WIP Wednesday: WIPS? What WIPS? Camp Loopy June FO Edition

95F is too hot to model wool socks

I am happy and relieved to show my completed Monkey Socks. For a while there I considered throwing in the towel. My knitting mojo is low and my sock knitting mojo is even lower. The only thing that kept me going was the thought of not completing the goal I set for myself and the fact that I have been participating in Camp Loopy as a happy camper for so many years. I think this is my 9th year. Sometimes the goal is what matters. Sometimes it’s the tradition.

The pattern is Monkey Socks by Cookie A. It is available for free from Knitty in the 64 stitch size and as a pay pattern on Ravelry in more sizes. The yarn is Knerd String fingering weight, a blend of 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon. I’m a firm believer that socks need nylon to hold up to wearing inside shoes.

Cookie A has written a gem of a pattern. Each row makes you want to knit the next one. Each repeat makes you want to do another. Quick as can be you’re turning the heel and flying down the foot. There are 11 rows to a repeat which seems daunting but once you’ve done a few you learn how intuitive the pattern is and before you know it you’re knitting along without consulting the pattern.

The Knerd String yarn is a go to of mine. It’s a finer fingering weight than say Koigu but it’s plenty sturdy. The dye job is just lovely. It’s a varied tone which gives the yarn a sense of depth and texture. This red is called kissmekissmekissme. The sock on the right is closest to the correct shade. It is a red shade with a more blue bend. Not the red with pink/yellow bend. The yarn is soft to the touch and is a generous 463 yards put up.

I mostly followed the pattern but to meet Camp Loopy project requirements I did change things a bit. I added extra rows to the ribbed cuff and did extra repeats of the lace repeat in the leg. I also added a few extra decreases more than I ordinarily would to the toe. I have wide feet that are wide right through the toes. Normally I’d leave 36 stitches (18 top and bottom) to kitchner, this time I left 32.

I recommend both the pattern and the yarn. I have knit a few of Cookie A’s patterns and I’ve found each to be as fun to knit as Monkey Socks though this pattern is my favorite. I have yet to be disappointed with Knerd String yarn. I’m not sure how many skeins I’ve used but I’ve never found a knot which is high quality control in my book and every skein is more beautiful than the one before.

Tomorrow starts the second month of Camp Loopy. I’ll be spending today hunting for my mojo and playing around with a swatch. Yes. I’m going to knit a swatch, well, I intend to knit a swatch anyway. Will it happen? Maybe.


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18 Responses to WIP Wednesday: WIPS? What WIPS? Camp Loopy June FO Edition

  1. sewadilly says:

    Lovely socks!!!!

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  2. sewadilly says:

    Maybe I missed it but have you selected your July Camp Loopy project? Hi Myles

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  3. Meg Hanson says:

    Beautiful socks!

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  4. Your socks are beautiful! Thanks for the in-depth review of the pattern and yarn 🙂

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  5. chrisknits says:

    Awesome socks!!! I knew you would make it, but sorry it’s been a struggle with the mojo. I have finally gotten some of my mojo back and am enjoying the knitting again.

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    • The mojo has been all or nothing lately. The heat doesn’t help. I’m hoping a bamboo/cotton yarn won’t feel warm to hold and that making a warm weather top will be enough of an incentive to get it done in July.


  6. I have also lost my knitting mojo. I’m blaming the Russians. Seriously, just too much is going on right now in my life – once this Excel exam is done, I’ll have a few minutes of free time.
    I LOVE these socks. I might have to download the pattern because someday I might get time to make them. And you make me smile with your Camp Loopy posts. (Camp Loopy – the name makes me smile. )

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  7. CONGRATULATIONS! They are great – I might have to see if I can make them toe up. It looks like the pattern would work. But first I have to finish this sweater – or decide it’s too hot too hot too hot to be knitting a large wool sweater with lots of cables, and go to socks or something else small.

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  8. AJ says:

    The socks are gorgeous! I’m blaming the heat for my lack of knitting mojo. I’ve never had a sock take this long!

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  9. kathyreeves says:

    Beautiful socks, I knew you could do it!

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  10. cattknithat says:

    SO PRETTY. Thanks for the pattern and yarn recommendations. 🙂

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  11. Silverknitter says:

    Great respect to sock knitters. Tried but cannot see the fun in it!!! Sorry but I do think your socks are beautiful x

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