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Revisiting A Project

I was asked to report back on the Hedera socks after I’d worn them. Yesterday was their first time being worn. We went to have an early Thanksgiving celebration with my in-laws. It was a lovely visit with a delicious … Continue reading

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Still Looking

I made another apple pie using a different crust recipe. As you may have guessed, the last one was only okay. This one too is pretty much just okay. Well, only as compared with other all butter crusts I’ve tried. … Continue reading

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6 Things

6 days ago I told Chris I would do the 6 things thing she got from Facebook that day. So it feels like I said it yesterday but yes, it was 6 days ago. My 6 Things: There are not … Continue reading

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New And Notable

N has a new hobby. He has become ever so slightly obsessed with origami. He has been folding lots of things and even went to a class at the library. His current obsession is paper cranes. He intends to fold … Continue reading

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