Project Update: Tuesday Edition

Derecho is going along swimmingly. I’ve done the short rows for the back of the neck and a couple of sets of increases. It’s been moved from the 16 inch needle to the 24 inch one. I can’t seem to put my hand on the 29 inch needle. I’m sure it’s here but is likely tucked into a project bag. I’ll make do for now. After the next set of increases I think I’ll give it a try on or at least lay it on something that fits well and see where I’m at.

While I’m giving an update let’s take a moment to talk about the yarn. As I said it’s Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn. I’ve read reviews talking about it having a tendency to split. I haven’t found that to be a major problem. I’ve found that I really like the feel. It’s 50% cotton 50% bamboo but feels heavy with a good drape like silk. The skeins are a generous 292 yarns and feel like they last forever. I have stepped outside my comfort zone with this color (it’s darker in person) but really like it. So, as of now, two thumbs up!

How are your projects going?


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13 Responses to Project Update: Tuesday Edition

  1. sewadilly says:

    Looks great!! Beautiful color yarn.

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  2. Meg Hanson says:

    My projects…weeeeellllll. Two steps forward one step back!

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  3. Laura Kate says:

    More than half way done with Forestry cardigan. I finished my art quilt, Catbird Sings, today.

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  4. kathyreeves says:

    What a beautiful color! I worked on the mohair a couple of times lately and have finished the arm increases, so now I can just knit for a bit. It’s hard to knit something large when it’s not!


  5. I’m knitting a pair of socks. Just started on the 2nd sock yesterday. Hope to finish it in record time 😅👍🏻


  6. Alissa Head says:

    My projects are coming along. I’m enjoying my first mystery knit along.


  7. That is looking beautiful so far! Sounds like really nice yarn 🙂


  8. chrisknits says:

    Glad it’s going well, fingers crossed the fit is spot on!


  9. ReginaMary says:

    This is pretty. Are you keeping the short sleeves? I can’t recall.

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  10. cattknithat says:

    Looks Gorgeous!!!

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