A Promising Start

Good news! I knit a cuff! A whole cuff!

Honestly I’ve made it this far every time I’ve cast this pattern on. There are two buttonholes done. The leg is next but first I’m going to follow the most important instruction: read the entire section. Maybe next time I’ll have leg progress to report. Maybe I’ll still be digesting the leg instructions and chart.

How’s your project going?


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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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11 Responses to A Promising Start

  1. kathyreeves says:

    I am going to stitch tonight, even if only for 15 minutes!

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  2. I’m on the body section of a sweater I’ve been working on since last month. I’ve only gotten about 5 inches done of what I think is supposed to be about 20 inches.

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  3. Looking good!
    Started and finished a project last night. (Blogging about it tomorrow.)
    Second sock is to the heel flap.
    Second mitten is cast on.

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  4. yarnmama10 says:

    Yay! Let’s hope the next phase goes smoothly this time. I finished my shawl and cast on three more things. Blog post coming soon.

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  5. I’m plugging away at vanilla socks between marathon sessions at the wheel.

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  6. ReginaMary says:

    You are too funny. I thought I was making progress on the last clue of the Shawlography, but alas, I was wrong. So, last night I frogged and went to bed.

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  7. Sweater body done, first sleeve one inch to go (should be done tonight), Now I need to go home and knit!

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  8. Looking great! You got this – keep going!!
    I am working on a top and a shawl, both going OK 🙂

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  9. LDSVenus says:

    That is an interesting pattern, I think along with the button holes the cables might be a bit distracting to knit and watch the heel flap etc. You are more adventurous than I am at the moment :).

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  10. Stefanie says:

    Yaasss for a solid start! I had to frog a sweater WIP after I finished the body – 💩💩💩. I probably could have blocked it hardcore but my gut was telling me the gauge was a smidge small and I would need to go up at least one needle size, maybe even two. So the frogs were let loose and thankfully the mohair didn’t tangle up. I worked on a single sock some while binging on the latest collection of GBBS and I’ve picked up my HP sweater again which got ripped back because I had realized it was going to be really long. I’m now on the bottom ribbing and copying another knitter’s style because what she did made her sweater look varisty-like.


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