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As I’ve said in the past I read a number of news sources. I appreciate real investigative journalism. Remember way back (I’m talking way way back) when Geraldo Rivera did his investigation on state hospital’s treatment of patients. It was a horrific story and exposed the incredibly bad treatment these innocent patients received. That kind of reporting is pretty much a thing of the past. It seems the media is more interesting in telling a story via narrative than exposing the truth.

I’ve been reading the Project Veritas reports on their website for the past 6 months or so. They have insiders who supply video and they show the video. They currently have photos from the Donna Texas detention center. I don’t care what side of the fence you sit on. These are people warehoused in close contact during a pandemic. Whether they should be coming or not isn’t the point. This is not being reported by mainstream media. It should be. The current administration isn’t allowing the media in. Why is the mainstream media not investigating this? How can we believe anything if we aren’t being told about this. Media is supposed to report the facts and let the viewer make the decision on how they feel about it. But they are silent.

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  1. It IS being reported on mainstream media – on NPR yesterday morning, for instance. And I’m not doing much listening to news right now, and I heard it!

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    I have seen these photos as well. For the first time, I read an article that discussed the media’s concern over being refused access. Even CNN. That’s when you know there is a problem.

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    • As far as I can tell Project Veritas made these photos available on their website for media to use.
      There are so many problems with this situation the least of which is the lack of transparency. All these people, some of whom are Covid positive or soon will be, packed in so closely together and then moved to other locations. Next we’ll hear of increasing Covid cases in the general population.

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  3. I think the lack of transparency is one of the biggest problems here. If President Trump had refused the media access to ANYTHING, imagine the outcry! This is another example of the difference in treatment. That said, this situation is horrific and the fact that nothing is being done is appalling – we’re told they’re “working on a plan.” Why didn’t they have a plan ready to put in place the day Biden took office? They ran on open borders, they had to know that this was gonna happen!

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    • chrisknits says:

      They knew it was going to happen, they planned on it happening. Their wish came true and now the media is catching wind of it and it’s not reflecting well on the admin. SMH And watching all the criers when it was Trump in charge, now fall silent, AOC, or try to act like it was Trump’s fault. Goodness, they all need to be replaced. On both sides of the aisle.

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    • The lack of plan is more than just this. It’s as if they are flying by the seat of their pants reacting as things happen.

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      • does it kind of make you wonder if they really ever thought he’d be elected so they never actually planned for it, or is it more sinister? Like, obviously he can’t handle a crisis so we need to get him out and put in Kamalama DingDong?

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      • I think some of what we see is intentional distraction so we “forget” other things. I’ve lost track of what bills have actually passed because they’re rolled out so fast. Then add in the border, mass shootings, and Biden falling up the stairs. Don’t forget the pandemic and the vaccines and now a Pfizer medication that is about to start tests.
        They have stopped calling it the Biden administration and have rebranded it as the Biden Harris administration.
        What do you think will happen as far as the administration people who smoked pot being fired and Kamala Harris admitting publicly that she smoked pot and inhaled? It seems like a double standard to fire some people and not others.

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      • Hunter Biden was addicted to coke- definitely a double standard. Yes, we’re being distracted all the time

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  4. LDSVenus says:

    I like Project Veritas and I also listen to Just the News with John Solomon (an awesome old school news journalist) and NTD on yourtube. They all do a good job of reporting the news.

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