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I’ve been holding out on you just a bit. When I finished the last socks I showed you but didn’t kitchener the toe (still haven’t) I cast on some Monkey socks thinking I’d whip right through them and walk away with a happy win and warm feet. Well that didn’t happen. I did make it through turning the heel and then the tiny ember of mojo disappeared. The sock has been waiting as have I for the return of the mojo. All the chitchat about monkey pox reminded me about these socks. Maybe now that it’s in the 80’s with the promise of 90’s for tomorrow I’ll find the mojo. I don’t know what it is about the heat that makes me think about knitting.

The yarn is It’s Artistic by Abi in self-striping socks in the Dunkin Donuts colorway. The colors make me think of childhood Sundays when my father would on rare occasions pick up a dozen donuts for us for breakfast. That was back when my town had one Dunkin where they made all the donuts. Now we have 6 and the donuts have that stale from the factory taste. Childhood tasted so much better.

FYI: I’m experimenting with the photo thingie on the blog. I use the app to publish. Is there a way to center the photo without using my desktop to fix it? Technology is not my friend.


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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12 Responses to Knitting Talk

  1. sewadilly says:

    I think there is a deep dark hole filled with knitting mojo … sure hope it comes back, miss mine.
    Your sock is looking cherry…

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  2. dolphinwrite says:

    As long as you do decently, don’t worry about diseases. Life is not meant to be lived afraid. There will always be diseases. All the best.

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  3. Now I have to look up Monkey Pox! 😳

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  4. Meg Hanson says:

    haha monkey sox and monkey pox. I look forward to seeing the socks when finished…you will get there eventually.

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  5. kathyreeves says:

    Sorry to hear your knitting mojo is still on hiatus. Mine has actually returned, hopefully all the new craziness won’t drive it away, though the garden might put it on the back burner for a bit.😝

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  6. Stefanie says:

    I did a test of adding an image to a new post using the WP app, once it loaded there is a menu at the bottom and the far right there is an icon of a rectangle in-between two lines; this is the alignment tool to center your image. When you touch it, options of how you wanted the image placed in your post pops up in a menu. Monkey socks is a pattern I’d like to knit again. These are the no purl ones, yeah?

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  7. LDSVenus says:

    I like the look of those socks, I might just have to look up the pattern, tho like you my mojo is hit and miss atm, mostly miss. I just don’t have the head space for stuff, not sure why, I am knitting one of the k2p2 rib hats I make for my hats for warmth project because it doesn’t take any head space at all, tho I only find I am knitting a row or two a day. I do find that my knitting urge comes in the heat of the summer, lol, my only surmise is that my body is saying, gotta get ready for winter, gotta get ready for winter. sigh. Monkey pox, a new reason to stay home and vote by mail huh? I should be good, I had chicken pox as a kid and had small pox vaccinations as a kid when my dad was transferred over seas. I looked up titer information on small pox and evidently it still offers immune responses 50 years out, and chicken pox is a life time immunity, someone said it was a cousin to the chicken pox, and cow pox is a cousin to small pox just in case that becomes a thing now too, so I figure I’m good to go :).

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  8. Yay for your mojo coming back!! That is a gorgeous colorway – so cheerful and sunny 🙂

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