What Is Going On?

Are you watching all that’s going on this week? It seems like a bit of unexpected all over this country.

I caught the after the impeachment interview done by the lawyer where he had words with the newscaster. He’s right. Any “massaged” (my word not his) evidence is wrong. It would never be allowed in a courtroom, why should it be allowed in the senate. Now this lawyer, a democrat who donated to Biden, is being harassed and has had to hire security for himself and his family. All he did was the job he was hired to do. What is wrong with that.

There is snow and freezing temperatures (like well below freezing) in Texas. Millions are without power and heat. People are sleeping in their cars. The emergency warming buildings are losing power. Warming prayers to them. I have to ask, where is the help for these people? They need generators at the warming buildings to start. Then a good look at why their power situation has no sort of back up.

North Carolina had a tornado. This isn’t tornado season right? There have been earthquakes in India, Pakistan and Japan. With everything else going on these were barely a blip on my radar.

On Friday the Supreme Court will start hearing the election fraud cases that were filed back in 2020. This after Windham NH discovered when doing a hand count that all of their Republican candidates were shorted about 300 votes by their voting machines. It didn’t change who won because the margin was larger than this number of votes. NH officials are electing not to look into this. Evidently a little fraud is fine just like tampering with a little evidence will soon be fine too.

Governor Cuomo held a press conference where he continued to not accept responsibility for the death of the nursing home residents. An apology and accepting a little responsibility when the decisions were his would go a long way. It wouldn’t correct his mistakes but would show that he at least has some compassion for the families. You’d think a guy who wrote a book on how he was doing such a great job with the pandemic and won an Emmy for his press conferences would realize just how big the target he painted on himself is. Or maybe he doesn’t.

It seems Florida has had a very different Covid experience than New York. They have the second highest number of elderly in the country (Maine is number 1 in elderly residents) but fall more towards the middle in deaths. They’ve had a very good rollout of the vaccine. And all the while never shut down or required masks. They have done well as has South Dakota. Maybe Governor DeSantis and Governor Noem should write books.

There have been two actors publicly cancelled this week for stating an opinion. I don’t watch either The Mandalorian or The Bachelor. I don’t know either of these people. I like when people express their opinions. We all have our own view. We all can say what we want. How do we learn and grow if we don’t hear other opinions?

I have so many questions about things. Why do so few people do the right thing? Why is no one standing up for others? Is God trying to send us a message? Is anyone listening? What can we do to help? How do we fix things when everything seems so broken?

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22 Responses to What Is Going On?

  1. sewadilly says:

    Even though I have heard the news of evens as you mentioned .. when you put it in writing it is overwhelming. Think I will be a turtle pulling my head. My thoughts and prayers are with the ones in Texas —

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  2. I feel like the onslaught just doesn’t stop and hasn’t for the past five years. I’m in PA and our governor is also under fire for the nursing home scandal – he thought Cuomo was just the bomb diggity in his handling of this. I have a friend in Texas, apparently the turbines are not capable of handling the ice they got and they have no backup plan in place. The rush to go “green” has consquences that are finally being made public.

    And the truth about anything seems to be hard to find these days.

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    • There doesn’t seem to be any accountability these days. It’s a wonder we hear any of this news. Did you see Mount Etna is showing signs of erupting? All the natural events are freaky.
      I saw photos of helicopters and drones trying to de-ice the turbines. Yes. Using fossil fuel to fix the green energy. If you made this stuff up no one would believe it and yet here we are living it.

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      • I saw those photos too, and honestly, it made me laugh even when it pissed me off – no one thinks about consequences. I think one of the things among many that pissed me off about Cuomo was the blantant admission that they hid numbers so Trump couldn’t use them against him. Seriously? People DIED, you moron!

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      • That cover your own butt at the expense of others has got to go. It’s childish behavior. Adults should know better.
        I think Cuomo and my governor didn’t use the field hospitals to the extent that they should have because they were supplied by Trump. Who cares. Everyone should look out for everyone else in this type of situation.

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      • Did NY even use the ship that was sent? I seem to remember reading that they never did. The whole thing became political so fast, and that was the fault of everyone involved. They’re STILL blaming Trump! Fauci said yesterday he was afraid of getting Covid while working for Trump – this from the guy who told us there was nothing to worry about and then said masks didn’t work, before deciding that, oh, yeah, you should probably wear TWO of them at once. Give me a break! And they wonder why no one believes “the science?”

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    • It’s not just wind turbines – natural gas lines are freezing, oil failing – Texas is just not prepared to deal with that kind of cold. My friend there has a wood stove, so heat – but all pipes are frozen, and she’s gone through her reserves of food. Although I don’t know a lot of people who don’t keep a few gallons of water and stable food for a week or so on hand, so I do think she could have been more prepared. So could the electric grid.

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  3. Laura Kate says:

    This does seem to be a wider assortment of difficult and/or weird news items than usual. I want to comment only on the Windham vote count. It occurs to me that something about the original results in that case must have prompted election officials to conduct the manual recount, during which the error was discovered. I take this as evidence that our voting system IS working and not as evidence of election fraud.

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    • They recounted because the margin percentage was within the amount requiring a recount. The system is working as far as them following the law but to have only the Republican votes be off by a similar amount is curious. It was in all races not just the one that required the hand recount. I just think they should sample another area of the state to see what they find. To ignore such an oddity seems curious.

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  4. ReginaMary says:

    I watched the press conference with the governor yesterday. It was very difficult to sit through. It will be impossible for me to believe him moving forward.
    This public cancelling of individuals is mind numbing. I would elect cancellation over approval by these people any day. Not sure when people will realize that hollywood is not a place for those with values. Therefore, I don’t do hollywood.

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    • One plus I’ve seen with the cancel culture is people jumping in to help. The woman from The Mandalorian got a movie with a company who thought her being cancelled was wrong. The My Pillow guy who lost a bunch of retailers said he’s had a huge increase in business on his website. I’m glad his employees are able to keep their jobs. Maybe one thing we can do is find a way to support people who are needlessly cancelled.
      I’m finding it very hard to believe most of the people who are in charge. When I find they put their interests before those of the greater good I’m done with them and won’t vote for them again.

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      • ReginaMary says:

        We bought 5 pillows from the pillow guy just because we wanted to counter the negativity. I don’t even know what the deal was with him. Don’t even get me started on Goya though! No one keeps me from my beans!!!

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      • The my pillow guy was cancelled because he believes there was election fraud. He also supported Trump. By the way, how do you like the pillows? I prefer a feather pillow but mine should be replaced and I considered those but haven’t pulled the trigger yet:)
        We do buy Goya. Our grocery store has a large section. Their beans are the best:)

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      • ReginaMary says:

        To be honest, the pillow is a bit odd, but it works! hahaha. It comes all compressed and you put it in the dryer to fluff. It doesn’t flatten out when you sleep on it. I really like it. It is lightweight and doesn’t make my head sweat. I recommend giving it a try. Customer service was excellent. A real shame what was done to not just him, but the people who rely on the company for income. I read where Goya declared AOC employee of the year because after her histrionics, their sales went up. Priceless.

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  5. Erica says:

    Well, I think we are off to a very eventful year. Crazy weather, scandalous behaviors, who knows what is next. Not to forget that gas prices are near $3 here in PA. I have come to the conclusion that we are headed to hell in a hand basket. Honestly I’ve taken up drinking at this point. I’ve never been much of a drinker, but lately I’ve found some comfort in it. It makes me not contemplate on how bad the real world is these days. I’ve also been painting kindness rocks to distribute throughout the community. I’m just trying to stay busy and away from watching the media shit show.

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    • My consumption of chocolate has increased lately. It isn’t good to eat too much but I treat myself to some every day.
      Gas here (in Massachusetts) is about $2.50/gal. It was down to the $1.80’s not that long ago.
      I’ve noticed an increase in the grocery store. Sliced deli cheese has gone up $.50/lb just recently. Meat has gone up too. I’m afraid things will get worse before they get better.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    I have no answers, only questions, and there doesn’t seem to be any clear answer. So I just keep crafting and giving and try to be kind. But my kindness well is running dry with many people!

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  7. Ummm – you people commenting on the price of gas. If you want the oil industry to continue, you’d better be willing to pay more for fuel, as at less than $60 a barrel it makes no financial sense to drill. It’s not that long ago that it was $4, or close to it, so I’ll be happy with anything less!

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  8. RebSef says:

    I see it often but I don’t understand the expression where people are “cancelled”? Does it mean sacked?

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    • Cancelled is where a person, because of having a different view or saying something that isn’t politically correct loses their friends, reputation and in many cases their job. For example in Hollywood if you have conservative political views it becomes nearly impossible to be hired if you have been vocal about your views. Kevin Sorbo, Scott Baio and Gina Carano are examples. Also in the case of a business owner people will boycott your business or product. Goya, a company that makes Latin American food products was cancelled by the left (liberals) because the CEO went to the White House and said nice things about Trump. It was an attempt to hurt the company financially because of a difference in political views. Conservatives went out and bought record amounts of Goya products increasing sales. As a joke the CEO made Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez employee of the month. In the end the CEO was told by his board to stop with all political talk.

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