Handy Life Tips

I love little shortcuts for getting to the point of things. When I was in college, so many years ago, some of the most important things I learned were hints to make things easier. To get to the meat of things quicker.

I had an accounting professor who only taught one class per semester. The rest of his time was spent running his own firm. He wasn’t the best teacher per se but he was a font of practical knowledge. We spent kind of a lot of time reading financial statements and picking apart every little section and discussing the why of it all. He said the place to start is the statement from the accounting firm. He said you’ll find the clues there for what you’ll want to look at first.

Another professor I had, this one an American history professor, was the best at giving a lecture. He talked about history as if it was a story. I’d find myself so interested in what he was saying that I would forget to take notes. He sprinkled life lessons in with the facts. He talked about the Supreme Court and how not just their rulings are important. It is just as important to read and understand the descending opinions because it gives a window into what the justices discussed and where their disagreements were.

Yesterday the Supreme Court decided not to take the Pennsylvania election case. The majority opinion basically said it was a moot point since a new president has already been inaugurated. The most interesting part of the decision in my opinion is the descent written by Justice Clarence Thomas. Read his final paragraph on page 11.

I wonder what it means for our country if the majority of the justices on our Supreme Court think that election integrity is unimportant. Why have voting laws if they can be ignored for any reason? Who will deal with election law disputes if the Supreme Court won’t?

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5 Responses to Handy Life Tips

  1. ReginaMary says:

    I was very, very disappointed in this decision and fully agree with Justice Thomas. It is my firm belief that regardless of the outcome, much of what happened on January 6th could have been avoided if people had their day in court. You cannot deny Americans that fundamental right.

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    • I agree. I believe it’s more than just that. I believe that when they passed on the first suits right after the election they made a big mistake. That was the correct time to address the issue, if it wasn’t addressed before the election. At this point it seems more like self preservation. They don’t want the court packed. How will future cases be decided if they are more worried about themselves and not the law?

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  2. chrisknits says:

    Amen! I was disappointed that our highest court seems to be very picky about what they will rule on lately, and very contradictory about the cases they rule on. Just follow the constitution! It doesn’t bode well for our future.

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    Excellent point by Judge Thomas!

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