Meatballs: Sort of a Recipe

My kitchen mid meatball making

I thought today called for something different. I’m going to talk about meatballs. This post is probably more for H than anyone else. Eventually she’ll ask for my meatball “recipe” and it will be right here.

This is really my mother’s meatball recipe which is snagged from a neighbor whose husband was a butcher in the North End (of Boston, what is considered the Italian section of the city). There are minimal measurements and lots of just working things out. I’ll include a few numbers just to get you started.

Place about 1.5 lbs of lean ground beef (I use 93%) and 1/2 lb ground pork in a bowl. Add salt, black pepper and chopped onion (I like Vidalia sweet onions) to taste. Add 1 egg. Squish like crazy with your hands. At the same time add Italian seasoned breadcrumbs until the texture seems right. You want to be able to roll the meat into balls and have it not be slick and slimy. When the texture is right roll the meatballs to balls a bit smaller than a golf ball. The meatballs are then dropped into a pot of tomato sauce to cook. I use this recipe to make my sauce. I know it is common to fry or bake meatballs before placing them in the sauce. The neighbor told my mother not to. She said the flavor from the sauce gets into the meatballs if they are done this way. I agree with her. Just be sure that you’re gentle when you stir the sauce and be sure nothing is sticking to the bottom of the pan. I cook mine at a light simmer all day. It’s really tasty. It freezes well too. Enjoy!

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17 Responses to Meatballs: Sort of a Recipe

  1. itwasjudith says:

    Both recipe and approach sound very familiar 🙂
    I do fry them, though.
    PS Italians could spend lot of time discussing which recipe variant is better 😉

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  2. itwasjudith says:

    Optional: a dash of grated parmesan cheese, little chopped garlic, chopped flat parsley

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  3. kathyreeves says:

    This sounds so good!

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  4. Mimmy Jain says:

    A handy trick I learnt was to pop the meatballs into the microwave for 2-3 minutes before putting them into the sauce. They retain their shape better and do not crumble back into mince when stirred.

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  5. robbiemct3 says:

    Now you know what I am thinking of making?? Thanks for some diversity of ideas.

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  6. OK, now I’m hungry!

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  7. Stefanie says:

    Sounds yummy! My mama made big ol’ meatballs for the teen’s birthday last year and damn they were good!

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  8. chrisknits says:

    What a great idea. I always bake mine, but I will try the no brown method in the future.

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  9. Thanks! Sounds like a great meatball and sauce recipe 🙂

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  10. ReginaMary says:

    We make meatballs the same way. I used to live in the North End, and yes, it is the Italian section. I loved it soooo much! I cook my meatballs in the sauce. If I am not making meatballs, I try to throw some other meat in. I love how pepperoni tastes in sauce, or a leftover pork chop.

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  11. randomlyerin says:

    Oh wow this sounds good right now!

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