A Look At The Lace

I’ve done like 7 rows of the lace and while it is ok, it doesn’t look as nice as the photos in the pattern. Blocking might be part of it. I am following the instructions. It has a decrease that looks a little lumpy to me: slip two stitches knitwise at once, knit the next stitch and then slip the two slipped stitches over. Adding to this is the fact that the stitch before is a yarn over. It just seems a little weird to me. Not perfect and neat like the photo in the pattern.

From the pattern. Lumpier than I thought.

Speaking of weird. The edge stitches are a set of 3 which are knit 2 stitches, kfb on the right side and purl 2 stitches, pfb on the wrong side. Forgetting the rolling that is likely to happen on the edge (I’m not worrying about it because there aren’t that many rows. That could come back to bite me though.) that pfb isn’t something I’ve done before. I looked on YouTube to see what this actually looks like and I happened on a video that said to do pbf instead because it’s less awkward. So that is what I’m doing. Have you got experience with this stitch? Which do you do?

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9 Responses to A Look At The Lace

  1. I’ve done the pfb and it can be a bit fiddly but once I got the hang of it, I’m doing ok with it.
    Hopefully the lumpiness blocks out. The yarn you selected is gorgeous.

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  2. sewadilly says:

    Looks nice to me. I have not tried pfb. Happy knitting, enjoy your journey, you are a beautiful knitter.

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  3. ReginaMary says:

    I have not done that stitch before. Interested to see how it shakes down. Personally, I think it looks lovely. The yarn is gorgeous!

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  4. Laura Kate says:

    I like the way your stitches look. There is a nice column of knit stitches going straight up and down next to the yarn overs. I believe it will block out just fine.

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  5. I am never happy with lace until it is blocked. PFB is fiddley at first, but then I get used to it.

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  6. chrisknits says:

    I think the blocking. will help. I can’t remember how I did the pub, but I probably did them whichever was was easier! LOL

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  7. That will block right out! 😉 No, seriously, it probably will. That yarn is just gorgeous – love how this is looking so far! Agree with other comments above – pfb is fiddly to do a first, but then you get used to it.

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  8. Mimmy Jain says:

    I think lace always looks horrible when you’re knitting it and then looks amazing when it’s done. So I would persevere.

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