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Garden Stuff

Back in June I told you how The Husband planted a couple of potatoes from the fridge just to see what would happen. They were planted in a couple of stacked plastic buckets one of which he’d removed the bottom. … Continue reading

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Morning Glory Update

When I posted a few weeks ago I was sure we’d be lucky to see one or two flowers on the morning glory but that’s not what has happened. The plant itself looks just horrible but the buds and flowers … Continue reading

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The calendar tells me that autumn has begun. There are some leaves turning and everything is now suddenly available in pumpkin spice flavor. But my geranium is still flowering like it’s mid July. I’m tempted to bring it in the … Continue reading

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Sunday Observation

I’m moving really slowly today. I think it’s because I stayed up late fixing a little knitting mistake on the cowl. I have no idea what I did but I was two rows beyond it when I noticed. Then I … Continue reading

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A Bit Of An Oddity

I love when things aren’t they way they are expected to be. As long as I can remember I’ve found things that are surprising or odd to be fascinating. The Husband planted a package of assorted color 4 O’Clocks that … Continue reading

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The Husband is so excited. He has a summer squash on his plant. I’d be more excited if he was growing chocolate.

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Just Typical

Remember the large morning glory plant I showed a week or so ago. Well it still has no flowers but The Husband found this volunteer in the backyard. It was such a pleasant surprise.

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They’re minor difficulties compared to a pandemic and the general crazy that’s happening the world but they are the things that are taking up brain space. We planted morning glories in a pot and let them grow on the railing … Continue reading

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A Garden Update

We’ve got a bit of a mixed bag out in the garden. The cherry tomatoes are doing amazingly well. Very soon we will have more than we know what to do with. The other varieties of tomatoes are also doing … Continue reading

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Update On The Husband’s Garden

Remember the standing garden bed The Husband made. Well things are doing so well. He’s been watering it regularly and has enjoyed gardening so much. There are teeny tiny tomatoes and a couple of itty bitty cucumbers. There may even … Continue reading

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