Another Section Down

The weekend was dedicated to Pokemon Go. It was a special event on Saturday that dragged into Sunday. The major part is done so I am now back to concentrating on my knitting. Well, that is until my new book arrives. More about that once I’ve read it.

I completed another section of the Channah shawl. The lace rows take a long time but the lace is easy so it isn’t painful. I’m still enjoying the process which is good. I looked longingly at it while doing other things all weekend. When I finally got two rows in last night it felt good to knit.

I’m looking for some advice or maybe commiseration. This morning I went to the local “farm” stand (not my favorite one since I didn’t have extra time to kill) to buy some fruit and vegetables. I tend to be a fussy fruit person: it should taste as it should. I bought strawberries (from Florida because those are my favorite if the local ones aren’t in season), blueberries and grapes. I passed on the bananas since they were green and likely never to hit yellow before turning black. At best the three fruits which looked mostly ripe were a 5. None taste fantastic. How do you find good fruit in the off season? I’m hoping the asparagus I bought is good.

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17 Responses to Another Section Down

  1. Oranges are the most reliable. Grapes seem to be luck of the draw – I got some wonderful seedless black ones a couple of weeks ago, but the ones I got this past week are only so-so. Apples are only wonderful in season; same with strawberries. I get nearly all my out of season fruits and veggies at the local supermarket; they do a pretty good job.

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  2. sewadilly says:

    For this area I find Monday is not a good day for shopping. Most deliveries arrive today without enough time to ready for sale. I love fresh fruit .. yum yum.

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    Lovung the shawl. I have to really modify my fruit purchases this time of year. Apples, oranges, blueberries and the occasional melon. I have had luck with bananas, but in the event they turn, I drop them in my smoothy or give them to the good boy. 🐶

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  4. Your shawl looks great. I have had the worst luck with fruit lately. I need summer to come back.

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  5. chrisknits says:

    I stick to bananas and veggies right now. If the bananas turn I just make muffins or sheet cake. But I can’t wait for the grapes to be back, the big, plump ones!

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  6. Laura Kate says:

    Like other writers, I also recognize that nearly all fruit is seasonal, no matter where it is shipped from. In winter, the best quality fruits seem to be citrus. Sometimes pears, if you are patient to let them ripen at room temperature. We like Barlett pears but Bosc is also pretty good. For berries, your best bet in the winter is to buy frozen and use them as toppings, sauces or mixed into smoothies.

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  7. Your shawl looks great! I know what you mean about looking longingly at your project while you are doing other stuff 🙂 I mostly buy frozen fruit off season. It’s not ideal, but flavorless or rotted fruit is worse!

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  8. Alissa Head says:

    I wish I had some good advice for you. I keep buying blueberries and they taste like nothing. Your shawl is coming along!

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  9. YarnyDragonfly says:

    You are making great progress! I love the yarn. For fruits this time of year we get bananas, grapefruit, sometimes pineapple, and apples that we bought in the fall and keep in fridge (honeycrisp keep really well this way for many months). We also get fresh cranberries in the fall and freeze them for use in muffins, etc. throughout the year. A friend in California has several kiwifruit trees and always sends us some. They taste so much better than store bought, probably because they are left on the tree to ripen longer. The husband also canned some local peaches and pears. Not as good as fresh, but usually better than what’s available in the stores. Strawberries from the store seem to be hit or miss, mostly miss, but they are hard to resist even if the end result is usually disappointment. Only 4 more months until we can get local strawberries (and strawberry ice cream!)!!!

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  10. I tend to slack on my fruit consumption during the winter, just another reason I hate this season. Your shawl is wonderful. I’m fighting with a lace pattern right now that I think is so easy I’m making it complicated. Or it could be that Maverick interrupts and I lose track and it’s black yarn so I don’t easily see what I just did. It’s probably because the pattern calls for white yarn and I’m using black – that’s a story I’ll tell sometime. 🙂

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    • Mistakes in black yarn are less visible;)
      We are having a bright sunny February day so I can’t really complain about winter today. The birds are singing too so it almost feels like spring could be on the horizon.
      I’ve tried to cut back on the cookie/candy consumption by eating fruit. It’s hard to pass up Reese’s peanut butter cups when comparing them to dry flavorless strawberries.

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      • I miss peanut butter badly – developed an allergy to it about 6 years ago. And I make a rockin peanut butter fudge that I can’t eat anymore! I got through one repetition of this pattern and realized I had added a stitch on the previous row so that was an easy fix, but I see a lot of frogging in my future. I’m thinking I’ll cast on a hat for when I get frustrated!

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  11. kathyreeves says:

    About two weeks ago we had some excellent red grapes, and this week I got some Fuji apples that were nice. Tomorrow I am buying some halos as they will be on sale. Most of my winter fruit is stuff I canned or froze during the summer and fall.

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  12. kathyreeves says:

    And I forgot to say, the shawl is making me rethink my shawless wardrobe! 😉

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