WIP Wednesday: Still Not Knitting

I am still not feeling the urge to knit. Deep down I feel a flicker of interest but I don’t have enough to actually pick something up. Maybe some discussion will spark that flame.

Let’s revisit the knits I was working on.

I had last shown progress on the Calidez vest in early September. The yarn is Rowan Cork that I scored a couple years ago at the thrift store. I really love this vest. The plan is to knit the crew neck version with buttons.

In mid September I cast on the sock. The yarn is Supernova Dyeworks Desmos sock in my other ride is a unicorn colorway. The pattern is my usual 64 stitches with an 1 1/2 inch cuff and a 6 inch leg with a heel flap. It’s the combination that fits my feet best. I’m nearly to the toe and really should pick it back up.

I’m also planning a couple of items for the mini baby boom that’s happening in our extended family. A new baby boy arrived this week and a new baby girl will be arriving next month. I’m thinking a hat for the boy, something with ear flaps. A sweater for the girl. I’ve got the pattern on hand but I’ve got to take a dive into the stash to find some appropriate yarn.

How are your projects going?

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I'm a wife, mother and knitter. Watch out for my pointy sticks.
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14 Responses to WIP Wednesday: Still Not Knitting

  1. sewadilly says:

    Wish I had “magic recipe” for knitting/needles clickin’ Not happenin’ here .. We will march on with our goal of knitting fever to return. 🙂

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  2. 2dachsnite says:

    Maybe it’s time to turn your hand to another fiber art. Have you tried spinning? Or buying natural yarn and playing with dyeing? Or both? 😃
    Maybe yarn of your own making will re-energize your passion for knitting. I know I’m always more excited to plan a project with my hand spun. 💗

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  3. chrisknits says:

    I have a 12 month dress on the needles for the grandbaby, not here yet. But then Diva asked for a Christmas sweater, so off to get some red yarn in a DK for another bolero from Sirdar, my go to. Good thing that sweater doesn’t take long, even if the collar is just as many sts as the body!

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  4. Marsha Noce says:

    All parts of my Cardigan have been completed. Just need sewing together but……I’m not feeling the urge to do thatbyet. It is 90° degrees here today so no need to rush in to it. Decided to make a dishclothnto cleanse my pallette.

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  5. cattknithat says:

    My knitting projects aren’t going that good at the moment. I was attempting a cable pattern on a hat. I really messed that up and I will have to rip out to the brim. I have a sock that I carry in my purse. I need to finish that, but it has been sitting around.

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  6. Nothing like cold weather to encourage knitting mojo – and it’s coming fast! When your toes get cold, maybe you’ll finish the socks. It’s fortunate baby stuff is small and fast; I need to think of something to do for first great-grandchild next month. But first, I’m working on a sweater for a cousin – 56″ around, so it’s taking forever at 6 spi – but it’s lovely yarn, so I’m doing a little every day. Top down; I just divided body and sleeves.

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  7. slippedstitches says:

    Maybe a whole new project with yarn you’ve never used before. Look around the web for a pattern that is not in your normal ballpark. Something that sparks a little interest or a second look. Something to knit just for the fun of it.

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  8. Your mojo will come back – just give it time!

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  9. kathyreeves says:

    You’ll get there, I know it! I have two secret projects going for Christmas. I’m about to start the last big garter section on the Reyna, and hoe to finish the dancing goats on the first sock. 🙂 🐐

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  10. yarnmama10 says:

    I am working on three shawls at the moment. This is unusual for me but I am enjoying the variety. They are all different weights and shaping. It’s nice to switch between them to keep my interest.

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  11. Meg Hanson says:

    Knitting some baby things sounds fun and different!

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  12. Pumpkin hat, apple hat, blueberry next for the best baby in the world. I’m still working on the C2C blanket because it’s mindless. Baby things are fun and quick!

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  13. LDSVenus says:

    I have learned that things that you have a timeline for that you have to do, when you don’t feel like knitting, often will (during the process) spark that desire to to knit when you see something you would rather be knitting :P.

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