Look at what I found at the thrift store today! I’ve been thinking I’d like to use up the many leftover bits of yarn I have hanging out in the stash. I hadn’t thought of making toys but it sounds like a good option. Next I’ll have to sort out some yarn to cast on. But first the shawl.

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I’m So Tired…

Last night was town meeting. It lasted a bit over 4 hours. I wasn’t crazy, I stayed home and watched on tv. The Husband and H did attend. When they got home they felt like chatting about the local goings on. This made bedtime well after midnight and wake up at 6:00 incredibly unpleasant. It will take the rest of the week for me to feel human again. At least the articles I wanted passed.

While watching I got at least two dozen rows done on the shawl. I included a cordless phone for scale. Myles is unavailable. He’s napping. He didn’t get his usual 20 hours yesterday.

Now I’ve got some vacuuming and dinner to deal with. I can’t wait to collapse into bed tonight.

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Best Intentions

I haven’t spent nearly enough time knitting the last few days. I think I’ve done maybe 8 rows. Instead of spending time telling you any more of my sad story I’m going to go knit for a while. I hope you can do the same.

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An Overcast Day

We enjoyed a quick walk on this overcast day. It was in the 50’s and sprinkled now and then. It didn’t matter. The air felt fresh and clean. The view is Boston in the back. It’s hard to make out the buildings but they’re there.

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That’s Done

It has been years in the making. N was confirmed in church today. Then we had a nice dinner out in a restaurant too dark to take a photo. It was good and the perfect way to end the day. Now I’m going to knit and go to bed early.

The photo is N and H who was his sponsor.

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Happy Friday

There has been progress on the shawl. It’s reaching the point where it’s just starting to take time to knit each row and they’re just getting longer.

I hope you’re not hungry. The Husband and I wandered up to the north shore the other day and decided lunch was in order. We stopped in to The Clam Box and shared a three way platter. The fried clams were so good! I’m drooling just remembering them. The Husband enjoyed the shrimp and scallops. It’s still my favorite place to get seafood. I can’t wait to go back again. If you’re in the area I highly recommend you put this on your agenda.

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Where Are You?

Dear Spring,

Where have you gone? You teased us with a couple of nice days mixed in with many rainy days. Yesterday not only did we have rain but it remained overcast and cold all day. Maybe you didn’t get the message. It’s May. Could you maybe come back and stay for a while?

Missing you, Karen

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