Making Note

An open gate

The Husband and I spent a few hours one morning before Thanksgiving walking along a trail at a local (though not the usual) conservation area. This location is large and pieces of it sits in multiple towns. It spans a highway even and contains multiple bodies of water. For the first time we visited a section in our own town that we’ve driven by more times than I can count (and that I’ve driven by all my life). This area is more narrow sitting between a very large pond and a small twisty 4 lane road.

The Husband took the opportunity to bring along his metal detector just to see if there were any signals. While he did this I wandered around looking at the outside of the now state owned building that was once someone’s home. Along the way I found this wall and gate. I was so impressed by how beautiful the gate was. It’s so detailed. I loved that it’s been left open. I tried and could easily close it so it’s not stuck in this position.

The gate felt like it had so much to say. Someone took the time to design it. Someone else installed it just so. Someone, probably a number of someone’s, left it in place when over time the fashion of the times changed. But still it’s just a gate meant to block a path, but in this case, open to let everyone in.

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3 Responses to Making Note

  1. I love that gate – and its openness!

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  2. Love this, and agree – that is a beautiful gate!

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    What a treasure. I love little glimpses into the past that items like this provide.

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