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An Assortment Of Things

I got a paper cut last night behind my index finger fingernail. It still hurts and everything I do makes it feel like it’s splitting open. Fortunately I don’t use that finger much for knitting. I was wake at 4:30 … Continue reading

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May Can Be Like That

May has always been an event filled month. There is Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday and my maternal grandmother’s birthday (which happens to be today.) I find I spend more time thinking about them during May. The above photo is … Continue reading

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Easy & Tasty

I really like to make an easy dinner on Saturday night. It’s usually just N and I. The Husband eats later when he gets home from work. Last night I decided to try this recipe I saw on Pinterest instead … Continue reading

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A Little Distraction

I was straightening up a little bit and happened upon a few photos from when H* was little. My guess is she’s 4 in this photo. My parents rented a condo in Florida and we went to stay with them … Continue reading

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Lost Brothers

My maternal grandmother had four brothers. The eldest passed away in infancy before my grandmother was born. The youngest who was the last child passed away as a toddler. We have no photos of either of these boys. Above is … Continue reading

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Relatives & Mysteries

When my parents passed away I inherited a small chest of drawers that belonged to my grandmother. I remember when I was small she would open the bottom drawer and let me look at the photos. There were simple explanations … Continue reading

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