In Which I Still Can’t Take A Good Photo

This is about the fifth photo of this hat I’ve taken and each has been worse than this so I’m going with it. The story of the hat will have to do.

I’m always cold. I blame it on the lack of thyroid. I’ve been told it’s from the large dose of radioactive iodine I was given. It could be I just have no blood as The Husband likes to say. Whatever it is I have a low tolerance for cold. As I was watching the days get shorter in August I got the idea that I needed a super warm hat to wear while shoveling the feet of snow I was dreading. I went searching for hats on Ravelry and found the Double Thick Hat by Kareema Ali.

It’s an interesting construction which added to my interest in knitting it. This project was chosen in the dark days of minimal knitting mojo so I was trying to find a pattern that sparked interest but was mostly mindless knitting. Anyway, basically it’s a provisional cast on at the center of two hats and then you knit one hat. Once completed you pick up the held stitches at the bottom of hat number one and knit the identical second hat. Once completed you tuck hat one into hat 2. It took me over 5 months to knit this. That’s how lacking I was in the will to get it done.

Overall it’s a nice pattern that creates a lovely very warm hat. I did go through the helpful projects to find a less pointy top. There are plenty of suggestions but I only went with the one. I had planned to knit each half in different colors but I didn’t have a good complimentary yarn. As an aside, I’m trying to knit mostly from stash. It’s too easy for me to buy new yarn to spark the mojo but I know I had the spark when I bought the stash yarn so I’m trying to stick with that. Yes, it’s all self talk but it’s working so I’m going to go with it.

The yarn is a lovely fingering weight that I had rolled into a ball at some point in the past for some other project and was separated was from its label. I have no idea what it is or where I got it. In person the color is a bit brighter than the photo. I’d buy it again if I knew what it was.


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8 Responses to In Which I Still Can’t Take A Good Photo

  1. Alissa Head says:

    It’s a nice and cheerful warm hat for winter. Glad you’ve got your knitting mojo back!

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  2. You know there’s a yarn out there that supposedly warms up when you wear whatever you make? I have no idea what the name is but I have some, so later I’ll go look – I got it on clearance and yes, it’s in the stash, but I was thinking it would be a nice hat. I have no idea why, since I rarely wear hats! I’m so glad you got your mojo back!

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  3. Meg Hanson says:

    Cool pattern. I suppose you could knit ribbing with a provisional cast on (I would have to google that), but maybe that would be too thick with a double layer. Yes, sometimes it is hard to get a good photo but we get the idea! I always have trouble with the color looking very different in the photo.

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  4. inquiring minds want to know – did you wear the hat, and did it help keep you warm???

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  5. Bright and cheery hat! And how nice that it’s double thickness!!

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