Karma: She Gets Around

I’m going to tell you a weird story. It’s kind of two stories but there is an underlining theme.

A couple of weeks ago The Husband was playing around in the yard with his metal detector. It’s an older model that isn’t very good but still finds stuff. He’d spent time over a few days scanning sections. Mostly he’d found a lot of junk like roofing nails and bits of foil. There were a few pennies and a dime too. The one really interesting thing he found was a good luck token from an army base in New Jersey. He looked up what was on it and learned that the base was used for WW2. He then looked up the name on the token and learned that the man had passed away just a few years ago. Reading his obituary he learned the man’s son lives in Maine so he wrapped it up and wrote a note to include with it and mailed it the week before Christmas. I kept thinking what a surprise this man would get. I really hope it’s a pleasant one.

Today while I was getting dinner The Husband was searching videos on YouTube. He left the search on the screen when I called him for dinner. After we’d eaten we sat down to watch TV and he continued with his search, Loring Air Force Base where we lived from 1987-1992. I spotted the 1991 air show video and said we were there, watch that. It was a grainy VHS video shot by someone attending the show. We immediately recognized the scene but imagine our shock when two minutes in on the screen were my parents and H, age almost 3.

Interesting to be given this blast from the past just after giving it to someone else. Karma: It can be a good thing.

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2 Responses to Karma: She Gets Around

  1. Meg Hanson says:

    Cool! I bet the person who received the token in the mail was very excited to have it.

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  2. That is really neat! What a wonderful surprise that will be for the recipient of the token, and how cool to see video of your own past experiences 🙂

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