It’s All Connected

I know I’ve mentioned in the past my brain works weirdly. Some of you said you’ve had similar things happen: out of seemingly nowhere a thought or view pops into your head and it gives you a momentary blast from the past. Well I had a creepy one pop up this week.

When I was in either kindergarten or first grade at the progressive catholic school (where we regularly attended the viewings of the dead nuns) I attended through 2nd grade (unsurprisingly they closed at that point) we had a screening of a movie that the entire student body (grades k-12) watched together. I have no idea why we watched Fantastic Voyage but we did. There must have been some lesson there that I didn’t get at the time. My big takeaway was fear. When the white blood cell engulfed the guy it freaked me right out. I don’t think I looked at the screen from that point on.

This memory hadn’t popped into my head in ages. I know when people talk about scary movies this is in my list but not at the top. I find Race With The Devil and The Sentinel much scarier. Anyway, the poor guy being swallowed by the white blood cell popped into my head when I was doing some reading online.

Naomi Wolf has been speaking out about the Covid situation and I have been following her gettr and substack. Her website, Daily Clout is crowdsourcing a deep dive into the 55,000 pages of Pfizer documents (200+ attorneys and 1200+ volunteers) that were recently released. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Naomi Wolf. She’s a liberal feminist who served as an advisor during the Clinton Administration. She’s also a mother and step mother who has concerns about how children have been treated during the pandemic.

How do these two disconnected bits of my story fit together? As I was learning that the nanolipid particles don’t stay in the muscle in the shoulder as we had been told they would all I could picture was the body fighting back against the invaders just like the white blood cell swallowing the guy in the movie. I recommend reading Naomi Wolf’s gettr and substack. She’s got a lot of information and links to additional people who are sharing things that are related.

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4 Responses to It’s All Connected

  1. I’ve been listening to too many podcasts lately. This was mentioned on the Joe Rogan/Peter McCullough episode, along with a lot of other stuff that scared the crap out of me. And they’re pushing the “you’re going to kill grandma if you don’t get your little ones vaccinated” line yet again.

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    • The excess death numbers that Edward Dowd talks about on Gettr are horrible. I don’t care what the cause was (and for the most part it’s not Covid), someone has to take responsibility for the bad decisions. He’s using insurance industry data. These numbers are carefully tracked every year so an anomaly is glaring.
      Did you see that Fauci is considering stepping down?

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  2. kathyreeves says:

    Fauci belongs in prison. Actually, prison is too good for him, God will have to deal with him.


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