Podcast Suggestion

I love a good podcast. I listen to more than 25 at least semi regularly. There is a podcast for everyone. Just about any topic you can think of there is a likely a podcast about that topic. If there isn’t one there will be one soon. If you are passionate about the topic you can’t find a podcast on, make one. There is someone just as passionate as you who will listen.

What I love about podcasts, my favorite are the audio variety though I have watched the video style and enjoyed those just as much, I love being able to do two or three things at once. Those mind numbing chores like dusting are easier to get through if I’ve got something interesting to listen to at the same time. I often knit and listen or cook and listen.

When I first started listening to podcasts I listened to the knitting ones. Yes, all of them. I think there were 2, it was 2007. As time passed and knitting podcasts shifted to almost all video, I shifted to true crime. I am endlessly amazed that people take time out of their busy lives (usually busy that is) to talk about what happened to a stranger (it’s become a bit more common now that family members are doing podcasts) and help to work towards getting the crime solved or at least getting the information out to the public.

Recently my interests have shifted a bit. I’m more interested in news. I want multiple resources and I don’t have time to read everything and watch everything. This week I finally had the time to catch up on a new podcast. It’s put out by The National Pulse and coincidentally called the same. It’s informative and intelligent while also being real and entertaining. They have smart guests of whom they ask the right questions. It’s a great companion for their website. If you enjoy current events I highly recommend it.

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6 Responses to Podcast Suggestion

  1. I’m always looking for something to listen to while I knit. I will try this out. Thanks.

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  2. ReginaMary says:

    I will definitely check this out. I love audio podcasts. I listen to everything from the Rosary to True Crime!!

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    I like listening while I knit and sew, though it is usually books. I’ll give this a listen.

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  4. Someone just recommended My Favorite Murder – I have yet to check it out but it’s on my list

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  5. My favorite as of late is “Enough Wicker”, which covers each episode of “The Golden Girls” in chronological order. Right now they’re only partway into season 2 (of 7 total), but the two ladies who host it are funny and very entertaining. I also enjoy some wrestling-themed podcasts, too. The New Day: Feel the Power, Talk is Jericho (hosted by Chris Jericho), and The Art of Wrestling with Colt Cabana have all gotten listens from me. The members of The New Day have been some of the most popular wrestlers in WWE in recent years, and as a wrestler and talker Chris Jericho is a legend, but Colt Cabana is kinda underrated when it comes to recognizing the mainstream appeal of wrestlers. (Much of his career has been spent on the independent circuit, and he’s well known among fans for his comedic style and character.) I’ve got a bunch I subscribe to, but those are the podcasts that stick out for me.

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