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Well, It’s Not Dead

I can’t remember when I bought this. A year ago or maybe two. I asked you all about a watering issue back in June. That has resolved. Marilyn posted a photo of hers and wow! It is spectacular. Obviously I’m … Continue reading

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This And That

My Christmas cactus has flowered in a sad way. It has 2 buds and one flower. Only one of my 3 plants has done anything. Oh well I guess this is an off year. Notice the wool balls trivet under … Continue reading

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Well, This Isn’t Good

Some of the older leaves on my plant are dying. I’m trying to tell myself it’s just that they’re done or it’s been so humid they can’t survive. But I’m afraid it might be a goner…

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Another Day Without Knitting

But there were other things. The Clematis is going crazy this year. I’m thrilled after have a few die in the same location. I picked up extra blueberries when I was grocery shopping and made jam with this recipe. We … Continue reading

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I have a love/hate relationship with nature. I love the furry and feathered animals. I tolerate the scaly ones. I love pretty flowers and majestic trees. I hate the pollen that makes me miserable. What I don’t like is when … Continue reading

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In The Garden

The Peonies are in bloom! Though there are only two this year. The green part looks great. I don’t know why there aren’t more flowers. Maybe next year.

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Plant Questions

My African Violet has me concerned. The plant itself looks fine. It’s gotten some new leaves and is growing well. It’s color looks fine too. Normally I water it weekly by sitting it in a little bowl of water. It … Continue reading

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