made a real dinner. Not a good dinner, damn you pretty pictures on Pinterest that are actually recipes that suck.

The shawl, Grateful Moments by Sylvia McFadden, is coming along. The pattern is easy to remember but some of the rows are too easy so I have made a couple of mistakes and had to tink back. We are one week into the month and the worry voice is my head is clearing it’s throat and trying to get my attention. I’m ignoring it. I should be able to get this done and everything else too. Famous last words…

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Progressing Along

One of my favorite parts of starting a new project is reaching the point where it starts to look like what it should look like. I reached that point and had to share a photo. So far I’ve only knit about 4 hours on this shawl and it’s August 5th. In an effort to make a little more progress I’ll be home knitting tomorrow morning while N is at cross country and The Husband goes off to the chiropractor. Hopefully I’ll be able to get another repeat in before I show you again.

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The Other WIP

H bought a house. It’s a cute little ranch built in the late 60’s. We are currently cleaning and painting. It will be brighter and lovely when done. So far the living room is primed and the edges in the other rooms are primed. It’s slow going because the walls are all painted in dark colors. The living room took 4 gallons of primer. The textured ceiling drank 2 of that. All the painting is cutting into my knitting time.

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WIP Saturday

Well it is Day 2 of the final month of Camp Loopy 2019 and my project, Grateful Moments Shawl, is underway. I decided that the size 4US needle is giving me a fabric I’m happy with. I’ve completed the set up chart and the first repeat of the main chart. There are 6 repeats suggested for sample size shawl shown in the pattern but more repeats can be done. My plan is to just keep going until I run low on yarn or reach the end of the month.

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You Know What They Say

Grow where you are planted.

This was growing in a crack in the sidewalk downtown.

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