Let’s Talk About Sox, Baby

It’s pretty obvious I’ve got a thing for knitting socks. To me they are the pinnacle of satisfying knitting. They’re darn satisfying to wear too.

I received this yarn from my knitting neighbor. She gifts me the most lovely yarn. The yarn is Freckled Whimsy serendipity DK in the Irish you a beautiful rainbow. This is my first time knitting with Freckled Whimsy. It was a lovely experience. The pattern is Basic Socks (DK) by Patons. I wanted something simple to let the stripes shine and they do.

Normally I’m all about the super fine light fingering weight for my socks but this was an excellent experience trying something I didn’t know I’d enjoy. The socks knit up super quickly even though I didn’t try to rush. They feel really snuggly on my feet. They’re a total win. The Husband wants a pair of socks and I’m thinking DK might be the way to go. That sounds like a good excuse to go to my LYS.


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10 Responses to Let’s Talk About Sox, Baby

  1. sewadilly says:

    Your lovely socks make me want to try “yet again” to knit socks. Beautiful yarn!!!

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    • I will admit I am a sock knitting evangelist. You’ve got to try again:) There are many ways to knit socks and I think everyone just has to find the way that works best for them. My preferred method is cuff down on double pointed needles. Some people prefer toe up or magic loop. My advice is to pick a simple beginner pattern and just blindly follow it. My first socks were a pair in worsted weight WoolEase that I knit for my husband. They weren’t perfect but I learned a lot and could apply that to the next pair I tried. At this point I’ve knit over a hundred pair and they’re still my most favorite project. I also still have more to learn which makes me want to knit another pair every time I bind one off.

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  2. any excuse to go to the yarn store is a good excuse!

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  3. helenblunden says:

    Lovely pair of socks. I need to get over my “second sock syndrome” to start knitting them again. I tried magic circle but it got way too confusing for me.

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  4. Awesome socks!
    I agree with Suzie, any excuse to go to the yarn store is a good excuse.
    Can you still get your shoes on while wearing them?

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  5. LDSVenus says:

    Those are some very lovely socks, one day I will find the time to finish the pair I started over a year ago lol. I think the DK would be so nice in winter.

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  6. You new socks look super cheery and also very cozy. Win win! DK does knit up so much quicker than sock weight 🙂

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  7. kathyreeves says:

    DK and worsted are perfect for cold days. Irish you a rainbow is a beautiful color way!

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