My Point Was Lost

In my last post I think I did a poor job of making my point. The tale of my first real full time job rambled and in the details the point was buried. Here is a much easier explanation.

If your thought starting point is different than what is actually going on every decision you make, based on that initial belief, won’t be the most informed or best. If the foundation of your moves is wrong you won’t end up where you think you’re going.

Have you ever been given directions (probably in the pre GPS days) and you just don’t end up where the person was sending you. It happened to me and it boiled down to the supplier of the info and I were starting at a different point. They thought I’d approach the intersection in one direction but I’d actually come in a different way. Then when I followed the lefts and rights they’d given me, without street names, I ended up way far afield. I did get there eventually and we laughed because of the assumption made over the starting street corner.

It’s so simple as one initial assumption being off and it shadows every additional decision. And when looking back it’s easy to see that the wrong turn was made even before the journey had begun.

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2 Responses to My Point Was Lost

  1. One can’t get to Part B if Part A isn’t true.

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