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Not a great photo. Sorry about that. The sun was behind me and I had a hard time seeing my phone screen. What you see are cherry blossoms. Loads of them in two different varieties. As you can see we … Continue reading

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Knitting On The Couch With A Side Of Q &A

I’ve had a headache the last few days. It’s probably pollen overload with all the leaves opening on the trees. I’m also getting minimal sleep, well, at night. I sleep great from about 6-10 in the morning, coincidentally when The … Continue reading

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It Works!

The fix was quick too. The lamp didn’t require rewiring. It just needed a tightening of the screw that holds the whole thing together. It’s sad that someone would throw away a perfectly good item. A successful project for The … Continue reading

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Yesterday Was Weird

Knitting content: The shawl grows. Weird: We had snow and it was cold! We also had hail. New England weather is so unpredictable. I hope spring returns and sticks this time.

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Another Not Quite Failure

I made another loaf of sourdough bread. I’m not sharing the recipe. It’s ok but not fabulous. It was specifically for all purpose flour which is all I have, well had, The Husband scored some bread flour at Whole Foods … Continue reading

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A Project For The Husband

The Husband has been bored during the stay at home advisory. He’s used to doing his outside of the house hobbies like the gun club and the forge. When we were out playing Pokemon Go we spotted this lamp out … Continue reading

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A Visible Difference

I really need to get my crap together. I should have taken a photo during the day but I didn’t. I put it off to do other things. By the time I got to it it was dark and that … Continue reading

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