Informed Consent

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while. It’s a legal term that you’ve probably heard. I’m not a attorney and I don’t play one on TV but I’ve been giving informed consent my whole life.

Basically it means you’ve been given all the information, good and bad, and you agree to what was being done.

A really basic one is the ingredients section on the side of the box. Let’s say you pick up a package of M&M’s. If you’re allergic to peanuts and you eat from the yellow bag, you know, the peanut variety you had informed consent. The bag told you what was inside and you ate it anyway thereby making yourself suffer an allergic reaction.

Have you ever dropped your car off at the repair shop for an oil change and they call you 30 minutes later to tell you you need a new head gasket and that will be $1800 in labor and a full day of work because the engine has to be removed? You’ve been informed of the issue and they want your consent to do the job. Imagine them just doing the work and you being hit with the bill when you pick up your car.

Have you gone to the dentist for a cleaning and X-rays only to be told you need a $2500 crown and this is how they’ll do the work? The same informed consent.

Have you seen the drug ads on TV? The video shows the happy person with whatever their issue was solved by taking whatever the drug is. But towards the end after they have told you that this drug will fix your issue they list the possible side effects which always seem to include suicidal thoughts or death and tell you to discuss it with your doctor. That is so you will have information before you consent.

Have you been given information about the Covid vaccines? Do you know what is inside each one and how they’re different? Do you know the ingredients in vaccines? Have you been told about possible side effects and long term results? Do you know about the animal testing? Do you know if it was tested for your age range and personal health issues? Do you know when the trials end? Do you know if boosters will be required? Do you know that the vaccine manufacturers are immune to liability?All vaccine manufacturers in the US are for all vaccines. Damages are paid by the government with taxpayer money. Have you seen pros and cons of being vaccinated being discussed by medical professionals on TV? Do you feel like you’ve been informed enough to give your consent? If not ask your doctor these questions.

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15 Responses to Informed Consent

  1. Yes, certainly I feel informed enough to know I am hundreds of times more likely to suffer adverse affects from Covid than from the vaccine. I know enough to know that the J & J is the one that is best for me. (Can I get it? That’s a different question, especially since they caught that mistake in Baltimore.) Have I discussed this with my health care provider? Yes, a couple of months ago. And if there were enough vaccine for my provider to give it, it would have been done by now!

    Do I know every ingredient? No. I don’t know all the ingredients in Advil, either. Or any other vaccine I’ve gotten.

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  2. It sounds like you’re satisfied with the information you’ve gathered. I am not. We are each allowed that choice. Others should not force a decision on us.

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  3. claire93 says:

    in France I often feel we’re being given too much information! As for the vaccine, I will join the queue when my time comes and get whatever I’m given. After months of following debates and opposing views from all the various experts, I don’t think I’ll be taking more of a risk (regarding the recent thrombosis questions that have been raised, for example) than younger women who take the contraceptive pill for decades.

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  4. I feel the same as you, that it’s being forced upon us and I don’t have enough information to make an informed decision. I’ve felt this way since last April, honestly, that we don’t know enough about this virus to make informed decisions. It became a political football within the first few days and I blame both sides for that. I honestly believe that had this virus not happened, Biden would not be in the White House today. I digress – I will wait until I’ve discussed this with my doctor before I line up for this shot.

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  5. Laura Kate says:

    Yes I do. When you arrive for your appointment, you are given a very detailed hand-out which covers most of these points. You sign it, giving your consent. After your injection, you are given another document which provides even more information about potential side-effects and how to report any adverse reactions.
    Having said that, I also will say that I have no sort of health condition that might make me vulnerable to adverse reactions. And in fact I had none. My friend who suffers from an auto-immune condition discussed the vaccine with her doctor. She decided to get it, but only in a hospital setting where emergency room services were immediately available.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    The very fact that Pharma is not held responsible for the adverse reactions to their products is one of the reasons I am very leery of all meds. And the fact that I have very odd reactions to meds that Drs tell me shouldn’t be happening, but yet those same side effects are LISTED ON THE DRUG INFO. So don’t tell me Drs know EVERY possible reaction to a drug. I conduct very detailed trials with new meds and when I have these reactions, I am not supposed to be having, I stop the med, wait for the reactions to stop, then take it again and have the same reactions. But the biggest reason I won’t be getting a vaccine is the fact I was told I tested “detected” in 2020, so I think my natural immunity is 100% better than a manufactured one, which now they are saying a booster will be needed. Besides the fact that I am very UNLIKELY to die or suffer adverse reactions to a virus over 90%+ are surviving.
    Unfortunately the media are only broadcasting one side of the equation. The death and positive cases. They do not broadcast the survival rates and inform citizens of the adverse issues with the vaccines. I am sure you have seen this recent issue on the subject of “vaccine passports”? The entire island has only seen 10 deaths to Covid, but we’ll put the 16,000 affected by the volcano at risk because they either don’t want the vaccine, or they lack of opportunity to get it is slim. SMH

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    • I did see that story. Until people see how individual freedom is being taken away we will continue to move towards, well, I’ll call it less freedom.
      I too have had some unusual reactions to medication. My thyroid specialist had never seen a person have a hyperthyroid reaction to the same dose but a different lot of medication and yet I did. We each have to be aware of our bodies and what is best for ourselves.


  7. cattknithat says:

    A doctor asked if I had the shot. I said no. She said “Good! You don’t need to rush things.” My Dad’s nurse said the same thing.

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