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About The Numbers

I am running late today. My morning and early afternoon were cluttered with things to do. Then once I was home I wanted to finish the 5th section of the shawl before I shared it with you. Then I did … Continue reading

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Risking It

I’m running late again. My MIL was buried this morning. It was a quick event but we’d received a text warning us of traffic in the area due to an accident. This caused us to rush getting ourselves thrown together … Continue reading

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Saturday Suggestions

First a story. The other day Myles went to the vet for his annual visit. When we arrived he was out of his mind with excitement. His feelings about a visit to the doctor are vastly different than mine. When … Continue reading

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I took a deep dive into the stash and came up with this lovely skein of Holiday Yarns flock sock in Pinot noir. I then spent hours looking at Ravelry trying to decide on a pattern. Not one appealed to … Continue reading

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Naknicromo Day 30: Crafts You’d Like To Learn

If you use the search button on my blog and search the words “spin” or “spindle” you’ll see that I have expressed interest in the past in learning to spin. I think most knitters get the urge once they’ve been … Continue reading

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Naknicromo Day 5: Crafting Heros

I have a few knitting heros. The first would be Elizabeth Zimmermann. I’ve read her books, watched some of her videos and knit a few of her patterns. Her knitting attitude and the confidence she instills as she teaches is … Continue reading

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I have just one WIP. That is crazy. Normally I have 2 or maybe 3. I have an itch to cast on something else of course. I’ll be fighting that urge because the spring semester of Loopy Academy will be … Continue reading

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Satisfying Knit

I’ve knit a lot of things: hats, mittens, blankets, socks, even gloves but nothing is more satisfying than a completed sweater. This is Puerperium by Kelly van Niekerk. The yarn is Bernat Softee Baby in flannel. The pattern is available … Continue reading

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A Rambling Post About Knitting, The Holidays, Family And Quirks

I currently have one active knit on the needles. Saying that makes me realize I can cast on anything, everything I want. What a heady feeling. Anyway, the Sweet Summer Shawl has grown. I’ve started the decreases. Knitting it isn’t … Continue reading

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The Ignored WIP

The Knotty Gloves. Remember those? They have been languishing in my knitting bag for weeks, ignored and unloved. It’s the fingers. They’re fiddly and I am not a fan of fiddly at the moment. I had to come up with … Continue reading

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