It’s Been A Minute

Good grief! I’ve been busy not knitting. Yup, still not knitting. They’re doing a Loopy Day Camp this summer on Ravelry in the Loopy Groupies group. Meh. I know I need a mojo specialist or maybe a yarn infusion.

Other things are sucking up my time. My day job, which really takes up little of my time ordinarily, is ramped up a bit. It involves dealing with stuff and people and I am not a happy dealer, much like I shall not be a happy camper. Lots of scheduling and meeting but mostly waiting and waiting and waiting. Did I mention I’m not a happy waiter? Wouldn’t mind if I felt like knitting.

There are a few fun things taking up some of that wait time. I’m killing it on Candy Crush Soda. Yes I know the game is passé since it’s been out for ages but it’s on my phone and is good for killing time and ignoring shit. I made level 4477 this morning. See killing it.

Somehow The Husband discovered eating challenges on YouTube. Yes, people post videos of themselves doing those massive restaurant eating challenges. I am equally amazed and disgusted. Some videos are super fun but others just make me want to puke. This opened the door to people who post videos touring/reviewing buffets. Goodness these are fun and making my travel bucket list longer. The Husband also discovered The Hoof GP, a guy who is basically an animal podiatrist. I don’t recommend mixing this with the food videos. Queasiness will follow.

I’ve been listening to a couple new podcasts. I recently started listening to The Presidents Daily Brief. It’s a quick (15-20 minute) daily podcast on current events. The host, Bryan Dean Wright is a former CIA operations officer. It’s good and hits things you might not learn about in other places. I also listen to The Monica Crowley Podcast. It’s fast paced and has an upbeat tone as it covers current topics.

Before bed I have been putting in a good 30-45 minutes reading. I’ve got an endless list of books I’d like to read and dedicating this time has helped to make it happen. Right now I’m reading Covid-19 and The Global Predators by Peter R Breggin MD. I’m reading it on Hoopla on my phone which is a challenge right before bed because my eyes and brain are tired but the book is good and worth the effort.

I made a fresh strawberry pie yesterday. Damn it’s too tasty. I plan to make another once I get my hands on some fresh local strawberries in June.

Myles update: He’s good but way too smart. Every evening after we’ve settle down for a little TV I’ll ask The Husband if he’d like a cup of tea. Myles perks right up because that means dessert. When I’d cut the pie and returned it to the refrigerator I pulled out the can of whipped cream and Myles couldn’t get his butt on the floor fast enough in front of his water bowl. He remembered having a squirt of whipped cream at Christmas and wanted another now. Of course he had his while we had ours. He then spent 15 minutes licking his mustache making sure he got every bit. Good thing or he’d have been trying to get mine.

What have you been up to?

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17 Responses to It’s Been A Minute

  1. sewadilly says:

    Oh thank you for Myles update. Miss seeing pictures of my little friend.

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  2. Yes, Myles with a whipped cream mustache must be really cute! I’ve been traveling for family stuff, and knitting (delivered second of the cousin sweaters this past weekend), watching the wind HOWL! And got out kayaking once.

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  3. Cinna Knits says:

    Hurry up and wait is my least favorite activity! I feel like I can’t start anything because I might get interrupted.
    Way to kill it on Candy Crush!

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  4. Ruth says:

    Strawberry pie sounds delicious.


  5. Maverick hears the whoosh of the whipped cream and is at my feet in a hot second. I do love to squirt it in his mouth. 🙂 Have you read Scott Atlas’ book `- A Plague Upon Our House? I just started The House on the Cerulean Sea because I need something light, but that’s up next for me. Also, I have not played Candy Crush in eons and now I kinda want to.

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  6. kathyreeves says:

    I am on break before I start the summer round of piano lessons. Seems there are always one or two lessons that have to finished up during my “vacation” but today is all mine! I am rows away from finishing my last blanket square, sewing quilt blocks, and doing some deep cleaning. The big job though, is the garden. We have cold season stuff in the ground, and it has to be watered, as we’ve had about 2 inches of precipitation since January. One inch last week, which was so needed; I think we are in drought mode. Have been busy getting ready for empty shelves, and generally finishing stuff that needs to be done inside and out. The news gets more surreal by the day, but people do t seem to get it. I have added 8 kids to the studio for this summer…I’m taking them on while I can, as I expect the drop rate to be very high when everything hits. My sewing and knitting are my happy place. 🙂

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  7. Stefanie says:

    LOL, loved reading about Myles! Your strawberry pie sounds delicious. I’ve never had one before.

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  8. Marsha says:

    OOHH, I just bought 2 lbs of strawberries yesterday. Strawberry pie sounds like it would be a great make. Having to wait without knitting is horrible. But Candy Crush is a good sub until your mojo reappears. I got a mental visual of Myles with whipped cream all over his mustache. Too funny.

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  9. Glad you and yours are all doing well! I have missed hearing from you 🙂 The strawberry pie sounds delicious – glad Myles got some whipped cream too 🙂

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  10. LDSVenus says:

    I listen to the President’s Daily Brief too, it’s pretty good and concise.
    Where did you get your strawberry pie recipe, my grand daughter is a huge strawberry lover :).

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