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We spent much of the weekend out and about which really cut into my knitting time. I only got one row on the shawl done. I’ll try to do better today. While we were out we hit the thrift store. … Continue reading

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Thrift Shop Find

I’m one of those people who rarely has their shit together. I tend to be running around at the last minute trying to throw things together or get things done. When I was at the thrift store I spotted this … Continue reading

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Thrift Shop Haul

As you know I always check out the craft section at the thrift shop. There was a ton of cross stitch and sewing items this time along with the usual ton of Red Heart yarn. These three skeins were the … Continue reading

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A Rambling Post About Knitting, The Holidays, Family And Quirks

I currently have one active knit on the needles. Saying that makes me realize I can cast on anything, everything I want. What a heady feeling. Anyway, the Sweet Summer Shawl has grown. I’ve started the decreases. Knitting it isn’t … Continue reading

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I’m Just A Knitter Who Can’t Say No

Over the weekend we went to the larger local thrift store. The husband, who is very hard on clothes particularly work clothes, needed a couple of pair of dress pants that were cheap. While he picked out what he wanted … Continue reading

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Vintage Issues

I am not above admitting when I have a wee problem. On Sunday The Husband and I ran away from home for a few hours. We went to our favorite antique/junk store and spent some time looking through the shelves. … Continue reading

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The Kitchen

I have whined here about my kitchen pretty regularly. In my opinion it is the worst part of the house but that is probably because I spend so much time there. I thought I’d share some photos and show you … Continue reading

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A Thrifting We Did Go

We had a busy but fun weekend. On Saturday was The Husband’s parents 50th wedding anniversary. The Husband and his siblings (and spouses) threw a surprise party. It was nice to spend time with everyone and the food was delicious. … Continue reading

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Furniture: Antique, Vintage Or Other

I am hopelessly sentimental and often get attached to the dumbest things. The red chair is one of those things. When I was a child this chair was white and belonged to my grandmother. I loved to sit in it … Continue reading

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Out Of The Recesses Of My Mind

Sometimes I don’t know how my mind works. I’ll be doing something and out of nowhere something will pop into my brain and I am distracted for a few minutes while I contemplate that thought. The other day it was … Continue reading

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