As The World Spins

I don’t know about you but I’m really surprised at what I’m seeing out there. Who’d have thought things could go from bad to worse to oh my God in such a short time.

As I sit on my couch knitting furiously on my August project my mouth is open with shock. I don’t even know what has me most outraged. Let’s look at a few things and take a temperature of the situation.

  • Afghanistan. There aren’t words for this debacle. It is a worst case scenario of worst case scenarios. My heart breaks for all the people who after twenty years deserve better. I’ve seen photos online of swarms of people at the airport trying to leave. Reminds me of when Saigon fell and that was a travesty.
  • Haiti. First their president is assassinated and now they’ve suffered another devastating earthquake. Not good.
  • Japan, Germany, India, China, lots of additional countries. Extreme flooding from heavy rains. Streets and buildings flooded. It’s biblical.
  • United States southern border is being overrun. It’s an unsustainable situation according to leaked audio of Secretary Mayorkas. Who and what are coming across our border? No one knows. Could it be Covid (original and innumerable variants), other diseases, drugs, gang members, terrorists, biological weapons, nuclear weapons? Maybe all of the above? No one knows. Read that again: No one knows.
  • Covid is on the rise again. There have been many “breakthrough” cases. In Barnstable county Massachusetts 74% of those diagnosed were fully vaccinated. But don’t worry President Obama got his big unmasked birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard while the rest of the state is told we all better start wearing the masks indoors again.
  • France, Italy, UK, Greece and other countries are protesting forced vaccines, vaccine passports and lockdowns. Australia is locked down tight again for just a handful of cases.

I don’t know what to be enraged about. I don’t know what to do. All I can do is say a pray for the people of the world and work with my locals to do what I can in my own community.

How are you doing? Are you shocked by what you see? How are you coping?


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7 Responses to As The World Spins

  1. yarnmama10 says:

    Honestly, I am coping by doing what is put before me each day, and trying as much as possible to ignore the news. I am not at all critical of any who are following it all, but it’s too big. Thankfully nothing is too big for God and I am trying to keep that in the forefront of my mind. Hugs to you.

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  2. I’m dealing with it as best I can and not very well on most days. I just can’t wrap my brain around this happening so fast – and that people are not yelling from the rooftops that it has to stop.

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    • I think there would be more attention paid if the mainstream media was responsible about calling out the current administration. I think the entire reason Harris didn’t go to McAllenTX is it would have drawn mainstream media to the area and they’d had to report what’s happening.
      The unhappiness about vaccines and masks will be arriving as soon as the schools require them. Parents will not be going along with the children being forced again.
      Did you happen to see the study coming out of RI about babies losing 20 IQ points because of Covid? I haven’t deep dived into it but I’m glad someone is doing a study.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        My heart is with you on Afghanistan and her people, Biden is still incompetent and being use by others in that party to fulfill their agenda :(. I saw that the border patrol is posting pictures on their own showing the real situation of the way the Biden political machine is holding the people that are being kept while waiting to be released. Not great to be sure. I think Savior is saying wake up, repent and follow me! How many droughts and floods (at least one huge one) did he use to bring the people back? The moral decay of the people are close to what it was when he destroyed the world the first time, not to late for them to change, but the far left I fear is to far gone, tho I see where some of the use to be social justice warriors have red pilled, sigh. Tom McDonald has another song (and he’s spitting truth bombs) out that he released this last Friday, it’s called Brainwashed and you can listen to it on yourtube.

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      • I saw Tom McDonald’s video. It’s great. He really gets his point across.

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      • LDSVenus says:

        he does doesn’t he!!

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  3. slippedstitches says:

    I really find none of it surprising. Afghanistan was a foregone conclusion of a replay of Vietnam. Why do you think we stayed so long? No one had the guts to face the truth of what would happen. As far as Covid goes, where is the surprise there? Pandemic means pandemic. No vaccine to prevent the illness means we are not inoculated from getting it. Covid is not going away anytime soon and we will just have to live and die with that fact if science can’t get a vaccine up that prevents it. As far as the rest of the world with earthquakes and floods, I am not God. I am not Mother Nature. I can’t control the world or what happens in it. I’m not going to allow what I can’t control to ruin my mental health. I meditate and send prayer thoughts to those in need.

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