A Trip Down Memory Lane

A few months back I took a detour with the blog here. I started talking about things I could see going on in the big world, not my tiny world that is usually showcased, that left me with questions. The reviews were mixed. A good number of those I considered friends left because they didn’t like what I said. Their choice, we still live in a free country as of this writing. The truths as I see them are more important to me. I will not entertain a lie just to retain a follower/friend, even if it is only I who view it as a lie.

Over time I’ve engaged with you about different big topics like coercive control, discernment, cognitive dissonance and influence just to name a few. I’ve really enjoyed the conversations we’ve had in the comments. I’ve learned that a number of us are seeing the same things and feeling similar feelings about those things. Perspective is a big topic and we have discussed that two or three times.

I’d like to go back and revisit something. Do you remember I talked about how we get our information? How if someone wants to control the narrative they can. Here is a link to what I wrote back in January. At that time I wanted you to see that just maybe the view you were being given wasn’t quite the reality. That reality didn’t fit their narrative.

Yesterday Project Veritas released videos of a CNN director. I found the conversation he had enlightening. Was he bragging? Was he truthful? I don’t have the answers to those questions but I do understand what he is saying. He is saying they made the choice to control the narrative to give a specific perspective to viewers. This is not reporting news. This is not how “the most trusted name in news” (their quote not mine) should behave. This is propaganda. This is a like kind contribution to the Democrat party.

Kindly remember before you ream me in the comments, these are my opinions. I don’t want any news organization favoring either political party. I want news to come from a fact based organization who lets me drawn my own conclusions.

Edited to add: A second video, part 2, has been added by Project Veritas. This one talks about “manipulating” to “change the world”. That sounds worse than part 1. News should never be used as way to manipulate people.

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16 Responses to A Trip Down Memory Lane

  1. sewadilly says:

    I also like fact based news, that being said, I feel news is delivered either from management of channel or whomever they are supporting. Again, in my opinion, I don’t like news starting out first by “party name” it seems a turnoff or defense mode for listener if in the other party. There are good and negative in both parties, if news starts with party naming it sets a mindset which (to me) needs to be changed — let us look to what we have in common not party — our country needs to see mid-stream to help as well as move past this “unkind, unrest we are living” We as a country need to at least listen open minded to “truth” or at least feelings, not swaying techniques to link us to a specific party. again, this is only my opinion.

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    • But if one party (doesn’t matter which one) takes control of the media including social media and squelches the voice they disagree with those who believe what they are being told will not entertain anything the other side says, truth or not. This is where cancel culture is being deployed. If it’s viewed as normal to cancel those you disagree with that voice is now silenced so there is no getting to a middle ground.

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  2. slippedstitches says:

    As a former journalist I was trained to write the facts as they were with no editorial comment or slanting information in order to lead the reader to a specific point of view. The news, both newspapers and television no longer do that. Writing the facts as they were was an important rule that was drilled into us in journalism classes. It saddens me and distresses me to read or listen to a story where they are trying to lead me. I want facts, just the facts. I can make my own decision and don’t need to be lead.

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  3. chrisknits says:

    Amen sister. I just want the facts, not the spin nor out right misleading. I think the majority of the public know it’s slanted, but those who want the power to reside with their chosen party just don’t care, the ends justify the means in their minds.

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    I was appalled. I don’t even have words for what I heard. Many people won’t care if ultimately they like the outcome, I fear the day when those who turn a blind eye to the spin have their “narrative” erased. Heads will roll furshur.

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  5. I think a lot of us grew up trusting the news and have never really questioned it. My sister tells me to stop watching conspiracy crap and I want to scream STOP WATCHING CNN! I fear for this country.

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  6. whip1up says:

    This is why i have stopped watching the news.

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  7. Kialtho says:

    Here in the UK it has always been known that certain newspapers and channels sway specific ways – the Daily Mail is a right leaning paper with history supporting Nazis back in WW2. Papers that claim to be independent of politics are far from it or too “liberal” for some people. Depending on who you speak to the BBC is either too left or too right with no middle ground.

    In Liverpool they don’t sell “The Sun” because of its coverage of the Hillsborough disaster that killed 91 people (I believe). Without the influence of the Sun it was one of the few places in the North that voted to Remain in the EU in the Brexit fight. I find it utterly fascinating, and equally terrifying, that the news media can have such influence over people.

    So really…. was it such a surprise that a news channel had this agenda? For me the answer is no.

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    • I wasn’t surprised either. I know the bias is in all media. What surprised me was the arrogance of bragging. It’s always been the unstated fact in the room but now it’s been said out loud and it makes denial impossible.


  8. cattknithat says:

    Good for you!!! I’ve not been really active on the blogging community for a while so that is why I haven’t been commenting. But I like what I’m reading.

    In college I was taught how to document sources. I couldn’t write things like “scientists say”. What scientists? Who? You are supposed to name them and what they do. Otherwise it is just fluff that makes your essay sound important.

    “Scientists” say that giving me your money will cause you to be 25% happier. A “recent study” also proves that eating pine cones will make you taller.

    A few years ago I was trying to track down some information to write an article on the “world’s oldest yarn” discovered. The info was on major news sites. CNN and a few others. But no kidding the articles were written like the above.

    “Scientists discovered”. I was saying “what scientists”? In school we had to go to news sources, and analyze them. We had to turn in assignments and tell where they got their sources. This didn’t have any of that.

    I was thinking my English teacher would have flunked these people.

    I see things from more than one news source. . .But ohh CNN, will sometimes write things like “said someone who was familiar with it”. I mean seriously? 🙈

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